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Weed Control That Won’t Break Your Back

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Note from Jim: This week we are looking at weed control and I’m pleased to welcome Sally James, an accredited Rapid Spray dealer as a guest writer to offer some great tips on efficient weeding that won’t take it’s toll on you or your body.  Take it away Sally!

Unfortunately, weeds have a habit of just showing up around your yard like uninvited guests, and you’ll need to stay vigilant in making sure your beautiful lawn doesn’t become overrun with them. There is, however, a way to more effortlessly control weeds in and around your garden without suffering aches and pains for days afterwards. 

By using a portable sprayer, you’ll be able to keep your lawn and garden beds looking their best with minimal effort on your part – without breaking your back, schedule or budget.

In case you’re unsure as to how a sprayer can help you in these ways, read on. Here are three advantages to using a sprayer the next time the dreaded weeds try to overrun your garden or lawn.

Ergonomic weed control

Obviously, using a garden sprayer to destroy weeds saves you from having to manually pull them out. Whether in your garden bed or lawn, this saves your back. These days, it’s possible to buy sprayers that are housed on movable trolleys, or ones that fit nicely on your back.

Being completely pressured, all that’s needed from you is to simply point and pull the trigger. That’s it. You won’t have to get down on your knees or bend too much. This is great for the elderly, those with a bad back or for anyone that would rather take care of their weed problem with ease. Sprayers come in a number of different capacities, from 1L right up to a 34L model and you’ll need to factor in the size of your garden when deciding on which model is right for your needs, depending on garden size and how much weight you can comfortably carry – or how frequently you will refill the container – if using a back-pack sprayer.

Efficient garden maintenance 

Using a sprayer can shave hours off your regular weeding time, by targeting weeds in a matter of seconds, letting the chemicals do all the work for you. If your garden is particularly large, then the time you save can be significant, leaving you free to attend to more important things in life, such as enjoying your garden rather than working in it.

Also, the fact that it won’t take too much of your time to weed, means that you’ll be more likely to do it every so often. And as we all know, the sooner you attack your weed problem, the easier it will be to maintain over the long run, leading to even less effort over time.

Save money with DIY weed spraying

Finally, using a sprayer yourself (and a chemical weed killer) can save you tons of money. No longer will you have to call in the professionals to do the job for you when you have a high quality sprayer handy. Spraying jobs don’t come cheap these days – especially for a large garden. And by taking the DIY route, you’ll also save cash and have money to put towards other important things around your home or garden.

You longer need to break your back when attending to weeds in your garden. There are many ergonomic and effective tools out there these days – such as pressure sprayers – that can make light work of weeding. Pressure sprayers won’t only reduce physical labour though; they’ll also save you time and money. So the next time you feel overwhelmed by a weeding job, don’t put it off again. Get a pressure sprayer and say goodbye to your weeds, and hello again to your beautiful garden.

About the Author

Sally James is the eldest of 3 girls. She has worked for Tank Management Services Pty Ltd (Accredited dealer of Rapid Spray products) for 6 years starting out as a receptionist and moving into sales and marketing.

Her goal is to learn and contribute as much value as she can while enhancing and furthering her own skills in advertising and marketing. She puts everything she has into doing the best she can wherever possible.

When Sally isn’t busy working she is spending time with family, shopping or down in the park with a trainer getting ready for the next mud run, she also enjoys skiing and snowboarding in the winter season.

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