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Tree Lopping – Why Call The Professionals?

With the advent of YouTube and other video sharing sites, many people are more confident in turning to ‘How To’ videos online and carrying out fixes and jobs around the home themselves. However there are some instances where a professional is simply the best person for the job – one of those is tree removal and tree lopping.

Tree lopping and tree removal are services which carry risks to those carrying out the works as well as any structures around it, including homes, sheds, fencing and swimming pools. In general, home insurance policies will not cover any damage to property caused during tree removal. This is regardless of whether the homeowner or someone acting on their behalf is carrying out the work. Now you may think there is no point hiring a professional as your insurance still won’t pay out if they cause damage, however the risk of damage when using a professional is mitigated compared to an untrained individual taking on the job.

Professional arborists also use high-quality, serviced equipment to carry out their works. Taking on a tree removal without the proper tools is like trying to cut a steak with a spoon, it’s just not going to work. Professional tree loppers will have access to the right equipment and machinery such as cherry pickers and wood chipping machines to clear all the debris.

If you do decide to attempt a tree stump removal or complete tree removal yourself, what happens when you get the tree or stump out of the ground? Chopping it into manageable chunks of wood could take ages, especially without the right tools. Hire a professional though and any trees removed will be chipped and removed from the property with no debris left behind.

Before carrying out any work to trees in your garden, make sure you check with your local council regarding any rules and regulations about tree removals. Most councils have strict restrictions on what can and can’t be removed, even if it is on your property and not council land. Fines for illegally removing trees in Western Australia can be up to $200,000.

All arborists at Dickie’s Trees are fully trained and Western Power qualified, ensuring you get the best service when it comes to tree lopping in Perth. Contact Dickie’s today for a free quote and make your next garden tidy-up a breeze.

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