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Six Essential Tips to Gardening Perfection

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A beautiful, blooming garden is a sight to behold, especially when it is yours to enjoy on lazy summer afternoons. But what about all the time it takes to keep that garden paradise? Many people with envy-evoking gardens spend the majority of their afternoons fastidiously pulling weeds and pruning bushes, but this is an awful lot of work.

Many would-be gardeners live without a garden simply because they fear they can’t devote the time to it. But for those who would rather swing the afternoons away in cozy rope hammock chairs, there is hope. Not every gardener need be a slave to his or her creation.

It is possible to create a magnificent garden, and enjoy it too. Better yet, it’s easier than you’d expect. With the following tips, you’ll learn the essentials necessary to create a low-maintenance garden that will be the envy of all your neighbours.

Anticipate Foot Traffic

A common mistake is to believe your garden will never be walked through. Not only will you likely need to get to each plant at some point in time, but other people might wander through your garden while trampling flowers in the process. So why not plan ahead? Include garden paths in your design, whether these are slabs of rock or paved paths isn’t important. Just make sure getting from point A to point B is possible without destroying vegetation.

Selective Plant Placement

All plants are not created equal. Some will require more care than others. Do you really want to walk to the back of your garden, through all those spiky bushes, to keep your roses looking good? Of course not. Make maintenance easier by placing needy plants in convenient areas. You’ll thank yourself later.

Round Off the Corners

Perhaps one of the biggest garden time requirements involves mowing the lawn week after week. This is especially true if your lawn has lots of sharp angles and elements that must be mowed around. Make mowing a cinch by creating a lawn with straight lines and gradual curves. Place trees in garden beds with rounded corners. Ideally, you can create a lawn which can be mowed continuously without constant stopping and turning.

Potted Plants are Great for Gardens

There is no reason that every plant needs to be stuck in the ground. Potting some of your plants allows you to easily rearrange them to freshen up your garden. What’s more, it allows you to keep more delicate plants in your garden, because you’ll be able to stow them on the patio during less than optimal weather.

Consider Watering Requirments

Watering your garden can be time-consuming (if done by hand) and expensive. Consider the climate in which you live and the types of plants you’ll be planting. If you live in an arid climate, then stick to plants that don’t need daily drenching. Picking native plants is a great way to minimize water usage. Visit a local nursery or garden centre to find out about indigenous species or other plants which will take well to your region.

In addition to plant selection, take time to plan your irrigation requirements. Drip irrigation and sprinklers set to an automatic timer are preferable, although simple soaker hoses can do the same job in a pinch.

Prune for Health, Not for Looks

Pruning can be a pain, especially if you have bushes or shrubs with artificial shapes. Unless you particularly enjoy regularly pruning your plants, just prune to keep plants healthy, and allow them to retain a natural look. In addition, pruning needs can be minimized by picking slow growing plants.

A Few Final Words

Building a flourishing garden landscape takes time and dedication, but not nearly as much as most would expect. Spending a little extra time during the initial planning phase of your garden will save you countless hours of maintenance. Planning out your garden is pretty straightforward, especially if you keep the previous points in mind.

Remember, consider each plant species’ particular requirements, and think about what it will take to care for your garden. This way you’ll be able to intelligently design your garden so that it will be virtually maintenance free. You’ll get to spend your summer evenings with friends and family enjoying the space you’ve created. Of course, when you get complimented on your elegant garden, you don’t need to divulge how little time you spend on it.

Author Bio:

Jay Chua is an accomplished web entrepreneur with a passion for gardening. He enjoys sharing his knowledge on gardening related topics with readers all over the world. Jay lives with his wife in wonderful Vancouver, Canada. To learn about furniture possibilities for your garden or yard area, you can visit Jay’s website, PorchSwingSets.com, where you will find helpful reviews on the latest designs. Indeed, you’ll find information on everything from the pawleys island hammocks to modern recycled plastic porch swings.

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