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Adopt A Garden looks to connect gardeners across Australia

Note from Jim: today I’m running a post by Emma from Adopt-A-Garden, who is currently raising money towards a unique idea for connecting gardeners across Australia. With 19 days to go they have raised $5,625 towards their goal of $32.940.
If you are interested in reading more about their campaign, head over to their page on startsomegood to learn more and to contribute. Now, over to Emma:

How can you change the way that people think about our climate, our environment, sustainability when our government doesn’t believe climate change is real.   How can we create a community where our plant life matters more than our hip pocket!
We think we can do this by connecting gardeners from all around the world.   We want to create a green powerhouse where gardeners can connect, share, learn, exchange, buy or even sell from their own backyards.   We think by connecting gardeners, cultivators, harvestors, planter box appreciators, farmers, agriculturalists, horticulturalists, community gardeners that we can create a community who cares about our plant life and wants the next generation to care as well.

We are garden lovers from Sydney and are advocates for sustainability, raising awareness around Climate Change, organic and fresh eating and we love gardening.
Our story started when we watched a very established (30-year-old) South Coogee garden cultivated by a Professor of Agriculture and his horticulturist wife being mulched and destroyed to make way for a minimalist garden.
That garden was packed full of old grow ferns, roses grown from seedlings direct from the Queen’s garden in London, lots of fruit trees, herbs, black boys and some rare species.  It became a victim of an area which has become gentrified. Million dollar homes bought, knocked down and rebuilt with no value placed on the garden and it’s offering.
We are running this campaign and would appreciate support or feedback from other garden lovers.

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