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My Gardening Story – Plants I grew up growing, Part 3

The aim of this series is to help you get to know who I am and why I love gardening. As I have often said, I don’t come to you as a ‘professional’ who has gone to TAFE or University and learned a whole heap of stuff. These people are VERY useful and sometimes I wish I was one of them, but I am not. I am simply someone who has grown up gardening and has learnt, over time, from key people in my life. In this series I have talked about the key people in my gardening journey and in the last two months I talked about four particular plants I grew while growing up: Petunias, Marigolds, Impatiens and Chrysanthemums. This month I am going to continue this theme and talk about two other plants my family and I grew while I was growing up. These two plants are Roses and Lavender.

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Photo: Per Ola Wiberg


Most people that enjoy gardening have, at some stage or another, grown roses. There seems to be a natural affinity between growing roses and gardening. In fact, a few years ago, a survey was taken of people that DON’T like gardening. They were asked ‘if you were to grow anything, what would it be?’  The overwhelming response was roses!

There is something about the humble rose that makes it an alluring plant to many people. I grew up absolutely surrounded by people who loved roses. My Grandma, who has been so influential in developing my green thumb, had the entire frontage of her house filled with roses. They pretty much acted as a fence, and were in fact ‘healthier’ looking than the small fence that was there. These roses were absolutely beautiful. Some were as old as 40 years when I was a child and had really old, thick trunks. When I would see young roses, I wouldn’t recognise them because my Grandma’s had such thick branches.

My parents also shared a love for roses. We had a dedicated ‘rose garden’ out the front with around 10-15 different rose plants of various varieties. Even my little garden out the back had 3-4 roses. I remember distinctly growing an iceberg (white) rose bush and a double delight (pinky yellow) rose bush. I also had a couple of others but I have forgotten what they were called. I also learned how to prune roses from a young age which is a skill I cherish to this day!

Photo: Antaen


Lavender is a another plant that was a staple plant in the garden as I grew up. Part of this was because we loved lavender…and part of it was the fact that lavender spreads really easily! I am pretty sure we started with about two to three plants across the front of the house and this multiplied into five to ten plants around our front yard.

When in bloom lavenders are hard to beat for beauty in my opinion, especially when there are multiple plants together. Obviously different lavenders have slightly different colours, but the ones I grew up growing were always the most beautiful deep purples. Lavender also has a very nice aroma which makes it a good plant to have around the garden and it attracts bees and other insects which is very helpful for the rest of the garden.

Lavender also has many culinary and herbal uses, though we never used lavender for this purpose. It was simply a beautiful plant which grew to a reasonable size to fill some of the bigger spaces that we had to fill outside. A great plant for any garden, as long as you don’t mind multiplication of plants!

Next month I’ll be reviewing two more plants I grew up growing, and then in December, I’ll be sharing the story of how I came to start AussieGreenThumb.com. Stay tuned for these and more! If you like the sound of this then the BEST thing you can do right now is subscribe to my feed which can be done by clicking  EITHER on the orange image to your left OR on the top right hand side of my page. After clicking the image just click on the drop down box to the right of the page and choose your feed reader. This image will always appear on the top, right-hand side of any page so you can subscribe at any time! If this all sounds like gobbledygook, check out my ‘Why Subscribe?‘ page for an explanation on subscription.

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