Infographic: 6 interesting gardening gadgets for 2015

Having a bit of difficulty growing plants? Is your outdoor water bill becoming unsustainable? If questions like these apply to you then consider these six gardening gadgets showcased at CES 2015 (a major worldwide electronics expo).

In recent years, the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, which is better known for large product announcements from brands like Samsung, has been showcasing more and more gadgets that are directly applicable to gardeners. In this year’s show, we came across six gardening gadgets that are likely to have a big future in the gardening community. Check out the infographic below, or read on to find out more about what each gadget does.

CES 2015 Gardening Gadgets Infographic
Source: Organic Lesson


3Dponics is a hydroponic gardening system that can be built with the help of a 3D printer. We haven’t seen the full impact of 3Dponics just yet since 3D printers aren’t readily accessible in common households but they have still made great strides in the gardening community, especially when it comes to educating people on important issues such as sustainable food production. One of the greatest benefits we see from 3Dponics is its efficient use of space. Common hydroponic systems tend to be big and clunky, but 3Dponics has been able to avoid such problems by using a modular, vertical design.


Those who plan on starting a garden for the first time will benefit greatly from using the Edyn garden sensor. Edyn is able to track a number of different metrics like soil moisture, temperature, and humidity. The collected data is then cross-referenced with a large database to make sure the plants are in an optimal growing environment. If there is something wrong (e.g. lack of soil moisture), an alert is sent to the user to let them know an action has to be taken.

Green Cube

In general, most hydroponic systems are quite large and clunky. They can also be difficult to set up as many different components are required. Green Cube helps you avoid such problems. Designed by XYZPrinting, the Green Cube is a ready-made hydroponic box that allows people to grow many different types of vegetables in an optimal growing environment. It is on the pricey side but we believe it is worth the investment, especially if you are able to make a lot of organic produce over the long-term.


Automate garden watering with the Droplet. In recent years, many gardeners have started to face rising water bills and this has led to several implications for gardeners. To counter such issues, Droplet designed a device that would automate the watering output and distribution based on current and future weather patterns. Once the Droplet is connected to the internet, the device is able to take the weather information and only water plants when needed. For example, if there is a lot of rain expected then the water output from the garden hose would be automatically reduced by the Droplet system.


The smart garden hub by GreenIQ is similar to the Droplet because it is designed to optimize water usage in the garden. When the GreenIQ hub is connected to the garden’s irrigation system, the device is able to automatically adjust the water output based on climate patterns. GreenIQ also has the capability to automate garden lighting systems.

Flower Power H2O

Similar to Edyn, Flower Power H2O is a sensor device that helps monitor the conditions of your garden. If the device senses any problems then an alert is sent to the mobile app. One feature the Flower Power H2O has which Edyn doesn’t is its watering capability. This is useful for people who are away from home for long periods of time as the Flower Power H2O can automate the plant watering schedule based on your specifications.

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