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30 Days to Grow a Better Garden – Day 26 Report

Leptospermum lanigerum

This is a photo of the species of Leptospermum I have, Leptospermum lanigerum

This month at AussieGreenThumb.com is ‘So You Want A Better Garden’ Month, which aims to teach you how to garden. As part of that I am running a 30 day challenge. The challenge consists of daily tasks of about 10 minutes each. I guarantee that if you complete each days task, by the end of September you will be well on your way towards reaching your gardening goals and growing better gardens. Will you accept the challenge?

Day 26 Challenge RecapDo you know what plants you have in your garden? Take note of how many you know the name of and how many you don’t. Set yourself the goal of learning the name of every plant you have. This may not happen quickly but it is a good practise to get into, knowing what you are growing.

Garden Bed 1 – In garden bed 1 I have a Bottlebrush and a Leptospermum. I had 2 of these but one didn’t survive the planting. I have plans to add more native plants to this garden.
Garden Bed 2 – Empty
Garden Bed 3 – Lemon Grass and Rhubarb
Vegetable Garden – Broccoli, Cauliflower, Celery, Spring Onion, Carrots, Beans, Snap peas, Tomato, Strawberries
Herbs – Parsley, Rosemary, Basil

It is pretty easy for me to know all the names of the plants in my garden because, besides the Bottlebrush, I have planted them all. This can be far harder if you inherit an established garden.

The reason I set this challenge
Knowing what is growing in your garden is very handy because it will help you know what you need to do and when. If you don’t know what is growing, it is absolutely possible to keep a healthy garden but it may prove more challenging. You probably won’t learn overnight, it may actually take some time and asking some fellow garden enthusiasts but your goal should be to know every plant you have growing in your garden at some stage in the future. This doesn’t have to be the latin name, it might just be the common name. Knowing any name of a plant is better than not knowing at all!

Learn about choosing the right plants

This challenge fits into the category of choosing the right plants. Intrigued to know more about how choosing the right plants will improve your garden? I recently released an ebook called So You Want A Better Garden. Chapter 6 in my ebook delves into the topic of common garden tasks in a way specifically designed to help beginner and intermediate gardeners learn how to choose which plants to grow.

You will discover;
1. What are annual plants?
2. What are perennial plants?
3. Should you plant seeds or seedlings?
4. Why should you consider native plants?

And much, much more!

Click Here to learn more.

It’s not too late to join the challenge! You can grow a better garden. Start today! The great thing about this challenge is it can run over any 30 day period. Just check out days 1-5 and start from today.

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