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Nurseries of Australia – Lullfitz


I thought I would start this series by reviewing my personal favourite nursery in Western Australia, Lullfitz Nursery. Here is the opening paragraph from the Lullfitz homepage.

“Established in 1975 by George Lullfitz, Lullfitz Nursery has specialized in the propagation, growing and promotion of West Australian Native Plants. A strong dedication to cultivating these unique plants ensures that this tradition will continue on into the future.”

My affinity with native Australian plants is what led me to Lullfitz and it was definitely a case of love at first site. When I arrived at the property near Wanneroo, WA, I was struck by the sheer size of the nursery, a full 4 acres. I was equally amazed at just how healthy their plants looked and they most certainly have a fantastic range to choose from.

The nursery has been an industry leader for much of its existence and is very well known for the care they take in propagating and growing their plants. They also focus and specialise on native plants best suited to Western Australia, so anyone from WA would be well advised to check out this nursery.

Not only is the nursery fantastic but their website, www.lullfitz.com.au, is equally useful. For example they have a fantastic catalogue page which helps prospective buyers determine which plant to buy. You can search based on plant name, flowering season, growth habit, flower colour, foliage colour or soil type. When you find a plant that you like, you can click for further details and be taken to a page dedicated to giving more information about that specific plant. Basically everything you need to know when choosing a plant can be found here.

anewimageforwaplantsThey are also currently selling a book called ‘A New Image for West Australian Plants which retails for $19.95 (+p&h). A New Image for West Australian Plants “aims to give Australian plants a new image, abolish myths and prove that plants such as Banksia, Grevillea, Eucalypts and Verticordia are every bit as good in the home garden as their exotic counterparts, with the distinct advantage that they naturally grow in our dry soil and climate. Set out in four flowering seasons, you can choose varieties from Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter to have a water-wise garden with flowers all year round!”

I honestly cannot recommend Lullfitz Nursery highly enough. If you live in Western Australia and you are looking for a native Australian plant, particularly ones native to Western Australia, look no further than Lullfitz.

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  3. I remember watching some guy out the front of my place one day – he was going through the bushes around the sump on our newly established estate cutting bits off plants. He saw me watching and later came by and introduced himself and gave me a copy of the book above – it was George Lullfitz taking cuttings to establish more plants. Lullfitz have supplied most of the plants for the new Brighton estate (among others) and these have done amazingly well in a short time.

  4. Wow, fantastic!

    It is great to hear that his plants are being used for entire estates! They truly are so beautiful.

  5. I’m lucky to have lullfitz not too far from me. The Natives are sooo cheap and when we did a big shop they threw in the book for free!

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