Gardening Guru’s – ‘Your Garden’ Magazine

This month’s gardening guru review is of the ‘Your Garden’ magazine. Your Garden is produced by Pacific Magazine and they release 4 issues throughout the year, one for each season. It isn’t as well known as Burkes Backyard or Gardening Australia but I have still found it to be a very valuable gardening magazine. For this particular review I will be looking at their 2010 Autumn edition.

Article Headline Examples
Over the fence – Readers stories from their gardens

Living and Growing
Succulent heaven – An inspiring waterwise collection
A cool choice, Grevilleas – 8 great winter varieties of the Australian Native Plant Grevillea

Food and Leisure
Go West for spring – Great WA wildflower destinations

Totally Practical
Understanding Cats – Is this possible? They seem to think so!
Autumns best books – headline says it all!

Best of the Regular
Snippets – Idea’s to inspire gardeners

The Last Word
It is clear to me that Your Garden magazine is relatively smaller in stature to the more well known magazines but what they do, they do well. I think releasing only 4 editions per year actually works well for this particular magazine because it means they really do focus there energy into producing 4 fantastic quality editions. If you are looking for an occasional read then I would definitely recommend Your Magazine as an option for your reading.