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Gardening Guru’s – Green Living Magazine

This months Gardening Guru magazine review is a little left field in that I am reviewing a magazine that isn’t really about gardening. The magazine I am featuring this month is called ‘Green Living’ and is all about sustainable living. The reason I have chosen to review this magazine is two fold;

1. A lot of people that are getting into gardening today are doing so because they want to live in a more sustainable way.

2. Starting a garden more often than not ties into a person’s desire to beautify their whole home, which when done in a sustainable way can be absolutely sensational.

Because the focus of  ‘Green Living’ is on sustainable living and not specifically gardening, there isn’t always a lot of articles on gardening itself so if you are just into gardening for gardening’s sake then this magazine is not for you. However, if you are desiring to live in a more sustainable way and having a thriving garden is simply part of that then this magazine definitely IS for you.

Article headline examples

Hinterland Haven – At home in a splendid straw bale retreat with Bird Textiles founder Rachel Bending.

The Sustainable House – Melbourne home owner Lorraine Hughes shows how building sustainably can be achieved with style and simplicity on an extremely modest budget.

Green up your handbag – They say the contents of your handbag reveal a lot about your personality. This article includes 5 tips for making it all good news.

Best of the Regular

Great Outdoors Section – This is the section that generally contains articles on topics that have the most to do with gardening.

The Last Word

This magazine is a very thorough, in depth magazine. There are 6 editions each year (a new one coming out every 2 months) and each edition is roughly 130-140 pages in length. It retails in Australia for around $9.95 and around $9.90 in NZ, both prices include GST. If your heart beats with a passion to see a more sustainable way of life then I strongly recommend you check out this magazine. 7/10 for me.

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