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I’m sorry to say, but you are probably mulching wrong…


I recently wrote an article on mulching for the Hills Backyard Blog. I was asked to tackle the topic of mulching. As this is an area I have covered in depth before I decided to approach it from a slightly different perspective.

As the title suggests, my premise is that a lot of people actually mulch wrong. You are probably surprised to hear this is possible. Maybe this has you saying to yourself ‘I knew it, I am doing it wrong’. Don’t fret, the answer to fix your mulching situation is quite simple really. To find out how, head on over to read my guest post by clicking here.

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  • Mary

    James, can a Woolly Bush be grown in a pot?

  • aussiegreenthumb

    For a time, but it would need to be a big pot and it may very well outgrow it eventually, which would be an issue. I have seen it done though.