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9 Garden Tool Storage Racks and Organisers, Reviewed

Garden tools pile up quickly, and it can make tidying your garage or shed an intensely laborious chore, and I don’t mean when you buy them. You know as well as I do that the temptation to just throw your spade into the shed after a long day of gardening is often too much to resist. So… how do we avoid temptation?

Once a year, I give myself a full weekend to assess the garage. Whether it needs completely redoing, or just a general tidy up. This year, I decided to revamp our garden tool storage racks, and it was surprisingly cathartic. We have now got a garage that is fit for purpose, and tool storage that feels completely natural.


Garden Tool Storage Racks and Organisers

This guide shares information and guidance on every type of tool organiser we tried and tested before choosing the right one for us, so you can avoid the hours of tedious decision making we went through. All have their positives, and some have more negatives than others, but everything in the list that follows is worth considering, if you think it is right for you.

Some are chosen for their size, and some for durability. Others are included because they take a different approach to tool storage that solves a fundamental problem, while one or two just look good.

Garden Tool Storage Racks and Organisers 


Our Rating


1. Bucket Boss The Bucketeer Bucket Tool Organiser

Bucket Boss The Bucketeer Bucket Garden Tool Organiser
Top Rated Best Garden Pond in Australia

2. Kingarage KG003-US Garden Tool Organiser

Kingarage Garden Tool Organiser
Premium Choice Garden Pond in Australia

3. Dorisy Garage Hooks for Power and Garden Tools

Dorisy Garage Hooks for Garden Tools
Best Value Garden Pond in Australia

4. StoreYourBoard BLAT Garden Tool Organiser

StoreYourBoard Garden Tool Organiser

5. IMILLET Wall Mounted Garden Tool Organiser

IMILLET Wall Garden Tool Organiser

6. HangThisUp Garden Tool Rack

HangThisUp Garden Tool Storage Rack

7. KoDesignHouse Garage Tool Storage

KoDesignHouse Garage Tool Storage Organiser

8. Rolling Garden Tool Storage Rack

Rolling Garden Tool Storage

9. Garden Tools Storage Rack

Garden Tool Storage Rack

Garden Tool Storage Reviews 

1. Bucket Boss The Bucketeer Bucket Tool Organiser

Bucket Boss The Bucketeer Bucket Tool Organiser

I have included the bucket boss in our garden tool belt reviews too, because it is honestly just genius. It is like a tool belt, but for a 5L bucket. Your tools stay snug and secure, but you can throw bigger stuff in the middle too.

If you are walking around the garden weeding, you can throw the weeds in there and still have all your tools handy, without them getting in the way like they do on garden belts.

I keep pretty much all my small tools in this these days, ready to go out in the garden whenever I feel like it. Obviously, it’s nowhere near big enough to solve storage problems for spades, shovels and brooms, but it’s spot on for trowels.


  • Great value
  • Durable
  • Perfect for small tools
  • Ideal for gardening on the move
  • Fits on most 5L buckets


  • Not usable for larger tools
  • Needs somewhere to store itself

2. Kingarage KG003-US Garden Tool Organiser

Kingarage KG003-US Garden Tool Organiser

One of the storage options we went for in the end was this generous tool organiser from Kingarage. It has more storage compartments than I realised, and when it arrived, I was blown away by how simple it was to organise everything.

I know it sounds basic, but it is a very clever, simple, touch to have that wire grid over the top, which stops tools getting tangled up in each other. The metal floor keeps everything off the floor of the garage too, and keeps things clean and tidy.

For a simple solution, it is affordable, simple, and really well made, and nearly all of my garden tools fit snugly in one place now.


  • Well constructed
  • Easy to clean
  • Tools do not get tangled
  • Good value
  • Fast delivery
  • One year warranty
  • Loads of storage space


  • Takes up floor space

3. Dorisy Garage Hooks for Power and Garden Tools

Dorisy Garage Hooks for Power and Garden Tools

No gardener or DIYer should be without a good set of multi-purpose tool storage hooks. Whether that is for ladders, spades, rakes, or anything else. A simple hook goes a long way.

With two screws per hook, they take more work to install than some bars, but they are more cost-effective and easier to adapt to your own individual needs.

Our garden door is solid timber and rammed full of these hooks on the back. They hold enough weight for simple tools, but mainly just use them for things we need to grab quickly.


  • Easy to install
  • Great quality
  • Cushioned bars will scratch paintwork if you are hanging bikes


  • More screws are needed than bar hangers

4. StoreYourBoard BLAT Garden Tool Organiser

StoreYourBoard BLAT Garden Tool Organiser

The best compact tool organiser we found was this. It is on Amazon, but we have bought from them before and the sellers do take quality seriously.

Obviously, there’s limited storage space, but for small gardens, or a shed that just needs to hold the essentials, this is an exceptionally tough tool rack that will hold everything you need (even the lawn mower) without trouble.

