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Best Chainsaw | Australian Buying Guide 2021

Ryobi 2000W ChainsawWould you like to win a 2000W Ryobi 400mm Chainsaw? Well today is your lucky day.

Thanks to Bunnings, Aussie Green Thumb is privileged to offer you the chance to win this chainsaw! Want to know how? Read on.

Why would you want to win this chainsaw
Over the years, chainsaws have gotten a bad rap for being unsafe for the home user. This is no longer the case.

The 2000W Ryobi 400mm Chainsaw would be a handy addition to any home user, enabling you to remove that pesky branch or chop up those fallen logs with ease.

– This chainsaw features 2000W of power, just the right amount for the casual home user.

– The bar is 400mm long. Again, a good length for the occassional job and easy to wield for an unfamiliar user.

– Runs on power so you don’t have to worry about running out of petrol. Simply connect it up to an extension lead and plug the lead into a power point. Presto, the chainsaw is ready.

As long as appropriate care is taken, using cabled tools is not an issue.

– Automatic Chain Oiling. Gone are the days of having to remove the chain after every job and oil it. The 2000W Ryobi 400mm Chainsaw has an automatic oiling mechanism with a handy 200ml oil reservoir.

You can even adjust the chain without any need for extra tools. Now that’s handy!

Why a chainsaw?
Quite frankly, sometimes you just need a chainsaw. Loppers and pruners are good for when plants, shrubs and trees are small but sometimes these grow far bigger than you desired and the easiest way to bring them back to size is with a chainsaw.

Why spend an hour painstakingly trying to saw through with a manual saw when a safe modern chainsaw can do the job in a quarter of the time?

Methods of Entry

There are 2 methods of entry and everyone may enter both once.

Method 1 – Simply add a comment to this article outlining your favourite Bunnings experience. Make sure you include a valid email in the email field (this will not be made public) and your name.

Method 2 – Head to https://www.facebook.com/aussiegreenthumb and add your Bunnings Experience as a post. Just make sure you start the post by saying ‘To win a Ryobi Chainsaw, I’m sharing my favourite Bunnings Experience. You Can Too!’

Perhaps you bought a plant from Bunnings which has become your pride and joy? Maybe you just experienced fantastic customer service, or your dream DIY project was made possible with the help of Bunnings Learn to DIY.

Let us  know hear about your experience for your chance to win the 2000W Ryobi 400mm Chainsaw.

Conditions of Entry
Only one entry per person, per option.
Competition is only available to people who live in Australia.
Competition will be drawn on Tuesday, October 16th. All entrants names from both options will be entered into a sealed container and one winner will be drawn at random.

Good luck!


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  1. Bunnings staff know all the products that they sell so it is always good to have their assistance. Some people say that the staff are hard to find but I always have assistance whenever I need them. The staff can also look up catalogues and make orders for me if what I wanted was not in the store.

  2. My best bunnings experience was a date believe it or not! We both needed small items like mousetraps, plants etc and ended up in there for an hour just having fun in the shop looking at our wish lists and getting to know each other! Great day 🙂 still together today too.

  3. Just browsing there is like being in a candy store. By my favourite experience was the time we found fly nettings that sit over and around outdoor umbrellas for $20. We are plagued by mozzies and flies where we live and this wonderful investment allows us to be outdoors. We went and bought 2 more in case the one we had break.

  4. My best experience was going in there a buying a whole bunch of indoor plants to add some life to my lounge room.

  5. My best Bunnings experience was going in to find a clear plastic tub to store my boardgames. The staff were friendly, the range was large and the prices very reasonable. I managed to find what I was looking for and with a slowly growing collection, may need to make another trip there soon… 🙂

  6. My best bunnings experience came from the toolshop. The old guy at Maddington was a tradie for years before joining bunnings, and knew the model of pressure cleaner I had, knew the part that had worn out, shared his experiences using both budget consumer gear as compared to their semi-pro stuff. Talked about value, usage, budget, and ‘bang for buck’, and saved me about $70 buy getting the model lower, which had a better warrantee deal!

