Outdoor Living for You!
Outdoor Living for You!

Outdoor Living for You!

Note from Jim: This week we have Jessica Socheski on AGT with a post on outdoor design and living spaces, with some useful tips and practical advice.  Over to Jessica, and please leave any questions or comments below, we will both get back to you.

Any season of year is the perfect time to refresh and expand your yard and deck. Outdoor living is a fun way to enjoy barbecues and fresh air. If you love enjoyed your deck or patio space, then here are five fantastic projects and additions to develop your outdoor area into an incredible entertaining and just plain hanging out atmosphere.

1. Loosen Up Your Lawn

Just like your own hair, your lawn needs a regular trim to clip off dead ends and stimulate new growth. Mowing or cutting the grass can help remove dead grass which might be packed underneath suffocating the roots. This will pull out the old and allow the new to grow strong and healthy in its place for a full fresh lawn.

2. Water Works

A wonderful way to add peace and calm to your yardscape is by choosing a simple water feature. A small fountain or trickling stone wall can breathe in tranquility to your garden or deck area. The sound of water can set the mood and tone of your design.

Other ideas include constructing a small pond in which you might even keep Koi or other fish. Running water can also help cool down hot air and make the temperature more comfortable in your outdoor living space.

3. Railing and Style

A simple way to present your own unique style is by choosing your deck railing. While a subtle touch, the countless railing styles out there can really finish the theme of your deck and represent your personal taste.

The type of railing you choose is only limited by your imagination. So many different ideas exist, including:

•modern horizontal slats

•simple metal rails

•strung cable

•painted lattice

•sleek glass panels

•detailed cutouts in wood railing

4. Second Story Deck

A fantastic way to expand your space for outdoor living and patio entertaining is by constructing or expanding a second story deck. Whether it is a wrap around porch or a covered balcony, extending floor space out from your house is a great way to take advantage of patio living.

To connect second story decks with patio space on the first story, install a Mylen spiral staircase kit to seamlessly join both spaces. Summer parties can range between floors enjoying the added space. Second story porch space can provide wonderful room especially in urban areas where there isn’t a lot of yard space already.

5. Fabulous Furniture

The final key piece for the ultimate outdoor hang out space is selecting patio furniture. Comfortable whicker arm chairs or canvas sofas can complete an awesome lounging area set nearby a warm fire pit. Other common backyard additions include a swinging hammock or a porch swing. And of course no outdoor entertaining area is totally complete without a dining set and umbrella.

With these building and decorating ideas, you can transform your yard into a comfortable and elegant living space that totally reflects your style.

About the Author

Jessica Socheski is a writer who loves researching home design. You can connect with her on Twitter.

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