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Neilsens Native Nursery, QLD

EDITOR UPDATE: Unfortunately the Neilson Nursery website is no longer available so the links in this article are broken. If anyone has any information on the Neilson Nursery, please contact me here.

Another, another Australian native nursery from around Australia to review! This month I’ve chosen Nielsens Native Nursery in Queensland.

I had not heard of this nursery but I was reading about the various nurseries that have won awards during 2010 and I stumbled across this nursery which won an award for being the QLD winner for ‘Best Large Garden Centre’.

When I saw that I figured I had better find out more about them! As I do whenever I want to know more about a place, I visited their website and so this review today is solely based on what I could ascertain from their. To visit their website for yourself, click here.

Though I’ll be honest and say that their website wouldn’t win any design awards, I am not all that worried about that. To me it suggests their expertise is in gardening and not web design. Having said this, their website is very thorough and contains all the information that anyone would want to know before heading out to check out their nursery.

They have a featured ‘plant of the month’ section, much like myself, where they aim to help educate people on what plant varieties are available. They also offer a newsletter to download with a new edition coming out for each new season.

What really impresses me is that they appear to have struck the balance between just providing plants for sale and creating a space to show case all that you can do with plants, actually providing an experience for the customer, though I’d have to see the nursery itself to be assured of this. What makes me say this is the fact they have an onsite aquarium, cafe and they sell ornamental objects and pond and pump supplies.

Some people would argue that this is too much for a nursery, that they should just focus on plants but in the world we live in today, I think creating an ‘experience’ at a nursery is just about as important as the plants themselves, so thumbs up from me!

They also have prominent links from their homepage to a number of their available plant species. I have no idea if this list is their total stock, but I like the fact they do show photo’s and talk about the various varieties of Australian native plants on offer.

Winning an award for ‘Best Large Garden Centre’ also doesn’t appear to be all they have win, with listings for winning awards going right back to 2002 and then having an award listed for almost every year since. Nurseries that win awards generally get a big thumbs up from me and this nursery appears to be a cracker. The next time I am over in Queensland I will have to check it out.

Contact details for Nielsen’s Native Nursery QLD
Address: 49-51 Beenleigh-Redland Bay Road, Loganholme, QLD
Ph – Ph (07) 3806 1414
Website – www.nielsensnativenursery.com.au

Wariapendi Nursery Colo Vale NSW

I really enjoy doing research each month to find new nurseries from around Australia because I really enjoy discovering places like Wariapendi Nursery. Wariapendi Nursery is located in the southern highlands of NSW and specialises in the propagation and sale of Australian native plants, with the ability to produce over 1 million seedlings per year.

For the general public Wariapendi offers a retail nursery as well as an online store (for NSW, QLD and Vic residents) so pretty much anybody on the eastern seaboard of Australia should consider them when you next look to add some Australian natives to your garden. They do also have a wholesale nursery for larger contract deals.

One of the area’s that Wariapendi is relatively heavily involved with is in landscape and re-vegetation programs. Their services in this area include (from their website)

Our services include;

  • Design and consultation for rural, commercial, industrial and residential landscape and revegetation projects
  • Enactment of projects
  • Bushland management services
  • Property vegetation management plans to maximise rural productivity
  • Vegetation Management Plans to assist property developers
  • Landscape Plans ranging from concept through to design and documentation
  • Vegetation plans for riparian enhancement and restoration
  • Planning and application for government grant schemes
  • Threatened species management plans

Another great little feature that they have on their website is a section for hints and tips which incluces hints and tips for gardening in the southern highlands and also a guide for planting trees.

If you are in the southern highlands of NSW, why not check them out?

33-35 Church Avenue
Colo Vale, NSW 2575
Postal address –
PO Box 138, Mittagong 2575
Phone – 02 4889 4327
Fax – 02 4889 4092
Email – enquiries@wariapendi.com.au

For Plant Sales
Phone – 02 4889 4327
Fax – 02 4889 4092
Email – sales@wariapendi.com.au

For Consulting and Enactment Services
Phone – 02 4889 4327
Fax – 02 4889 4092
Email – revegetation@wariapendi.com.au

Nurseries of Australia – Native Growth Holdings

This months ‘nursery’ is a little different in that Native Growth Holdings isn’t a nursery in itself but it does own and operate two nurseries and also other various businesses to do with Australian Native Plants.


We propagate and provide access to the finest quality and an extensive range of indigenous flora, in order to encourage all Australians to plant the hardy, environmentally sound plant life that is native to the land, and that has evolved specifically for our climates and conditions over millions of years.

Native Growth Holdings started as a nursery in Mildura called Mildura Native Nursery. It was started by Tony & Tim Langdon and this nursery still operate today as part of the Native Growth Holdings group. They also operate a nursery in the Horsham area of Victoria, in Wimmera.

