Save money by growing your own fruit, vegetable or herb garden at home.

Note from Clint; We’ve got plenty of tips and tricks for how to grow your own at home, but for now our friends at Sunshower Online want to share some of their own go to’s for your home garden with some recycling tips and snazzy videos as well…check it out below!

Sometimes, do you look at your grocery bill at the end of each week and think about how you could save more money? You aren’t alone. The average Australian household will spend between $100-200 a week on food shopping alone. The worst thing is if you want to eat healthier, it will cost you a lot more. There are ways you can save on your food bill each week by growing your own fruit and vegetable garden. The bigger your backyard, the more you can grow and save. You might even produce an excess amount that you can give away or sell to others in your neighbourhood. Irrigation suppliers Sunshower Online recommend the following fruits and vegetables that you can grow effortlessly in your home.

Growing your own tomato garden is relatively easy. You can grow your tomatoes from seedlings by actually planting your ripened tomatoes in soil. After a couple of weeks, they should begin to sprout and over time they should grow into full-grown tomato trees. You can learn more about growing your own tomatoes at home by watching the tutorial below.

Avocados are a great for dishes such as guacamole and salads. The trouble is if you buy avocados from the supermarket, they will usually cost you $2-4 each. You would be better off buying an avocado tree and planting it in your backyard. You can see a tutorial from Australian gardener Marty below.

In one year, an avocado tree could yield 100 avocados, saving you hundreds of dollars. They also contain natural fats that will improve your health.

Nothing beats the taste of fresh herbs from the garden. Whether you live on a farm or in a small apartment, you will be able to grow herbs that you can use to add flavour when cooking your meals. Some of the common herbs you can grow include thyme, basil, and rosemary.
Check out this YouTube tutorial showing how you can grow your own herb garden at home.

The great thing about green leaf vegetables like lettuce is they can continue to grow even after you have used them once. The trick is to save the bulb and to place it in a glass of water. Over the next couple of days (or weeks), new leaves will sprout. The more of these you harvest, the more lettuce you will continue to grow. You can see a video demonstration below.

Carrots are a great vegetable that you can use in salads and stir-fry dishes. They are fairly cheap to buy at the supermarket, however you can regrow the ones that you have purchased if they still have the leaf head on top. Simply keep the head of the carrot and grow it in water, but this will only result in seeds for next season, not a new carrot.

For more information, view the instructional video below.

Do you feel more inspired to start growing your own garden at home? With the amount of savings you will gain over your lifetime, it’s worth growing your own fruit, vegetable and herb garden at home. Take a chance and start growing your own food today!