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Be careful removing that pesky tree!

pruning bottle brushAt AussieGreenThumb.com my main goal is to help YOU cultivate a gardening lifestyle today so that you can have a better garden tomorrow. As such there are often times when I come across advice written by other bloggers that I wish to share with you, my readers.

One such piece of advice came to my attention the other day when I was reading gardeningtipsnideas.com. Stuart, the writer of this blog, is a fellow West Australian gardening blogger with some fantastic hints and tips. His latest article is all about ‘Why Trimming Trees Can Be Hazardous’.

It is filled with fantastic hints and tips for you to consider if and when you decide to tackle removing that pesky tree or tree limbs from your garden.

I myself have had to learn this lesson, thankfully however not the hard way. I have had a few near misses though, especially once when I was trimming back an over-zealous Bottlebrush. I was at a clients place because they had a  Bottlebrush that had grown so large it was starting to hang over the neighbours fence, placing pressure on the fence itself. This of course had merited complaints from said neighbour.

Rather than just lightly trimming the Bottlebrush to remove the offending limbs I actually suggested that the Bottlebrush be significantly trimmed so that it would have a few more growing seasons before it needed another significant haircut. The client agreed. So I set to work removing some rather large limbs, pretty sure that I had it all under control.

There was one large central limb that just had to go. I set my ladder up, made sure it was on a steady footing, grabbed out my weapon of choice (in this instance a hand saw, I would have preferred a chain saw but I did not have access to one at the time.) Slowly I worked my way through the limb, thinking I had worked out where it would fall.

Unfortunately I had mis-judged this and when I got just over half way through, the weight of the limb caused it to suddenly start to fall straight towards me. By shear luck the limb just missed me. It did knock the ladder on the way down but not enough to cause it to fall over.

In that instance I was reminded just how careful you do need to be when trimming small to large trees and tree limbs. I don’t write this to scare you of trimming trees and limbs yourself but simple to point out how careful you do need to be. Why not head over to Stuarts blog to read more about ‘Why Trimming Trees Can Be Dangerous’.

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