Author: Kate Wilson

9 Tips for Growing a Garden Around Water

While summer may be coming to an end and autumn is just around the corner, it doesn’t mean that it’s time to abandon your thoughts of a colorful, vibrant garden for next year. Now is the time to start planning. However, sometimes planning a garden isn’t simple; sometimes a little more thought is required. This is especially true for homeowners with backyard spaces that include pools, fountains and ponds.

If your outdoor space includes water, there are some special things you should be aware of. Follow the nine tips below for growing a garden in or around water. Read more

10 Lawn Alternatives to Consider

A lush, healthy lawn is visually appealing, welcoming, and can add to the value of a home or business. But while grass is the most common choice, it’s not necessarily the best. Whether you’re tired of mowing the lawn constantly or simply want a different look and feel to your outdoor space, grass alternatives may be the perfect option for you. Explore the factors you need to consider before choosing a lawn type and why traditional grass may not be ideal. Read more

Healthy garden soil

5 Common Soil Problems and How to Fix Them

Healthy soil is vital for growing healthy plants.  This may sound obvious, but there are many factors that go into determining the health of your soil. While some soil problems may be easily detectable, like the consistency and texture of your soil, it will take some basic testing to measure and analyze the nutrient levels of your soil. If you’re willing to put forth a little effort in fiing those pesky soil problems, you’ll still have the ability to grow and manage a healthy and beautiful garden. Read more

The Easiest Vegetables for Beginner Gardeners to Grow

Looking to grow some veggies in your garden? You don’t need years of experience (or any experience for that matter!) to put fresh, homegrown food on the table. Here are some of the easiest vegetables to grow in your backyard:

Leafy Greens


Growing lettuce and other leafy greens is as simple as it gets. The seeds are uncomplicated little survivors – they can even make it through a light frost. They don’t need a ton of sun, either. Read more

10 Tips for Planning Your Outdoor Kitchen

Once you’ve begun to turn your brown thumb green, you’ll want to spend as much time outside as possible admiring the fruits of your labor (literally). When the weather is warm, grilling out can be a great way to enjoy the outdoors. But you can make your backyard even more enjoyable – and an ever better place to cook – by adding an outdoor kitchen space. Here are ten tips to get you started. Read more

New Ideas for Your Outdoor Living Space

From a small patio to a tree-surrounded yard, your backyard is more than just space behind your house — it’s an extension of your home. While your front yard is what everyone sees, your backyard is all yours. It’s easy to spruce up your yard to make it more welcoming for you and your family.

Add Foliage


One of the simplest ways to add color and life to your backyard is to add more plants and trees. Flowers provide lots of colors — and they can be used to decorate the inside of your house as well! Butterfly bushes come in many colors and are good during the summer months, while daffodils bloom at the beginning of springtime and are the first signs of color. Read more