New Ideas for Your Outdoor Living Space

From a small patio to a tree-surrounded yard, your backyard is more than just space behind your house — it’s an extension of your home. While your front yard is what everyone sees, your backyard is all yours. It’s easy to spruce up your yard to make it more welcoming for you and your family.

Add Foliage


One of the simplest ways to add color and life to your backyard is to add more plants and trees. Flowers provide lots of colors — and they can be used to decorate the inside of your house as well! Butterfly bushes come in many colors and are good during the summer months, while daffodils bloom at the beginning of springtime and are the first signs of color.

Attract Wildlife


While this suggestion may not be for those of the most serious vegetable gardeners among us, the casual gardener will certainly enjoy the addition of some furred and feathered visitors to an outdoor living space. Just be sure that you aren’t attracting any wildlife that might be dangerous to you or your family.

Consider starting by incorporating birdhouses and feeders to create your own aviary. Birdbaths are, of course, the quintessential yard decoration — they serve as a great decorative accent to your yard and also attract birds of all kinds.

Gather Around the Fire


There’s nothing quite like being with a group of friends and gathering around a fire while enjoying a cool night outside. There are many options for buying a fire pit, but often the fire pits that you create yourself are nicer-looking — and they tend to last longer. Just be sure to follow any specific fire codes in your area if you decide to set up a fire pit in your backyard.

Redecorate Your Furniture

A good patio set should be able to last for years, so it’s not always necessary to replace it. However, it can be tedious having the same cushions year after year. Having two or three sets of various colors can help accommodate for each season — soft pastels for spring, bright colors for summer and warm colors for autumn. If you can’t justify buying numerous cushions, you can always sew your own covers to suit your mood.

Add Wall Decorations

Why shouldn’t you be able to focus on the outside wall of your house? You have plenty of options for wall decorations. Signs can be a fun way to decorate, or you can buy giant letters at a craft store and paint them to go along with your color scheme to spell out a saying or your last name. The thrift store often has many interesting items that can be displayed — your options are only limited by your imagination.

Make a Small Pond


You don’t have to have acres of land to be able to have a fish pond. If you only want a couple of fish, a small pond can fit in almost any backyard. Make sure you do your research first if you plan to do it yourself. Koi are a good choice for ponds because their size is relative to size of the pond they are in — if they’re in a small pond, they will stay small, whereas they will grow bigger in larger ponds. Just make sure you don’t have any pets that like to go fishing.

Add Tabletop Accents

Even the little details can make a world of difference. Something as simple as a tablecloth can transform your patio. You can also get small potted plants to decorate your table or little knick-knacks that add a little personality to your backyard. Candles can be great, especially if you’re outside in the evening, as they serve as a good light source without being too overpowering.

Provide Outdoor Games

While it can be fun to just sit and chat outside, having other options can make your backyard less of a lounge and more of a backyard. Horseshoe Pits can take up a fair amount of space, but it’s worth it for anyone who enjoys the game. Other less permanent options that many people enjoy playing include croquet, bocce ball and badminton.

Make a Walkway


A stone walkway can create a good flow for your backyard while still being relatively easy to install. Plot out how you want the path to go before digging up your yard. Make sure you look into the right kind of stones for your climate — people in hotter areas can go for softer, more porous stones while people colder climate should stick with harder, denser stones for their building materials.

Enjoy Your Outdoor Living Space

Transforming your backyard from an area behind your house to another part of your home can be achieved in a few pretty easy steps. You should be able to enjoy all aspects of your home — including your backyard.