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So You Want A Better Garden?

So You Want A Better Garden? Top Gardening Tips For Everyday People: ebook published by James Middleton

Start towards that goal NOW!

I’m James Middleton and I simply love gardening! With 10+ years of experience as a professional gardener, I am dedicated to helping you grow a better garden.

Remember – A journey of 1000 miles begins with just one step.

Your perfect garden might seem like an insurmountable task but to start to walk down your garden path you just need to take one step.

You can start to learn how to garden today. Yet so many people give up before they even truly start.

  • Perhaps you want a better garden but you are just not sure how to go about it?
  • Perhaps you have recently gotten into gardening and discovered you like it and want to actually understand what you are doing?
  • Maybe your mother or father in law commented on your dead plants the last time they visited and you want to show them up?
  • Or perhaps you just wish your garden was more time friendly?

However, no matter how hard you try…you just seem to;

  1. Kill everything that you touch OR
  2. Find that you don’t know what you are doing and therefore don’t actually try OR
  3. Give it a try but just don’t seem to make any progress OR
  4. Manage to keep everything alive but find it would require a 30 hour day to keep it manageable.

Don’t Stress, I’ll help you out with all this and more, with tips and advice for every step along the way! So take your first step RIGHT NOW.

Join other garden path walkers with my comprehensive ebook So You Want A Better Garden now (click here).

This 35,000 word, 165 page ebook is jam packed full of:

  • easy to follow tips for beginner and intermediate gardeners;
  • monthly breakdowns for gardening tasks;
  • a series on purchasing your most important gardening tools (and how to choose the right ones);
  • How to choose the right plants for your garden; and
  • much more.

I guarantee it will give you a better depth of understanding when it comes to improving your garden.

Start to learn how to garden today or perhaps brush up on elements of gardening you may have long forgotten about. Simply click ‘buy now(only $9.95) and follow the payment instructions.


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This ebook is perfect for the beginner gardener who just wants to get a basic understanding of gardening, or even for the intermediate gardener who just needs a brush up on how to go about growing a better garden.

So You Want A Better Garden is a collection of the hard learned lessons of over 20 years gardening, starting when I was just a small child. But the best thing is that what you will read in this book is actually possible for anyone to achieve.

Book Contents

Chapter 1 – Understanding Garden Design

1. Does size really matter? Garden bed shape and size;
2. Location, location, location. How does your garden bed location affect your plants?
3. 5 Great Ways to Decoratively Show Off Your Plants;
4. 5 Reasons to use Raised Garden Beds.

Chapter 2 – Understanding Your Climate

1. How a temperate climate affects your garden;
2. How a cold climate affects your garden;
3. How a tropical climate affects your garden.

Chapter 3 – Understanding Your Soil

1. What makes good soil;
2. How to improve your soil consistency;
3. Improving the water situation in your soil;

Chapter 4 – Buying Gardening Tools

1. The top 8 tools I believe every gardener should own;
2. What to test on a tool to make sure it is good quality;
3. A rough price range to consider when buying garden tools.

Chapter 5 – Common Garden Tasks

1. What the most common tasks you will do in the garden are;
2. How to go about doing tasks such as weeding, pruning, mulching etc;
3. Tips on waterwise gardening.

Chapter 6 – Choosing the Right Plants

1. What are annual plants?
2. What are perennial plants?
3. Should you plant seeds or seedlings?
4. Why should you consider native plants?

Chapter 7 – Monthly Gardening Tips

Glossary – Common garden vocabulary explained simply.

As you can see, this ebook is both comprehensive but simple. It covers a wide variety of topics but you will find, as you read, that what may have once been foreign to you, now makes perfect sense, allowing you to better achieve your gardening goals.

Make a positive step towards your future gardening goals and buy now. Simply click ‘buy now‘ and get So You Want A Better Garden for the low price of only $9.95:


Also available through these retailers: Available on Amazon Kindle


James Middleton’s book So You Want A Better Garden? is a fantastic book for a beginner or complete novice gardener, like myself. After reading the book I felt confident to go out to my garden and to go to a gardening store. I am not going to all of a sudden have the best garden on the street but reading this book has given me the right terminology and good information to start making a garden that will grow. Amanda Ash


James’ So You Want A Better Garden? taught me that anyone can garden and this book is designed to equip anyone to have a garden they are happy with. Written in an easy conversational style, his book covers topics including garden design, soils, common gardening tasks and choosing plants with a glossary for common gardening terms. He doesn’t promise gardening perfection by following his book, but aims to give readers some skills and knowledge for at least a start in successful gardening, with new gardeners probably getting the most out of the book.

Of particular assistance in this book is the month-by-month general advice, which will assist novices (and remind the experienced) as to the optimal time to perform particular gardening task. The glossary usefully presents common gardening terms. Readers in Australia will particularly appreciate his Australian gardening ideas and thoughts, but whether you are a new gardener looking to get started or an experienced one willing to expand your knowledge or get a different point of view, this book will offer something useful. Ernest Chua


I guarantee this book will help you take the steps you need to take to improve your garden right from the moment you start reading it and will help you to work out just what you need to do to make it manageable.

I want to make sure you start building your garden right now, so I’ve kept the price low, and I’m offering an exclusive bonus.

Right now you can buy my ebook So You Want A Better Garden for the low price of only $9.95:


Also available through these retailers: Available on Amazon Kindle


As an exclusive bonus, if you purchase my ebook just email me your receipt and I will also send you a copy in .epub or .mobi for your favourite ebook reader (kindle, ibooks, nook, etc)

I am offering a 60 day 100% money back guarantee if you are in any way unhappy with the product. Simply contact me within 60 days and I will have your money refunded.

Here’s to your gardening success :)

James Middleton “Top gardening tips for everyday people”