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Do you need a tree risk assessment?

If you are a property owner, you know what it’s like to maintain a home and all its fixtures and fittings. It’s easy to know when an appliance needs repairing or carpets need replacing, but what about the garden – how often do you check how well your plants and trees are growing, how healthy they are and whether they are potentially going to cause damage either to your property, a neighbour’s property or a nearby boundary fence?

Many homeowners are fairly adept at basic garden maintenance – mowing lawns, weeding, planting flowers or even growing our own fruit and vegetables. But keeping tabs on how tall trees are growing, or by how much they overhang the roof of your home or the neighbour’s garden usually doesn’t become apparent until a problem arises.

Did you know you could avoid potential dangers when it comes to large, overhanging or diseased trees by carrying out a regular tree risk assessment? This check can be done annually (or less frequently as recommended by your arborist) and will help you to keep on top of, or rectify any possible issues before they even become problems. This is known as having an active tree management plan and can help you avoid costly damage or unpleasant neighbour disputes.

While all may look in good order on the surface to the untrained eye, a professional arborist will quickly be able to tell if there are any potential dangers on your property due to large or overhanging trees. Diseased trees may also not be something the average homeowner would be able to pick up on perhaps until it was too late, leaving the only option tree removal, which could end up being tricky or costly.

Having an active tree management plan can also help maintain your garden’s sustainability by not only keeping your trees active and healthy but also in a manageable state to ensure your trees are making a positive contribution to your garden and the environment. By keeping your trees in great health you will be able to enjoy the benefits such as having cool shade in the hot summer months and providing a mini-ecosystem for small birds and animals in your garden.

If you require a tree risk assessment or tree removal services in Perth, get in touch with Dickie’s Tree Service today – they are specialists in tree surgery and care and employ full qualified and experienced arborists to handle any size job. You can see their full range of services on their website at www.dickiestrees.com.au or call their team of experienced arborists on 08 9240 6304.

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