    I have had some ‘non-expert’ interactions before and it had soured my views considerably. He has defiantly had experience, and took the time to share it. Totally worth it.

  7. My favourite experience was my daughter Carys’ visit (then 21 months old) with myself and her Nanny and Grampy to choose some flowering plants for our front borders. She loved pushing her little trolley round and investigating all parts of the garden area … a full time job for her Nanny to keep up with her.

  8. My favorite Bunnings experience was when I had no idea what I needed to get the job done, but I wasn’t treated like a stupid female, I was pointed in the right direction and encouraged that I could finish the job!

  9. Recently I went to bunnings and purchased a new lawn mower ~ as a single lady I was not really sure if I was buying the right mower for me and my lawn…all I knew is that I was going to buy a Victa! One of the Bunnings salesmen was SO helpful – he was great and made the whole experience easy and pleasant! The Bunnings salesman helped me chose the right mower, then taught me how to add the oil, how much and where and when to top it up, he got me a petrol container and the oil and even went so far as to give me directions on where to take it if it ever needs warranty repair work. His help didn’t stop there…he put the mower into my car…carefully laying back the seats and the next day when I returned with my new catcher because I couldn’t put it together myself – he put my catcher together for me too! Now that is service with a smile, polite conversation and real interest in their products and customers alike!

    Thank you Bunnings…I will definitely be back real soon!

  10. I had so many good experience that I would not be able to say what’s my favourite. Most of the time I am pleasantly surprised that the tools I want to buy are much cheaper than anticipated. Bunnings is always my first shop to look.

  11. I went to Bunnings one Saturday to pick up some security locks, feeling peckish I went to grab a sausage from the BBQ, that day it happened to be being run by Staffie Rescue, well we got to talking and after a visit at their premises I met my dog Bear, he is a fantastic site supervisor for my reno works and I never felt the need to install the extra security locks!

  12. My favorite Bunning experience is joining th garden club. i have learned so much, my garden has improved, I can assist friends, and am looking forard to a fabulous crop from my vegetable patch. Thanks to the wonderful, caring and knowledgable staff at Bunnings Vermont SOuth

  13. When Hubby and I had just started dating, we went for a drive and stopped to browse through a Bunnings store. Neither of us had a lot of money and both were insisting on buying our own lunch. A couple of delicious snags from Bunnings saved us from having our first pride-based argument! We went back to Bunnings later to buy a few things when moving in together and with four kids, we’ve visited Bunnings A LOT over the last 13 years… We have enjoyed all our experiences at Bunnings, but that first one holds a very special place in our hearts…

  14. marilyn kemp
    I enjoy going to Bunnings gardening section, I enjoy gardening so am always buying potting mix, and plants. I get pleasure when buying the “sick” plants off the reduced rack and they survive when I replant them.
    There has been a couple of very hot days, and yesterday was blowing a gale, after I blow all my leaves up (purchased from Bunnings), I am going to my local Bunnings because I am sure they are going to have some plants that I need to save.

  15. My best Bunnings experience was my first Bunnings experience, when I was a little kid. After following my dad around while he bought saws, nails and wood, we got to go into the plant section, and I begged him to buy me a Venus flytrap… they were so cool! Every time you stuck your finger in it, it would close on you.

    He bought me one, and I had a little reminder of Bunnings in my room for over a year.

  16. A few years ago we decided to remove our palms and plant fruit trees. The people at Bunnings were amazing with helping us out with what to chooses and this year we are having our first full crop of Nectarines, peaches and mandarins. We intend to make up a basket of fruit to give the gardening staff as a big thank you

  17. A single mother with yet another fix-it blunder. The always so helpful Bunnings man helped me to find the plumbing pieces I needed to re-install my kitchen taps. Plus the instructions on just how to do it. From painting to landscaping and multiple maintenance tasks. They’re always so understanding to this ‘damsel in distress’.

