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Beginner’s Guide to Outdoor Water Features

There are gardens, and then there are gardens with water features. The simplest of water features can transform your outdoor space into a tranquil getaway — even if you just need to get away from the hullabaloo happening inside of your home. The sounds of babbling water or the light dancing off the surface work wonders when it comes to clearing your mind.

There’s no “right answer” when it comes to water features, either; all you have to do is choose the water feature that best suits your style and your garden. Below are four examples of simple installments that will drastically change the look and, most importantly, the feel of your outdoor space.

1. Planter Water Feature


This small water feature will fit into gardens of all shapes and sizes because you can choose the planter that you’ll turn into a fountain. Once you’ve found one that speaks to you — and one that is built to be outdoors year-round — cut a one-inch hole into the bottom so that you can pass a brass pipe through it. Then, dig a small basin or pool in which you’ll place the fountain’s pump. From here, place the planter back over the pump and fill the pot with water until it overflows. Then, switch on your pump. It’ll send water spilling over the sides of the planter, back into the basin, and, thus, back into the urn.

2. Backyard Pond


There’s more to a backyard water feature than the soothing sound it makes. A pond can be just as serene in its stillness, and, like the above water feature, you can make it just as big or small as you want it. The steps are easy, too. After outlining the shape you envision for your pond, dig it out and lay out the liner. Once it’s situated, place rocks around the edges to keep the liner in place. Fill it with water and voila. Your pond will be especially simple to maintain if you install a skimmer or water filter to keep the water clean.

3. Bamboo Basin


Even the smallest of terraces or patios will be no match for this bamboo basin — in fact, it’s designed with city dwellers in mind. Find a bowl or pot that will fit on your space. Then, find a cup large enough to hide your pump and tubing. This cup will sit on top of two or three pieces of bamboo, which you can simply tie together with twine or string that you already have laying around. Line the bottom with rocks, add water, and turn it on. The traffic and street noise will be muted by the soothing sounds of trickling water.

4. Waterfall


The waterfall is perhaps the ultimate water feature, whether it’s built by Mother Nature or by you. If you have a weekend to dedicate to creating one of your own, it’s worth the work. It combines all of the above steps: creating a basin, adding a pump for water, and stacking rocks to cover all of your hardware and liner edges. The result is a centerpiece for your backyard, and a place of relaxation for you. In other words, it’s a win-win.

About the Author

Kate Wilson is a green living guru who writes on all things organic.  When she’s not tending to her own tiny terrace garden, you can find her up to her knees in other people’s dirt (landscaping, that is).  Follow her on Twitter @kateowilson for more on writing, green living, and woodland creatures.

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