The benefits to this group are that they have both a fantastic nursery presence but also a brilliant website. On their website they have a section called ‘Find a plant’ and this allows you to try and search for a plant that fits your specific needs and desires. It even lets you suggest a price range which is very helpful when determining what plants to choose.

If you can’t make it to one of their nurseries you can order plants through their online shop. A flat delivery fee of $14.95 for up to 20kg of delivery’s makes this relatively viable for most people and their range is great. They sell seeds, pot stock, tube stock, books to help you in your gardening endeavours and much much more.

Native Growth Holdings also provides a consultation service throughout Victoria. They employ a large range of very talented garden specialists and can definitely help you solve any problems you may be facing in your garden. They even offer home visits throughout metropolitan, regional and rural Victoria. I have been unable to ascertain if there is a fee for this or not. I would imagine there is but some companies do provide this service free of charge.

I basically stumbled across their website and I have to say, it really has impressed me so I definitely recommend that you check it out for yourself.

Nurseries of Australia – Bushland Flora

This months featured Australian Nursery is ‘Bushland Flora’. I stumbled across them while I was doing a web search one day for Australian Native Nurseries and though their website leave’s much to be desired, I trust that is because they specialise in plants and not in web design. What they do have on their website in regards to Australian Native Plants impressed me enough to feature them this month.

From their website

Bushland Flora is an Australian native wholesale plant nursery supplying native plants that are drought tolerant, adaptable and hardy to Victoria, South Australia, New South Wales, and ACT. Bushland Flora is a major supplier of quality Australian plants. We provide a comprehensive range of Victorian indigenous and general native plants. Bushland Flora wholesale nursery supply plant lines in cell trays, 75mm,150mm, the new biodegrable peat tubes/pots, and 140mm & 200mm pots. Bushlandflora was first established as a wholesale nursery in 1989 by Ian Shimmen Bushland.

Any good nursery, in my opinion, should make their product list well known as for this Bushland Flora gets a tick. They have their entire catalogue available for download from their homepage. They obviously cater mostly for the South-Eastern States of Australia but this is actually a positive for me because it means they really can focus on making that niche work.

Bushland Flora is also available for plant design consultation if you are planning a larger job and have a long history of creating good outcomes for their clients which has included such places as the Melbourne Zoo and many schools. They are located over two sites and three hectares of land which gives them the ability the propagate a large variety of their own plants. They are also a wholesale nursery, providing stock to many local nurseries which is almost always a good sign for their quality.

Bushland Flora contact details
110 Clegg Rd
Mount Evelyn VIC

(Ph) 03 9736 4716
(E-mail) sales@bushlandflora.com.au

Nurseries of Australia – Zanthorrea Nursery, Western Australia

For the month of July I would like to feature the Zanthorrea Nursery which “is a family-owned garden centre, located in the hills of Perth, Western Australia.” They are a specialist Australian Native plant nursery with over 600 varieties from around Australia available. One of the great things about Zanthorrea is that they are an accredited nursery which means you know the plants you get from there will be top quality.

Another sign that they are a fantastic nursery is that in April this year they won the national  ‘Best medium garden centre’ award, making it six times now they have won this prize. This goes to show that not only are they now a good nursery, but they have been so over a long period of time and this is always a good sign of a good nursery. Longevity in plant propagation can be difficult to achieve but Zanthorrea has been a leader in the Australian Native field for some time.

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*International Special* American Nursery specialising in Australian Native Plants.

As I have spent all of June so far in the United States I figured there is no better time to review a nursery from America that specialises in Australian Native Plants. Over the past couple of months my viewing audience from the states has been steadily growing so I hope that this article might help you if you desire to grow some of the Australian native plants that I discuss on this blog.

Australian Native Plants Nursery – California, USA
I don’t remember how I stumbled across the website for this nursery but I am very glad that I did. The Australian Native Plants Nursery in California has been offering the chance for Americans to grow Australian native plants since the early 1990’s. It was started by Jo O’Connell with the help of her husband, Byron Cox. Jo says, about the nursery, “From the beginning, our vision was to provide plants that are hardy, drought tolerant, cut flower producing and bird attracting.” The longevity of this nursery in a foreign location suggests that they have been successful in their endeavour.

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Nurseries of Australia – Bunnings

Though Bunnings is not technically a ‘nursery’ I thought I would include it in my Nurseries of Australia series simply because I know a very large amount of people buy their plants from Bunnings.
In fact I myself frequent Bunnings a lot. Most Bunnings I have visited with a garden section look after their plants very well.  In fact when I go to Bunnings I literally am a kid in a candy shop.

So why Bunnings? Why not a smaller, local store? Why choose a big, corporate store? Well, the simple fact of the matter is Bunnings has a good range, as I mentioned before. From plants, to tools, to storage, everything handyman associated I could possibly need is located under the one roof. I also rate the quality of service because I personally know a few people who work for Bunnings that well, frankly, should be getting paid more for working elsewhere but choose to work for Bunnings because they believe in it.

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