5 Backyard Landscaping Secrets

Landscaping a backyard can be as easy or complex as the homeowner wants to make it, but there are some landscaping rules of thumb that help to create masterpieces in a backyard of any size. Gardens need plenty of attention to keep them looking great, and nowadays there’s an impressive range of garden tools on the market, such as the battery-powered ones made by Ryobi.

Include the house as part of the design

The house and backyard should complement each other in terms of style, scale, colours and materials. For example, use trees to frame a house rather than barricade it. Plant flowers and shrubs to line the approach to your front door, and in garden beds create layers of plants to give the garden a more three-dimensional feel.

Let there be light

Make lighting an integral feature of your paths, deck, patio and garden beds. Lights enhance the value of your garden by bringing it to life at night. There’s almost an infinite variety of lighting available and there is sure to be something that matches your style. Some can even be installed without an electrician, such as the solar-powered LED lights that store power during the day and release it at night to light your garden.

Make an impressive entrance

The landscape begins at the edge of your property, not the edge of your house. Professionals and some keen amateur gardeners often use a supportive design element such as a gate, an arch, a hedge or a border garden to create an impressive sense of entrance to the property. While not cheap, the effect can be stunning if designed and maintained with care.

Diagnose and treat problems quickly

When problems such as weeds, spots and holes suddenly appear on your lawn or plants, waste no time in identifying the source of the problem. Examining soil conditions, amount and intensity of sunlight, watering frequency, fertilisation, mowing, pests and diseases will likely shed light on the problem. If you’re unsure of the problem, contact your local nursery or gardening expert for advice, and don’t leave the problem to fester. It might cost you a key element of your beautiful landscape.

Make the most of your space

If you look at your yard at different times of day and from different angles and in different weather conditions, you might notice vast variations in your garden’s appearance. Take pictures to help you remember what it looks like. Keep track of where the sunlight strikes from hour to hour and as the seasons change. Also, make sure to keep note of shaded areas and where rain pools. While a balanced mix of plants is good and looks impressive, selecting plants adapted to your yard’s conditions, such as natives, will help your landscape to thrive. This strategy will work no matter how large or small your garden is.

So, while landscaping may look complex, there are a few basic rules for creating attractive outdoor areas. Do you have any ideas to add to the list?