6 Wonderful Health Benefits of Gardening

Note from Jim: The infographic below is reposted thanks to our friends over at Organic Lesson.

According to Google Trends, gardening is starting to make a great comeback and this should come as no major surprise as individuals have started to become more conscious over their wellbeing and lifestyle. Some may view gardening as an activity that is simply done for aesthetic reasons but that is not true. You may be surprised to learn that there are many health benefits that come with gardening as well. As you go through the infographic created by Organic Lesson, you will learn about a number of health benefits that would be hugely beneficial for your lifestyle.



Reducing Stress

According to a research study by a school in the Netherlands, gardening could play a role in reducing a person’s stress level. Results suggest that gardening could decrease the level of stress hormone, which is known as cortisol. As mentioned before, the good thing about gardening is that it doesn’t take a high level of effort, both mentally and physically. Gardening could just consist of growing a few plants in pots and containers. Once you are comfortable with small space gardening, you can take it up a notch and scale it further.

Friendly Bacteria

Another benefit we want you to take note of is the effect of soil bacteria. When people think of dirt, they generally think of bad things. Well, you should not be too surprised to know that dirt contains an antidepressant called Mycobacterium vaccae, which can make you feel happier. This bacterium is able to do this indirectly by helping your body increase the level of serotonin. Aside from that, playing around with dirt could also be viewed as a good way to improve your long-term immune system. Young children who spend more time inside than outside are likely to get sick more often than those who get exposed to the outside elements more often.

So what do you think? Try now if you have not started your own garden yet. It is truly great to be a green thumb.