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ClearShield Screens – Be Ready For Anything With A Cyclone Screen

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Note from Jim: This week we are featuring Clearshield Screens, an award winning Australian company specialising in security doors and security screens. If you have any further questions on cyclone screens, i.e. installation or safety aspects, leave a comment below and Jamie or George will follow up to answer your questions.

Keep your home safe, even in extreme conditions

There is nothing more important in life than the safety of your family and family home. ClearShield’s impeccable safety standards – and large variety of safety products – will ensure they’re kept safe.

Northern Australia is among the most active cyclonic areas in the world, hit each year with extreme weather events that often cause major destruction to property and threaten the families inside. The strongest wind gust ever recorded on the Australian mainland was 267 kilometres per hour, recorded in 1999 from Cyclone Vance.

One of the most recognised products in ClearShield’s safety range is the cyclone screen – providing protection that is of utmost importance in these areas of Australia. The screens are a stand-alone product, which means they don’t require the assistance of impact glass to be compliant with the new Australian Standard.

Setting the standard

The recent Australian Standard requirements have raised the bar on debris impact resistance – bringing new challenges to the building industry when building homes in Australian cyclonic regions. The team at ClearShield Australia’s research and development department has met this challenge head-on and worked hard to develop a safety solution – resulting in a product that is unique and reliable.

ClearShield’s Tornado screens are tested to meet the strict Australian Standard, required to withstand the impact of a four-kilogram piece of hard wood travelling at 156 kilometres per hour. This is equivalent to the wood being propelled by wind at 390 kilometres per hour.

Click to enlarge – Australian performance standards

The product’s strength is in large part thanks to ClearShield’s energy tube, which works similarly to a car’s shock absorber. The energy tube takes a chunk of the energy that would usually hit the screen – which means it also reduces the distance the screen needs to be from the glass surface of the window.

The Cyclone screen is available in three levels – base line Cyclone Screen, Hurricane Screen and Tornado screen.

Whatever your safety concerns, ClearShield will be able to address them – leaving you feeling nothing but safe in the comfort of your home.

About the Author:

Brothers George and Jamie Koutsoukos launched their Clearshield Security Doors product to the Australian market in 1990 in a way to fill the market with security products that would also be aesthetically pleasing. Clearshields security doors provide customers with a strong, sturdy design with a contemporary look due to over 200 colours to choose from.


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