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Pool Fencing in Perth | What You Need to Know

In this article, we’ve got everything you need to know about safety barriers and pool fencing in Perth, WA. Every state in Australia has different laws and regulations around safety barriers for pools, so we wanted to dig into the fundamentals and give you a basic run down.

As well as that, we’ve got a guide to finding the best pool fence installer in Perth.


What is Pool Fencing?

Pool Fencing Perth

Pool fencing can be a beautiful addition to the garden as well as adding peace of mind to parents with young children, or even pet owners. They prevent wildlife from entering ponds and help to keep water safe too.

While old-fashioned pool fencing can look like a municipal monstrosity, modern designs are thoughtful and carefully planned to look good in your garden, whether they’re tempered glass, PV, timber or rolled steel.

Pool Fencing Regulations WA

Since 2011, outdoor and indoor private pools in Australia have been advised to install pool fences to protect them from accidental drowning. In 2012, all new pools were required to have one. 

In Perth and the rest of Western Australia, the WA government states that it is an essential requirement for all private pools to be safely and securely fenced using pool fences and pool gates.

There are some standard regulations that all pools must comply with, and should be installed on new and old garden pools.

Australian Standards Pool Fencing

The building regulations and safety standards for pool fences are as follows:

Pool fencing regulations

  • A pool fence is mandatory for every in-ground and above ground pool and spa that is 300mm deep or more.
  • Pool fences must be a permanent structure
  • Pool fences must be at least 1.2m high from ground level outside the fence
  • Gaps between panels, bars or vertical parts must not exceed 10cm
  • The gap at the bottom of the fence panel must not exceed 10cm
  • A ‘non-climbable zone’ of 90cm is essential. This means there must be a gap of at least 90cm between any horizontal bars
Pool Fencing Regulations WA

Pool gate regulations

  • Gates must be self-closing.
  • Gates must swing away from the pool.
  • Gates must comply with all other measurements matching pool fences in terms of height, climbable zones and gaps.
  • Gate latches must be mounted 1.5m above ground level, as measured from outside the enclosure. (Check out our compilation of different gate latch types in Australia.)

Climbable object regulations

  • It is advised that any timber horizontal bars are mounted inside the enclosure to prevent climbing.
  • External horizontal timbers must have downward slopes on the upper surface to prevent climbing. At least a 60-degree slope.
  • Any protruding bricks or stones in masonry pool fences must be 90cm apart, vertically, or more.
  • There must be a 1.2m distance from the top of the fence to any climbable objects outside the enclosure, including steps, trees, or rocks. 
  • Internal climbable objects must be at least 30cm from the pool fence.

Here are the rules for pools and spas for a full and illustrated guide to pool fence regulations WA.

Finding the Best Pool Fence Installers

When looking for the best pool fence installers in Perth, it’s worth considering the pool fence style you’re after, as well as the services they offer. There are dozens of pool fence installers in WA, and most will offer similar services, but a few have outstanding offers that should always be considered:

What Do Services Pool Fence Installers Offer

While most pool fence installers will offer free quotes, there are some who will carry out onsite measuring as a free service during quotation, as well as discussion planning and design with clients before beginning work. These installers offer significantly better value and more peace of mind for pool owners.

The rest comes as standard, but we’ve got a list below of what to look out for with pool fence installers in WA:

Pool Fence Installation 

Standard services from Perth’s Best pool fence installers:

  • Free quotes
  • Measurements
  • Discussing and clarifying local regulations
  • Design guidance
  • Manage council and planning approval
  • Full installation, including: Footings, Groundwork, Clean-up & removal
  • Safety checks
Best Pool Fence Installers

Pool Fence Repairs 

As well as installation, the best pool fence installers will offer warranties or servicing as part of the installation fee, giving you a lifetime of security with your new pool fence.

If you already have a pool fence in need of repair, check out the best installers in WA who are well qualified to repair as well as install.

Pool Fencing in Perth FAQs

Do you have to have a pool fence in WA?

Since 2012, building regulations have stated that all private pools, swimming or spa, containing water deeper than 300mm need a compliant pool fence or safety barrier that prevents young children from entering the pool area.

How much does it cost to install a pool fence in WA?

Pool fences cost around $50 per metre for the fence itself, and installation can vary from $2,000-$10,000 depending on the complexity of the fence, the shape of the pool, and the size.

Installation costs will usually include the cost of your fence with good pool fence installers.

Does a spa need to be fenced in WA?

Spas with water deeper than 300mm require a full pool fence to be installed around their perimeter to avoid accidental drowning and small children gaining access to pools. 

There is so much you can do with your outdoor space so be sure to see our list below for help on other gardening projects:

Install the Best Pool Fencing in Perth 

Pool fencing might seem like a lot of effort, and a lot of money, but the peace of mind, the added safety and in many cases the architectural appeal that it can bring is well worth it.

If you’re tempted to install your own pool fencing, remember that it must be completely compliant with WA pool regulations, so unless you are completely confident it’s definitely worth looking for pool fence installers in Perth, WA.

Pool Fencing in Perth What You Need to Know

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