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Waterwise Gardening

Here is April’s entry from the vault, a reprinted article from Aussie Green Thumb back in 2007.

Water Wise Gardening

With water being a very precious resource in Australia, people need to become increasingly aware of just how much water their garden is using and how much they need to survive. Australian dams are running close to all-time lows. It is pivotal that people take water needs into account when planning and maintaining any garden.

Ever since settlement, Australian gardens have been filled with European plants such as roses. As much as I like roses and as much as surveys show that about 42% of Australians like the idea of growing roses , they are not the most water wise plants. Roses, like grass, take a lot of water to survive because they come from climates where water was rarely scarce. Ever since settlement Australians have tried to re-create British Cottage gardens in Australia. While this can still be achieved in a water wise manner, at I like to support another way.

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