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Welcome to my Gardening Guru’s series. Each month I will review either a regular gardening magazine or website that I have found useful or helpful in my gardening journey.

I like to think that I offer some fantastic advice at but I do not claim a monopoly on gardening advice, so am happy to recommend other good sources of information.


In fact, Aussie Green Thumb’s main goal is to help YOU be the best gardener you can be, and I believe that means learning a breadth of skills from many different sources. I hope the garden guru sources that I review are as beneficial to your gardening lifestyle as they have been to mine.

This month’s reviewBurke’s Backyard magazine

Burke’s Backyard magazine is a spin off of the fairly famous lifestyle television show in Australia of the same name, started by Don Burke many, many moons ago. The trend for gardening shows and magazines to become more ‘lifestyle’ orientated and not just garden focused is certainly clear in this magazine, but this does not take away from the fantastic gardening advice that is on offer.

Don Burke

Burke’s Backyard never fails to have some very interesting and insightful feature stories which are backed up by solid, regular columns by intelligent and witty writers. The magazine is generally divided up into three sections, gardens, lifestyle & pets, and health & nutrition, though articles in each of these sections often could be classified in more than one of these sections.

Article Headline Examples

Australian Style – waterwise garden design
Amazing Fungi – stunning photography
Lifestyle & Pets
Shade Sails
– install some instant made
Silkworms – the ideal pet for children
Health & Nutrition
Nutrition Adviser – Rosemary’s Q & A

Best of the Regular

Mailbag – Readers send in articles and information on what they have been up to, often thanks to the advice of the magazine.Readers Photo’s – Always some great shots showcased here sent in by readers.

Dear Don – Don Burke answers reader’s questions on pretty much anything at all.

Classifieds – Yes, that is right, classifieds. If you are hunting for a particular plant or want to know some good nurseries in your area, chances are you will find details in this section.

Last Word

Burke’s backyard is the kind of gardening magazine that a subscription would be a fantastic idea, if you are so inclined. It has a recommended retail price of $6.75, putting it pretty much alongside most magazines cost wise. This is $6.75 well spent. So if you are looking for a good magazine to get into regularly, why not give Burke’s Backyard magazine a try?

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