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Plant of the Month – Hakea laurina

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Last week I featured the Hakea Burrendong Beauty, this week I’ll be featuring the Hakea laurina.

Photo: Ivan Holliday, Westflora on Flickr

Genus: Hakea
Species: laurina
Common Name: Pin cushion Hakea
Flower Colour: Cherry Red
Foliage Colour: Green
Growth Habit: Shrub from 2-5m
Flowering: Autumn to Winter

The Hakea laurina looks some what similar to the ‘Burrendong Beauty’, the main difference being that the laurina has deeper, cherry red flowers compared to the pinkish tinge to the ‘Burrendong Beauty’. The laurina is also a little more specific in terms of it requirements to thrive.

The Hakea laurina is endemic to the southern coastal area’s of Western Australia and tends to prefer cooler climates, though there has been some success growing this variety in slightly warmer temperate climates. This Hakea is not suitable for regions that experience high humidity.

The best place to grow the H.laurina is in a well draining soil in full sun. It will grow in part shade but this tends to limit the bushiness and flowering ability of the plant, so if this is where you choose to plant it, expect fewer flowers than would otherwise be normal.

Though the H.laurina is tolerant of frost, this can cause the plant to limit its flowering also. However, even with all these things that can limit the flowering ability, the Hakea laurina is one of the more respected varieties of Hakea for native gardens and has even been shipped off to countries around the world, such is its popularity.

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  • alasdair adam

    AN ATTRACTIVE WEEPING FORMAT, ITS A PITY YOU DO HAVE A FULL GROWN SPECIMEN TI SHOW.i have TWO IN MY garden but they are not flowering at present

  • Lyn Reigosa

    I bought a Hakea Laurina as a feature plant in my garden based on the information on the back of the plant name which says grow in full sun or part shade. I now have a 3 meter tall shrub that has never flowered. Is there anything I can do other than try to move it into a different position and is this even possible?
    I appreciate any advice you have.

    Cheers, Lyn

  • Laurelee Neve

    I live in East Bentleigh, Melbourne, and have had my lovely hakea laurina for many years and, rather than upright, it sprawls across garden bed and lawn, flowering each year. I have never needed to water it as, up until this current (2013) drought, we have had sufficient rain from time to time. It is in a well-drained, sunny spot. It is now dying and I can’t understand why. I now bucket water it where I think the base is (under a lot of agapanthus and long grass) but to no avail. We have had some humidity in the last few weeks and I sense this is the problem, as a few of the leaves are brown-tinted or spotted. It has thrived in all conditions, but I have never known Melbourne to be so humid as in past weeks. Can anyone help?

  • Peter W

    I love them and hope that it will do well in Goulburn with its ruthless winters 😉

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