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Gardening Australia Magazine Review

In the gardening hints, tips and idea’s world there are few giants as big as the ‘Gardening Australia’ franchise. For this months gardening guru’s section I’ll be specifically focusing on the Gardening Australia magazine (as opposed to the program or website). Gardening Australia Magazine is one of the top notch gardening magazines available at your local news agency. The quality of its content is phenomenal and the range of topics covered amazing. Because this franchise has grown so large, they can afford to employ the best and the brightest so I absolutely thoroughly recommend this magazine. As opposed to the Burkes Backyard magazine focus on lifestyle and gardening, Gardening Australia focuses 90% of it’s articles specifically on gardening and this alone makes it my #1 magazine for gardening tips and idea’s.

Article Headline Examples
Special Feature
Italian Garden
Starch Staples

Plants & Flowers
Undercover Colour
Heady Hydrangeas

Gardens & People
Chook palaces
Grow your own

Know How
Sandy Soils
Thrifty Gardens

Best of the Regular
Clippings – Monthly guide to the latest plant releases, products, events and gardening news

Backyard Wildlife – Reviewing various animals that you may find in your backyard, both beneficial and dangerous.

Troubleshooting – Gardening experts answering readers questions.

Last Word
The Gardening Australia Magazine retails for around $6 and is available at most local newsagencies. You know you are getting quality when you buy something from the Gardening Australia franchise and you also know you will be able to find added content on their website which I will also be reviewing at a later date.

I wrote this article in February last year and looking back on it now, not a lot has changed! I regularly peruse this magazine and very much use the Gardening Australia website. It has a lot of great articles and tips on gardening, provides a lot of good fact sheets from their show and has many links to other great resources. Why not check it out today?

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