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Aussie Green Thumb – Top Gardening Tips For Everyday People

Aussie Green Thumb’s Most Popular Posts

Below I’ve compiled the most popular and most engaged-with articles on Aussie Green Thumb.

After 5+ years of running this website, I’ve published over 300 articles read by over 360,000 people. (That number is still incredible to me.)

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My best gardening tips

What makes ‘good’ soil?
Controlling Nasturtiums
1 type of grass NOT to grow
Top tips for growing tomatoes
FREE GUIDE Why use raised garden beds?
Aussie plants can be tropical too
FREE GUIDE How to turn your brown thumb green
Temperate gardening

Getting hands on

FREE GUIDE How to prune Kangaroo Paws
Simple DIY irrigation kit
How to install simple poly pipe reticulation or irrigation
Grow A Better Garden challenge: manure
Monthly gardening tips for April: preparing for winter
Monthly gardening tips for August: get ready for Spring
Monthly gardening tips for September: enjoy the fruits of your labour

Gardening Products

Stihl brushcutters
FREE GUIDE Bunnings raised beds
Victa lawnmowers
Bosch Keo cordless pruning saw
Eden Euro Reed Natural Garden Screening
Husqvarna Brushcutters
Self watering pots
Easy Reach pruning wand

Australian Native Plants

FREE GUIDE Albany Woolly Bush or Silver Streak Adenanthos
Pin Cushion Hakea
Pink rice flower
Scarlet Kunzea
Ground cover Banksia
Sea Spray Grevillea
Woolly or Silky Tea Tree Leptospermum
Bell Fruited Mallee Eucalyptus
Grevillea nudiflora
Green Carpet Grevillea
Rose Mallee Eucalyptus
Acacia Cognata
Apricot Delight Melaleuca

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