As with anything like this that is promising to hold that sort of weight, you will need to mount it properly, and on the right surface. If you are attaching it to your shed, it might be worth adding a couple of extra timbers to support a horizontal bar.


  • Very well built
  • Easy to install
  • Great for small spaces


  • Limited storage space
  • Expensive

5. IMILLET Wall Mounted Garden Tool Organiser

IMILLET Wall Mounted Garden Tool Organiser

The IMILLET tool organisers are great for sheds, and lightweight tools, but not much else. Because they are built from plastic, they have limited capacity, with each slot holding about 6.5lb. Each storage bar holds 11 tools.

I really like how it works, and it feels super satisfying to push your tools into the roller balls when you are putting them away.

Do not discount it completely, because it is definitely a good storage rack for lightweight things like brushes, brooms, and trowels, but the overall build won’t hold up forever if you’re storing anything heavy.


  • Good value
  • Adaptable storage options
  • Secure roller ball clasps


  • Cheap construction
  • Low loading

6. HangThisUp Garden Tool Rack

HangThisUp Garden Tool Rack

Not everything needs to be state of the art to work wonders. This Etsy shop proves that over and over again with its clever storage solutions, and we have got this same setup in the shed now.

It is a simple timber construction, with grooves for long-handled tools, and it attaches onto the uprights of your shed with a couple of screws (weight is evenly spread down the grain of the timber, making it durable too).

The reason we put this in the shed, and not the garage is because it’s slightly limiting in what you can store, because it’s horizontal hanging. So there are no hooks for smaller tools, and the space behind feels kind of wasted.

However, by storing your tools horizontally on sloped slats, they hang more safely than on hooks, which is ideal for sheds that have occasional young visitors running around in them.


  • Safe tool storage
  • Easy to install
  • Durable design


  • Insufficient space
  • No hooks

7. KoDesignHouse Garage Tool Storage

KoDesignHouse Garage Tool Storage

I didn’t go for this, just because it’s not got the right tool storage for me, but depending on your garden style and the tools you use most often, it’s a beautiful storage unit, with built-in shelves, and tons of multi-functional slots.

For serious garden DIYers, it is a treat worth considering, or maybe one for your next Christmas list. The overall construction quality is brilliant, with durable castors and a gorgeous finish, and it is probably the most space-efficient storage choice for smaller tools in this list.


  • Space-efficient storage solution for smaller tools
  • Loads of hooks, holes, and tool slots
  • Rolls on castors


  • Expensive
  • Limited space for bigger tools

8. Rolling Garden Tool Storage Rack

Rolling Garden Tool Storage Rack

There is a reason this rolling garden tool storage rack is so cheap – it is not particularly well made. But, for 99% of gardeners, including me, that is probably fine, because it's not going to be used as a wheelbarrow, and for a shed or small garden, it's easily got enough storage space.

The wheels are not going to be used often, but they do make it easier to move around when needed, and it is cleverly designed so long-handled tools are held neat and upright all the time.

It is definitely a basic tool rack, but if you’re looking for a quick and cheap way to simplify your shed, this might just be it.


  • Cheap
  • Easy to use
  • Space saving


  • Budget quality construction and materials
  • Limited storage
  • Limited tool weight

9. Garden Tools Storage Rack

Garden Tools Storage Rack

It doesn’t have wheels, but it does have more storage space than others, and the fabric tool pouch is surprisingly useful. Obviously, it's another budget buy, and it might not last forever (the plastic frame is fairly brittle) but it’s got tons of storage space, it’s easy to use and it takes up no space at all.

For small sheds or garages with limited room, there are far worse tool storage racks than this one.


  • Cheap
  • Easy to use
  • Space saving
  • Loads of storage slots


  • Cheap materials
  • Difficult to move when filled
  • Doesn’t hold heavy hanging tools

Garden Tool Storage Top Picks for 2024

Top Rated Garden Tool Storage

Top Rated Garden Tool Storage in Australia
Bucket Boss The Bucketeer Bucket Tool Organiser

For gardeners on the go, looking for a practical way to store tools that can just be flung back into the shed when you’re done, look no further than The Bucketeer Bucket Tool Organiser by Bucket Boss.

It is one of the simplest tool storage designs, and it's miraculous that it has not been around for years. It is affordable enough to buy as a quick present for a passionate gardener, but it's durable enough that you can trust its quality too.

While it is not the solution for larger tools and permanent space-saving storage, The Bucketeer definitely wins the prize for the most time-saving tool storage organiser.

Premium Choice Garden Tool Storage

Premium Choice Garden Tool Storage in Australia
Kingarage KG003-US Garden Tool Organiser

I’m biassed, because I’m completely in love with my own one, but the best premium tool organiser you’ll find online right now is the Kingarage Garden Tool Organiser. 

Everything about it just screams quality. Its grid organiser (the main part of the rack) is just perfect for anyone in a rush, because you are forced to put things back neatly. If you are anything like me, and your garage ends up looking like a tip after a week, this is definitely the tool organiser you need in your life.

