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Aussie Green Thumb – Top Gardening Tips For Everyday People

Aussie Green Thumb featured in the Waterline News

Hi everyone,

Just a quick update to let you know about an exciting new partnership that Aussie Green Thumb has struck up with a local community newsletter published monthly in Grantville and surrounding areas.

The Waterline News features a range of local articles around news, businesses and events as well as regular features on lifestyle, gardening, self sufficiency, book reviews and more.

Aussie Green Thumb will be working with the editor of the Waterline News to add a monthly gardening feature to the newsletter, with beginners tips on maintaining a garden, growing vegetables, caring for native plants and enjoying an outdoor lifestyle.

This month, there is an article on “Top Tips for Growing LusciousTomatoes”.

You can check it out by visiting the Waterline News website, and downloading the latest newsletter (PDF)

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