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About Aussie Green Thumb

Welcome to Aussie Green Thumb

What can you expect to read at AussieGreenThumb.com?

At Aussie Green Thumb we provide detailed and practical information on a variety of gardening topics, including plant profiles and how-to-grow plant guides, gardening tool information and reviews, common gardening tasks and gardening tips. We also provide information covering the following;

  • Tips for beginner and intermediate gardeners;
  • Product reviews for garden tools on the market;
  • Information about inspiring gardening events being held all over Australia;
  • Featured plants, mostly Australian native plants, but also a wide variety of plants that you can grow in your Australian garden;
  • Links to resources which will help you to grow a better garden;
  • Specific tasks to complete in your garden each month.
  • Simple explanation of basic gardening terms.
  • Guides to Native Bush Tucker

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Meet The Aussie Green Thumb Team

Nathan Schwartz

Nathan Schwartz Aussie Green Thumb

Hey, I'm Nathan, team member at Aussie Green Thumb since 2020. I have a passion for edible plants and Australian native plants, both in the garden and in the Aussie bush. As an avid traveller and camper, I love seeing the different landscapes and flora that Australia has to offer, and try to incorporate this into my own daily living.

Whether I am living on the road or in an apartment, working with practical and usable gardens in small spaces is my specialty.

I have begun making Youtube lives following my gardens and their growing journeys, be sure to follow along https://www.youtube.com/@aussiegreenthumb-AGT/streams subscribe and comment. 

Nathan's social profiles:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=61552198141491

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nathan-schwartz-agt/

Email: [email protected]

Lorri Hopkins

Aussie Green Thumb, meet the team, Lorri Hopkins

Hello Aussie Green Thumb community 🙂 I am Lorri from South Australia and proud to be collaborating with the wondering team here at AGT to bring you practical gardening advice for Aussie gardens.

I have been gardening and growing vegetables since before I could walk, and the joy of spending time in my family garden with loved ones lead me to start my own hobby farm many years ago. I get to enjoy the fruits of my gardens daily and also volunteer at my local garden centre.

I started with Aussie Green Thumb as a fun project, sharing gardening advice with the team and collaborating on a few articles. Now my main role at AGT is to review the information provided here to ensure we are covering all bases and providing the best advice we can to gardeners all over Australia.

Lorri's social profiles:

Email: [email protected]

Gary Clarke

Aussie Green Thumb meet the team, Gary Clarke

Hi, I'm Gary, gardening enthusiast and former landscaper. I have had the privilege of sharing my gardening knowledge at Aussie Green Thumb since early 2020. I have a passion for using native Australian plants in Aussie gardens and I always try to promote growing fruit trees and vegetable gardens whenever possible.

Feel free contact me with any questions, comments or tips, I'm always happy to hear from you.

Gary's social profiles:

Email: [email protected]

LinkedIn:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/gary-clarke-agt/

Maisie Blevins

Aussie Green Thumb Meet the team, Maisie Blevins

In 2021, Aussie Green Thumb warmly welcomed Maisie into our team and we couldn't be happier. Maisie has lived all over our beautiful country Australia, she now lives in North East NSW and has learned over the years to adapt her love of gardening to the surrounding environment, be it perfect weather, drought or floods. Maisie provides us with constant inspiration for the plants we grow and the gardening information we provide at Aussie Green Thumb.

Flowers and flower gardens are one of Maisies true passions.

Maisie's social profiles:

Email: [email protected]

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/maisie-blevins/

Jarratt (Jim) Horton

Meet Jim at the Aussie Green Thumb team

Hi, I'm Jim; I work on a farm in Dunalley, Tasmania, and took over the reigns of Aussie Green Thumb in 2014 from James Middleton, who built this website over a few years to what it is today (thanks James!).

I'll be bringing in other passionate gardeners to share their stories, and would love to hear from you if you want to join the Aussie Green Thumb community!

Clint Sandoval

G'day, I'm Clint, and I've been helping Jim run Aussie Green Thumb since the start of 2015.
I'm a professional horticulturalist from NSW with qualifications and experience in gardening and landscaping, urban greening, bush land restoration, arboriculture, and production horticulture, in both commercial and residential situations. I try to use these skills with my experiences working on some of Australia's most famous gardens and flower displays to help all our readers create their own patch of paradise with gardening tips and tricks anyone can achieve.

Like Jim, I've got a passion for growing our little community here. So get in touch if you've got a curly one or even some tips of your own you'd like to share!

James Middleton

James Middleton - Aussie Green Thumb

Hey, my name is James and I simply love gardening!

As a green thumb from birth, I started Aussie Green Thumb to offer gardening tips and ideas to fellow garden enthusiasts and everyday people around Australia.

During 2010 I wrote my gardening story out in full so if you would like to read more about what makes me tick and how I became Aussie Green Thumb head on over to the my gardening story page.

Our Values At Aussie Green Thumb

We are dedicated to helping you grow a better garden. Whether it be by improving your own garden skills or by helping you to know what to look for when employing someone to come and help you, the task of AussieGreenThumb.com is to enable you to grow a better garden. It is our belief that everyone can have a garden they are happy with, and that makes them happy.

In a changing world we are also very aware of the growing need to be realistic with our gardens and make sure we have the best plants for our climate and for time management. For this and other reasons we strongly promote the planting of Australian Native Plants, as well as edible plants, on this website.

Here's to your gardening success!

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