Best Value Garden Tool Storage

Best Value Garden Tool Storage in Australia
Dorisy Garage Hooks for Power and Garden Tools

And finally, for anyone on a budget, our best budget tool organiser for 2024 is, without doubt, this basic 16 Pack of Garage Hooks by Dorisy. For one reason: It’s simple. 

Forget fancy welding and mounted tool racks. No garage is ever the same, and every wall needs a unique approach. Rather than splashing out on something that might not be perfect for you, spend some time, save some cash, and design your own garden tool storage with this set of 16 garage hooks, ready to take the weight of any garden tools you have.

Garden Tool Storage Racks and Organisers Buying Guide

What to Look for When Buying Garden Tool Organisers

When choosing your next garden tool organiser, think of a few basic factors: quality, material, space, and size. Everything else is a bonus, but if the storage solution you choose for your garden ticks those boxes, you’re onto a winner. 

Garden Tool Storage Racks


Wall-mounted racks are always going to save space, but think about the direction your tools are hanging. If you are just storing long-handled tools. Horizontal racks might be unorthodox, but they save space overall. 

For a mix of tool types, traditional wall hooks that hang tools vertically give more potential for adapting your set-up, and fitting more hooks in in the future.


For floor-mounted racks, size is crucial, but the question you need to ask is simple: does it fit? And is it worth the space? Floor-standing racks take up much more space, but bigger racks are always going to hold more tools. 

Smaller racks tend to have more storage solutions (hooks and clips) for smaller tools, which can make them more convenient.


Build quality is just as important with your tool storage as it is with your tools. Garden tools take a beating, and where you store them does too. It does not matter what they are made from, if they are made badly, they are not worth a penny.

Check the quality of the organiser you are buying. If you can see it in person even better, but be sure to check individual product reviews before parting with cash online for garden tool racks.


Stainless steel or powder-coated steel are the best choices for metal storage racks, just because they will last longer with damp or dripping tools around, but timber tool racks, if kept clean and tidy, are often much more affordable.

Plastic tool racks, or fabric tool belts can vary massively in quality, but depending on where they are formed are often just as durable in the long term as timber racks.

Different Types of Garden Tool Storage

There are, fundamentally, just three types of storage for your garden tools, and all are worth having for different reasons. If you have the space, all three are your best option.

  • Storage Racks are free-standing tool storage racks, with slots for longer tools and hooks for lightweight tools like secateurs and shears. There are some great metal garden tool racks for sale online, but if you are looking for a budget choice, you can get incredibly cheap plastic tool racks for next to nothing.
  • Storage Hooks are the most practical space-saving choice. They can be bought as sets or individual hooks. Hook sets, pre-attached to bars, or welded, are the easiest to install, but much more expensive.
  • Storage Caddies do not do the same job as racks or hooks but are perfect for working on the go. Tool belts, rolling tool racks and bucket belts are all great choices for garden tool storage.

Garden Tool Storage Frequently Asked Questions

Garden Tool Storage Organisers

What is the best way to store garden tools in a shed?

The best way to store garden tools in a shed is on hooks. Sheds have limited floor space, so keeping things off the ground helps to keep them organised, and reduces clutter. It is also worth wiping down any garden tools before bringing them into the shed.

What weight can tool hooks hold?

A cheap garden tool hook, mounted to the garage wall with a wall plug and 45mm long, 3mm diameter, screw can hold about 7kg. A better-quality hook will hold up to 15kg with the same mounting technique.

How do you organise garden tools in a shed?

When you are planning your garden shed layout, think ahead to how you are going to be using things. Leave a little bit of space between longer tools to attach small hooks for smaller tools like secateurs and hand trowels.

What is the cheapest way to store garden tools?

If you want to keep things tidy and have a budget of $0, you can just use an old dustbin to store longer tools and hang hooks around the edge for smaller snips and digging tools.

The next step up would be to invest in a multi-pack of very basic tool hooks. They hold about 5kg each and cost $2-$4 per hook depending on where you buy them.

How do you keep garden tool racks clean?

Keep garden tool racks clean by wiping your tools down before storing them. If you regularly forget to clean your garden tools, get a tool rack with a base plate to make wiping it down easier so you can sweep easily beneath your tools.

Check out more of our hands on product reviews for different gardening products to help you maintain and organise your tools:

Tidy Up Your Garden by Adding a Garden Tool Storage Rack or Organiser

Next time you go into the garage or shed, hopefully, you will have a plan. Hopefully, we helped to form that plan, and it leads to a sparklingly tidy system like you have never had before. It is incredible what you can achieve with a well-thought-through storage system for your garden tools.

Whether you are thinking of buying a new garden storage rack, or a garden tool organiser, there is plenty to choose from in the reviews above, and hopefully, you are a bit closer to having a fully formed plan. Good luck, and good tidying.

Last Updated on January 22, 2024

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