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Here at AussieGreenThumb.com we offer gardening tips and ideas to fellow garden enthusiasts and everyday people around Australia.

Gardening Tips & Idea’s – Top Gardening Tips For Everyday People

We are dedicated to helping you grow a better garden. Whether it be by improving your own garden skills or by helping you to know what to look for when employing someone to come and help you, the task of this blog at AussieGreenThumb.com is to enable you to grow a better garden. It is my belief that everyone can have a garden they are happy with.

In a changing world we are also very aware of the growing need to be realistic with our gardens and make sure we have the best plants for our climate. For this and other reasons we strongly promote the planting of Australian Native Plants on this website. What plants are better suited to an Australian climate than Australian Native Plants?

What can you expect to read in the AussieGreenThumb.com newsletter?

As a thanks for signing up to our newsletter, you will be able to download two of our ebooks immediately and for free!

As well as the free bonuses, with the AussieGreenThumb.com newsletter you can expects current events, updated gardening tips, tricks and advice, and links to our most recent articles covering the following;

  • Tips for beginner and intermediate gardeners;
  • Product reviews for some of the most popular garden tools on the market;
  • Information about inspiring gardening events being held all over Australia;
  • Featured plants, mostly Australian native plants;
  • Links to resources which will help you to grow a better garden;
  • Specific tasks to complete in your garden each month.
  • Simple explanation of basic gardening terms

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