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Reticulation and Turf Installation in Perth, Western Australia

Laying Turf and ReticulationUnfortunately AussieGreenThumb.com no longer provides Reticulation & Turf installation.

For retic & turf  in or around Brighton or Yanchep, your best bet is Brighton Reticulation.

Any other area your best bet for reticulation is to call your closest Total Eden store and ask for a recommended contractor.

At this stage I have no specific recommendation for turfing services.

Hope your reticulation and turfing projects go well.


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  • If I may comment on your wise choice of Sir Walter Buffalo.

    Not many homeowners are aware that there are several American Buffalo grasses on the market. These are the ST varieties, ST26 ST85 and ST91. These buffalo varieties fall way short of making the homeowner happy. The main reason being is when you spray for broadleaf weeds (with any herbicide registered for use on Buffalo grass) on the ST buffalo grasses the grass dies along with the weeds. Not a good look!

    Refer to http://www.lawngreen.com.au/Sir_Walter_Weed_Killer_and_Buffalo_Lawn_Weed_Control for more info.

    Sir Walter Buffalo along with the other Australian buffalo grasses are very tolerant of the herbicides.

  • Good for you Middo! Hope you get rolling with it!

  • Great post James. Special Kudos on recommending the Sir Walter. We have grown it in our yard both from roll-on and runners and it always comes up a treat.

    Very helpful post on how to plan your retic and turf.