  18. My local Bunnings has a fantastic plant section and I have bought many plants and trees over the years. They have prospered so successfully that the Chainsaw would be an absolute blessing to trim some of my out-of-control branches.

  19. Beautiful experiences and memories made in Bunnings at the DIY kids workshops. Kids incredibly proud of items produced and staff infinitely patient and kind. Big thanks to Bunning for bringing the community together.

  20. EVERY Bunnings visit is great, but I loved the one when l ran our Scout Group’s Sausage Sizzle there.

    The Community Liason lady was great, the facilities provided were excellent, the hungry happy shoppers were appreciative and we raised vital funds for our Jamboree fund!

    Win-win all round!

  21. I went in to Bunnings once and found $50 on the floor….that is the only great experience I have ever had!

  22. My mum and I were looking for a gift for my brother – some sort of bar or rings that would allow him to do pull-ups without bringing our pergola down! We asked a helpful team member at Bunnings who suggested the monkey bar rings in the children’s play equipment. Unfortunately they did not have any available as an individual item, but instead of leaving us there he took us to the special orders counter where the staff were able to find a suitable product and get it ordered in especially for us! For such a small purchase, we were very impressed by the lengths the staff went to and the enthusiasm and friendliness our request was met with 🙂

  23. My favourite Bunnings experience was a few months ago. My 90 year-old father suffers from dementia and I took him with me to Bunnings as I was caring for him that day. He really enjoyed wandering the aisles, helping me pick out things I needed and giving advice! It was wonderful to see glimpses of the ‘old’ dad and a genuine smile on his face.

  24. Our new house has a beautiful big mango tree in the yard but it was sooty looking and the flowers were burnt. I went to Bunnings to seek their advice on treatment. The lady was so knowledgable, and then confirmed her advice by referring to a folder she had at the counter. 6 months on and our tree is laden with hundreds and hundreds of healthy flowers….here’s hoping we have a bumper crop.

  25. My brother loves gardening and doesn’t like to go shopping, today he travelled 1 hour to go to bunnings. He loves it there and that he can get a sausage sizzle at the same time. He loves hotdogs.

  26. Bunnings is always a good experience – it’s like Aladdin’s cave! Best of all, after wearing out our feet, hubby and I can sit, relax and enjoy a decent coffee while we plan our reno adventures!


    Draw will take place later today and the winner will be notified by email tonight.

    Thanks for entering and good luck!

  28. After visiting a branded pool shop and getting chemical results, I went to my local bunnings to see if they had similar products for cheaper, the lady at the pool section, though informative, took out her mobile phone and dialed her daughter who owned a pool delivery business, gave me the phone and the daughters advice on bunnings products was perfect, never went back to the pool shop and have bought bunnings pool equipment ever since, saving a small fortune over the last 5 years, my pool has been perfect ever since.

  29. Thanks for the comment Eamonn, however unfortunately this competition has closed! The winner will be announced tonight.

    Glad you had a positive Bunnings experience though!

  30. My best bunnings experience was going to get all the pieces to put our new fence up. Having someone help us locate everything was wonderful.

  31. My favorite bunnings experience is the smell of a great bbq as you enter the store. I think its great that bunnings help support local voluntary groups raise money for the community. Nothing beats a snag in bread !

  32. That’s brilliant – I don’t know it’s my favourite experience but it’s definitely up there and something to look forward to! Particularly as it goes to a good cause. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  33. During a recent Bunnings adventure my Daughter and I were searching for sprinkler heads. She pushed ahead of her a child’s trolley maintaining “this was her trolley!” and I was to carry my purchases in “my own arms”. We proceeded down the home irrigation aisle when she noticed the vast array of products, informing me as she picked up the largest sprinkler “this is the best one Dad”. We received assistance from a friendly staff member and ended up with an excellent product. My daughter was most pleased. I remember this trip fondly when shopping in any Bunnings warehouse.

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