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Gardening Guru’s – Australian Handyman Magazine

This month’s gardening guru review is of the Australian Handyman magazine, a readers digest magazine. They release a new edition every month which means there are 12 fantastic issues a year. For this particular review I will be looking at their 2010 April edition but the May edition should be in your local Bunnings stores now. The Handyman magazine is more than just a gardening magazine, it covers topics across many different area’s such as makeovers, workshop , renovating and of course, gardening.

Article Headline Examples

Outdoor Table renovation – Gives a good run down on how to go about restoring your own outdoor table for as little as $125.

Ultimate DIY workbench – Provides some great plans for your dream work bench and then shows you how to make it.

Expert paint application – How to hold and properly use a paint brush. Seems simple but these tips will help improve your painting!

Growing Leeks – Goes through the process of how to grow leeks, from planting right through to cooking.

Best of the Regular
What’s new – Discusses a heap of new gadgets and equipment out in the market to help you in your own DIY projects.

The Last Word
I am very impressed with the Australian Handyman magazine. I picked it up for just $6.50 on my way out of Bunnings one day really not expecting much, to be honest,  but it is 136 pages of quality hints, tips and traps across many DIY fields. I was a little disappointed that the garden section wasn’t bigger, but it makes sense when the magazine is more about being a handyman than growing potato’s or something like that. Get’s a 7.5/10 from me!

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