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30 Days to Grow a Better Garden – Day 8 Report

This month at AussieGreenThumb.com is ‘So You Want A Better Garden’ Month, which aims to help you grow better gardens. As part of that I am running a 30 day challenge. The challenge consists of daily tasks of about 10 minutes each. I guarantee that if you complete each days task, by the end of September you will be well on your way towards reaching your gardening goals and growing better gardens. Will you accept the challenge?

Day 8 Challenge Recap – If you are towards the beginning of one of the seasons why not fertilise your garden? This task will take longer than 10 minutes if you do not have fertiliser at home so perhaps get it the day before on the way home from work. Buy a good slow release fertiliser and then take 10 minutes applying it, following the dose described on the container. For most garden beds an all purpose fertiliser will be fine. If you have native plants, use a native plant specific fertiliser.

Today’s challenge was rather easy and took me less than 10 minutes, mostly because I do have fewer garden beds than the average home owner. Still, it should not really take too much more than 10 minutes to complete this challenge if you are using slow release fertiliser.

The best direction is to follow the application instructions on the back. What I tend to do though is take a handful of slow release fertiliser and loosely scatter it over the garden bed, making sure it spreads evenly. One handful would cover roughly 1 square metre, if not a little more. I used native slow release fertiliser on garden bed 1 since it has mostly native plants and an all purpose fertiliser on the rest, which mostly contain vegetables.

The reason I set this challenge
Sometimes I find people who simply don’t fertilise because they feel like it is an incredibly big job. This is not true. If you use slow release fertiliser and you keep on the ball, following the application instructions in terms of how often to do it, it really can be a 10 to 20 minute job, depending on the size of your garden. Don’t put off fertilising, it will strongly benefit your garden to keep it stocked up with nutrients, especially during the growing seasons in your climate.

Learn more about your Climate
This challenge fits under the category of ‘Understanding Your Climate’. The system I follow suggests there are 3/4 climates in Australia as follows;

  • Cold Climate;
  • Temperate Climate;
  • Sub Tropical/Tropical Climate;

If you want to learn more about how climate affects the garden, chapter 2 of my ebook covers understanding your climate in much more depth. Find out how you can buy my ebook ‘So You Want A Better Garden’ here.

It’s not too late to join the challenge! You can grow a better garden. Start today! The great thing about this challenge is it can run over any 30 day period. Just check out days 1-5 and start from today. You can grow better gardens.

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  • Really enjoying this series thus far. Knowing your climate and understanding which plants will grow at which times of the year is pivotal to growing a better garden. I’d love to hear your thoughts on how to manage some of the more tropical plants and gardens in a Melbourne climate.

  • aussiegreenthumb

    It really is important to understand your climate.

    As far as my thoughts on tropical plants, that is one area I have very limited expertise in, having spent very little time with tropical plants. However a good article that was posted here a while back was a guest post on tropical plants by someone who would actually know!

    Check it out here 🙂

    I also know my Grandma did manage to grow a tropical garden in her shade house in WA so it would be possible in Melbourne’s climate, just not something I know enough about to help with. Sorry!

  • It will be really hard to in Melbourne made, you will have to rely on artificially making a climate in the way of a green house; WA’s climate is totally different to Melbournes so theres no surprises that your grandma was able to grow a tropical garden there

  • I planted a bunch of herbs during that slightly warmer week in Melbourne at the end of Autumn.

    Then the weather has been a bit cold for the beginning of spring and they aren’t fairing to well.

    I hope this warmer weather being predicted this week will help.