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Child Friendly Garden – How to Make it Attractive and Low Cost

Do you want to set up a child friendly garden? Gardening is a very intimate and engaging activity; with the right equipment, furniture, and plants, you can transform your backyard open space into a child friendly garden area that is fun and at a low-cost.

We are going to discuss how to do it without overspending.   


What to Include in a Low-Cost Child Friendly Garden

Miniature Gardens

Miniature gardens can help kids develop a basic understanding of landscape design, spacing, proper irrigation, plant requirements, and nutrient needs

When thinking of a child friendly gardens, the first thing that jumps to mind is a miniature garden: the small-scaled park that can take up just a tiny portion of your backyard but can provide entertainment that will last your child hours on end.

With the power of you and your child's imagination, you can build a Lego City with mini buildings and roadwork, all at the convenience of Kmart online or BrickScout.

Miniature gardens can be more than just fun. They can help kids develop a basic understanding of landscape design, spacing, proper irrigation, plant requirements, and nutrient needs.

Simply put, with a miniature garden, you are creating a low-cost, fun and educational corner for your kids. 

Have Your Kids Make Garden Art

There’s no better way to beautify your garden than with hand-done garden art. You can give a touch of finesse to your garden by simply placing artefacts such as a pagoda statue.

You can use just about anything to draw the eye, from painted round rocks to hanging pine cones. With the help of your kids, you could even decorate bird feeders, pinwheels and terracotta pots to inspire your surroundings and add visual interest.

Using things you already have around your house can create a low-cost garden without stepping into a shop.

Fairy Gardens

One of the most special parts of childhood is truly believing that magic exists. A child’s imagination knows no bounds and one of the best ways to harness this imagination and creative energy is to get them to build a fairy garden.

A fairy garden is a magical place for magical creatures to live and as such, your child should choose a special place for the garden to come to life. This could be inside a terrarium, in a rock ring on the grass, on a beautiful old log or inside a special pot.

Time for some small garden furnishings for the fairies. These could be made from things commonly found around the garden such as gumnuts, rocks, moss, leaves and flowers.

Finally, and the most important part of the fairy garden, is adding a touch of REAL magic. Magic beans make the perfect plants for a fairy garden. These special talking plants grow to reveal a message on the side and will truly bring their fairy garden to life.

Veggie garden 

How to Make a Child Friendly Garden

It’s no secret that youngsters tend to want to stick anything and everything into their mouths. Veggie gardens can be helpful as you can encourage your kids to snack on fruits and vegetables like strawberries, sugar snap peas, cherry tomatoes and blueberries.

You can expect minimal expenditures because your garden supplies the fruits and vegetables you and your children require to live a healthy lifestyle.

Blackboard Wall

Blackboards are very handy for a backyard as they can serve for decoration purposes. For example, you can draw plants on them. Also, blackboards can be used to entertain the kids.

While you are busy mowing your lawn, your little one can be scribbling on the blackboard and kept busy. With the chalkboard wall, your child can freely enjoy a friendly environment without you having to worry about what they could be up to in the house.  

Setting Up a Cubby House

A cubby house is an excellent way to get your children out of the house and enjoy some fresh air. While you are gardening, you can keep an eye on the kids as they enjoy playing on the slide, swing, sandpit, or using the telescope and drawing on the chalkboard in the cubby house.

Cubby houses are great as they provide a safe space for your kids to interact, bond and escape into their imaginations. You can join in the fun and create fond memories by role-playing, for example, them as doctors and you as a patient. 

Fencing the Garden Area

One of the essential aspects to think of when creating a child-friendly garden is fencing. As a parent, you always want to be sure your kids are safe. You can do this by restricting where they can go with a fence.

Kids are easily distracted, and it can take something as simple as a butterfly to grab their attention and be in pursuit. It is therefore vital to install a fence to control their movement around the garden.

Wrapping Up Our Child Friendly Garden Guide

Creating miniature garden spaces, adding garden art, putting in a cubby house or erecting a wall to use as a blackboard can be fun ways to keep your children entertained outdoors.

Creating a low cost and child friendly garden can be a very sentimental activity that you can get to enjoy with your family.

Last Updated on October 25, 2023

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