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Is Your Garden A Place That Inspires You?

Garden InspirationGuest Post by Amanda Hunt of Creativity Every Day

I believe that a garden is more than a place to grow our favourite plants, more than a veggie patch, row of roses or pruned lawn. It should be a place to inspire! Inspire what (you may ask)? Thought, creativity, ideas, admiration (for its creator), mood and more. I’m sure many of us have garden memories, things we think of when we see a particular place, plant or flower. Gardens are full of scents that embed themselves on our memories so we can’t help but be drawn along a tangent of thought at times. For me, any time I see a giant Staghorn I think of my Grandmother. Her garden was immaculate and she knew every single plant that was in there because she put it there herself. Even at the age of 80 (something) she could be found crawling around weeding the beds.

Inspiration for me comes in the area of creativity. I have a particular love for seed pods in all their wonderful shapes and sizes and every time I travel interstate I see plenty I wish I could bring home (but of course can’t due to quarantine laws). I have spent a lot of time in the Cairns Botanical Gardens in Queensland as well as various other national parks in the area and on my return back to Perth my head is always full of ways I’d like to draw on what I’ve seen (and my computer full to the brim of photos). If you had a peek in my moleskine sketchbooks you will see a strange array of sketches as I have spent hours staring at tropical plants that are almost too weird to be real. The green and lushness of the tropical part of Australia always inspires me (and my husband) to work hard on our own garden when we return home. Perth is a total contrast to far north Queensland but I still love the wonderful plants we have over here (not to mention those seed pods!).

If you do not consider yourself to be a creative person, think about other ways the garden can inspire. A garden is a fantastic place to teach kids to look closely and record what they see. Go on a treasure hunt with them to find a specific list of plants, seeds or flowers. Show kids how to draw what they see and if they are too young, take rubbings of leaves or surfaces. Its all about being inspired to interact with your surroundings and perhaps create a garden that inspires your kids to explore.

What (or where) do you draw your garden inspiration from? When you sit in your garden does it inspire you to change your mood, thoughts or to be creative? Have you looked closely at plants and been amazed at the detail? Do you have a particular garden memory or a special garden that inspires thought? Next time you go outside take some time to look closely and think about what you see (perhaps take some macro photos or do some sketches), you never know, you might find yourself full of new ideas!


Amanda HuntAmanda Hunt is the author of the blog Creativity Every Day. Her passion is creativity in all forms and loves to inspire people to inject a little flair into the every day including encouraging people to notice the detail in their garden.  She is a wife, Mum of two and artist and loves colour, Africa and God.

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  • I write a lot of poetry outside in the garden. It’s very serene.