Getting Rid of Mosquitoes from Your Backyard

7 Tips in Getting Rid of Mosquitoes from Your Backyard

Getting rid of mosquitoes can be a pain and easily ruin a good backyard barbecue. When enjoying your gorgeous garden space with friends and family this summer, the last thing you want is for it to be spoiled by some pesky sunset pests. 

Mosquitoes, and flying insects, can become a major problem when relaxing or dining outdoors towards the later part of an afternoon.

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Best Hedge Shears

Best Hedge Shears | Australian Buying Guide 2020

Hedge shears, also called garden shears, make it easy to keep ornamental trees, shrubs and hedges in shape and trimmed to perfection.

Most shrubs need trimming at some point so as to stop them from absolutely taking over every other plant in your garden (if they are healthy) and the best cheaper tool for the job is hedge shears.

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Best Garden Trowel

Best Garden Trowel | Australian Buying Guide 2020

Whether you refer to it as a little shovel, hand shovel or mini-spade, a solid garden trowel is a much-needed tool for your daily gardening activities.

This small, handheld shovel has multiple applications when you’re gardening and is just a handy tool to have around. 

When searching for the best garden trowel, you’ll want to focus on quality over cost.

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Best Gardening Secateurs

Best Gardening Secateurs | Australian Buying Guide 2020

You really can’t go wrong with a good pair of secateurs. When maintained correctly, your garden secateurs can last you almost a lifetime.

When looking for the best garden secateurs in Australia, you’ll want to find a pair with a sturdy blade and handle that allows for effortlessly clean cuts. 

This guide will give you everything you need to know, from the different types of secateurs and what to look out for when making a purchase. 

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