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Peperomia Hope Ultimate Growing and Care Guide

Peperomia Hope | Ultimate Growing and Care Guide

Indoor plants aren’t always the easiest to handle, so it’s really great when you find a plant variety which does well inside (as well as survive a little neglect).

The Peperomia hope, sometimes referred to as the Radiator plant, is an ideal option for indoors. Pop it in a hanging basket, or as part of a dish garden, this beauty is a great addition to your home. 

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Non-Toxic Indoor Plants For Pets

10 Non-Toxic Indoor Plants For Pets

It’s not easy to keep curious pets away from houseplants, but you can keep them safe by having non-toxic indoor plants. Cats and dogs eat or nibble on plants for various reasons and sometimes, they are just playing. 

Most pets don’t require much supervision; however, you can put them in harm’s way by having the wrong houseplants. They might look good, but might be fatal for your cat or dog when ingested.

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What is Banksia Spinulosa

Banksia Spinulosa Growing and Caring Guide Australia

The Banksia Spinulosa, more commonly known as the Hairpin Banksia, is fabulous for first-timers and seasoned garden enthusiasts alike. This evergreen perennial is a striking addition to any garden, and with its incredible drought resilience, it’s quite an easy plant to care for.

Known for its breathtaking flowers which bloom into the shades of the sunset, the banksia spinulosa can be grown in a variety of environments, even indoors. Not only that, but the banksia also attracts plenty of wildlife to your yard! 

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Best Type of Turf Across Australia

5 Best Type of Turf Across Australia

When choosing the type of turf for your yard, there are many factors to consider. With a climate as varied as Australia, knowing which type of turf is best suited for your unique climate will help you get the best results out of your new turf. 

Choose the type of turf that will not only survive in your climate but thrive all year round! 

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How to Propagate Watermelon Peperomias

Watermelon Peperomia | Ultimate Growing and Care Guide Australia

Watermelon peperomia (peperomia argyreia) is a tropical plant originating from South American. It gets its common name from attractively green leaves that are striped and shaped like watermelon. 

These plants are low-growing, often only reaching 30cm in height, with dwarf varieties reaching about 15 cm. Although they do develop small flower spikes, these are pretty insignificant, and the main attraction are the attractive, lush leaves.

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Dragon Tree is one of the best garden feature Trees in Australia

Four Awesome Garden Feature Trees That Will Add WOW Factor to Your Garden!

Sometimes, all it takes is one special plant to take your garden from ordinary to extraordinary. This is where garden feature trees comes along. But how do you know which plant to choose? 

Here are four suggestions for stunning specimen trees that will instantly draw the eye, and that visitors to your garden will not be able to resist commenting on!

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Different kinds of bananas

How To Grow Bananas At Home | Best 4 Care Tips

So are you wondering how to grow bananas at home but aren’t sure of what to do?

Good for you- growing a banana tree is the simplest thing to do. That is because, unlike other trees, it does not demand excessive attention. 

In fact, if you pour it with so much attention, it may not like it at all. All it needs is a balance of positive factors.

How to Take Care of a Banana Tree

So even if caring for a banana tree is fairly easy, it does not mean to say that you don’t take heed of important things. 

You’re in luck because we will exactly talk about how to take care of a banana tree here. 

Read this entire thing to be able to maintain your banana tree today…

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