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30 Days to Grow a Better Garden – Day 24 Report


Photo: Elizabeth Evans

This month at AussieGreenThumb.com is ‘So You Want A Better Garden’ Month, which aims to teach you how to garden. As part of that I am running a 30 day challenge. The challenge consists of daily tasks of about 10 minutes each. I guarantee that if you complete each days task, by the end of September you will be well on your way towards reaching your gardening goals and growing better gardens. Will you accept the challenge?

Day 24 Challenge Recap – Lightly prune any plants that have finished flowering. Prune any plants that you are trying to keep to a certain shape or size. Small regular prunes cause less stress to plants than big prunes. Some plants, like roses, like a solid prune once a year but over all, most bush or hedge like plants are better of with small, regular prunes to keep them in shape.

As I only have a small garden and use it mostly to grow vegetables I don’t have many plants which need to be trimmed. I do keep an eye on my Bottlebrush and trim off the flowers when they die, as I did yesterday, and this usually keeps my plant in shape. As such, for today’s challenge I actually did a little weeding.

The reason I set this challenge
Not everyone is like me and has a small garden. In fact, I would have a bigger garden if I actually could! However, the point of this challenge is to get you in the habit of doing small jobs more often rather than relying on doing big jobs infrequently. It is easier to spend 10 minutes trimming a hedge lightly every few days than an hour giving it a full work over. Though you don’t usually do too much damage doing a harsher prune, lots of regular, small prunes is better for your plants.

Learn more about common gardening tasks
This challenge fits into the category of common gardening tasks. Intrigued to know more about how getting into a rhythm with common gardening tasks will improve your garden? I recently released an ebook called So You Want A Better Garden. Chapter 5 in my ebook delves into the topic of common garden tasks in a way specifically designed to help beginner and intermediate gardeners learn the natural rhythm of gardening.

You will discover;
1. What the most common tasks you will do in the garden are;
2. How to go about doing tasks such as weeding, pruning, mulching etc;
3. Tips on waterwise gardening.

And much, much more!

Click Here to learn more.

It’s not too late to join the challenge! You can grow a better garden. Start today! The great thing about this challenge is it can run over any 30 day period. Just check out days 1-5 and start from today.

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