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7 Rookie Landscaping Mistakes to Avoid This Winter

Note from Jim: We’ve recently published an in depth garden design series put together by our resident expert Clint. This week, Revell Landscaping are sharing their thoughts on some common landscaping pitfalls and how to avoid them. Take it away! 

High quality landscaping is the type of thing that it’s certainly not impossible to create alone, but it is pretty tough. The larger the garden, the trickier the task. This is why Revell Landscaping is keen to help homeowners put their yards in order this winter. Whether you need some advice on how to fix blunders left by a previous occupant or you’re looking to repair some embarrassing mistakes of your own, the experts are ready to provide support.

The thing that makes landscaping hard for amateur gardeners is the fact that we’re programmed to think in straight lines. We have interior design to thank for this. We’re all so used to planning for simply shaped, angular spaces that it’s tough to turn that instinct off and create a more fluid environment. Truly great gardens, however, really do need a different kind of perspective and they don’t always benefit from a traditional approach.

This guide to some of the most common landscaping mistakes will help you avoid the landmines and create a garden that is worthy of your pride.

1.   Obsessing Over Straight Lines

The best gardens are not built around straight lines and angles, because this isn’t how nature works. If you want a bare bones, symmetrical yard, you’d be better off installing a patio or deck. For aesthetic value, however, it’s all about embracing the curves. Try not to box flower beds and shrubs into perpendicular spaces.

2.   Spending Too Much Time On Turf

Yeah, grass is a wonderful thing and it’s the ideal solution for tired, drab spaces. It shouldn’t be used as a cure all though, because turf on its own can look just as uninspired. It needs to be complemented by colourful flowers, textured shrubs, and interesting shifts in surface. For example, why not try adding bark chips to a flower bed, as a way to contrast lighter turf?

3.   Shying Away From Accessories

A lot of gardeners shy away from quirky garden accessories, either because they’re not quite sure how to arrange them or they fear that they’ll make the space look ‘tacky.’ This is not true at all. As long as you don’t cram accessories into every inch of the garden, things like planters, lawn sculptures, and colourful pots can add bags of personality.

4.   Retaining Problem Features

You shouldn’t feel reluctant to get rid of features that you don’t like, especially if you’ve recently moved into a new property with an unfamiliar garden. It is your space and you have the freedom to make it feel like home. Also, holding onto wildly growing shrubs that threaten to make routine maintenance tough is never a good idea.

5.   Ignoring the Front Garden

If one of your main goals is to increase resale value, don’t forget to tend to all of the green spaces around your property. If you ignore the front garden, you’re throwing away the opportunity to create some major curb appeal. If you ignore the back yard, you’re running the risk of turning prospective buyers off, particularly if they have children or pets.

6.   Landscaping in the Here and Now

The most valuable landscaping designs look great when they’re finished, but they’re not really created to just look pretty. They are responsive, flexible, and long lasting. They take into account those little details like the rate at which shrubs grow, how easy it is to maintain flowerbeds (even in the winter), and whether accessories and features (particularly wooden items) are going to require care and treatment throughout the seasons

7.   Being Afraid to Get Involved

If you want your landscaping project to wow, you need to take a personal interest in its development, even if you’re not handling the work yourself. Talk to the landscaping team; ask questions, raise concerns, and share your ideas. They may be directing the project, but you’re in charge. The only way to make sure that your vision comes to life is to speak up and take an active role in the landscaping process.


Why Professional Landscaping is the Right Choice

For most homeowners, a little help from an expert team is appreciated. Large scale projects can be time consuming, physically exhausting, and tough to keep on track, so don’t be afraid to call in the professionals. By the time they’ve finished, your garden will be transformed into a space that you can’t bear to leave.

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