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Aussie Green Thumb – Top Gardening Tips For Everyday People

Hints & Tips for Springtime Garden Maintenance

Note from Jim: Garry Dickie from Dickies Tree Services got in touch with me this week to share a few tips for Spring garden maintenance. If you aren’t already out in the garden, pay attention to the tips in this article and put some time aside to get started tidying up your garden this weekend.

Spring is the perfect time to get started on your garden pruning and maintenance. In winter we often don’t find the time or the inclination to get outside and keep your garden neat and tidy. So now that the weather is slowly warming up and signs of new life are appearing, here are our top tips for springtime garden maintenance.

Prune Trees & Shrubs

Take a good look around your property and make a note of any trees that need pruning or perhaps to be completely removed. Dead trees or trees that may pose a threat to any structures on the property should be removed safely – if you may need tree removal services consider hiring a professional as it can be tricky and dangerous to do yourself. Another popular plant which needs to be pruned right back is roses. Cut them right back to just above the first new growth on each steam and at a slight angle – it may look like you have completely decimated them but give it just two or three weeks and they will bounce right back.

Prepare Garden Beds

Prepare garden beds by removing the winter mulch that has collected on them, or if they are well composted you can dig it into the soil. Incorporate some good quality manure in the beds to keep them healthy and add structure to the soil.

Plan Your Veggie Patch

Decide what you want to grow for the upcoming season. Plant hardy vegetables that can survive the lower temperatures of spring and start some seedlings indoors until they are established enough to go outside. Spring is a great time to start planting tomatoes – one of the most versatile and easy to grow plants. If you don’t want your whole crop of tomatoes ripening at once, stagger the planting by a couple of weeks to ensure you don’t have tomatoes coming out of your ears!

Plan carefully for the bigger jobs

Dickies Tree Felling

Most springtime garden maintenance is easy enough to DIY, however there are some instances where a professional is generally required. Tree lopping is one of those services where it’s definitely worth the added expense to ensure a job is done not only properly but safely.

There are plenty of ‘tree fail’ videos online to show you just why you should opt for a tree removal expert with the correct gear and training! For professional tree loppers in Perth, call Dickie’s Trees today on 08 9240 6304 or contact them online at www.dickiestrees.com.au.

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