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Best Garden Screening Ideas of 2023

Garden screening can add to the beauty of your garden and provide you with privacy. The screening can serve multiple purposes. The type of garden screening you install will depend on what purpose you are trying to meet. If you have been debating what type of garden screening you want, take a look at the ideas I have listed below.


Reasons to Install Garden Screening

diy garden screen

There are many reasons why people install garden screening. These include:

  • Protect plants from strong winds
  • Shield sensitive plants from excessive sunlight
  • Aesthetics
  • Privacy
  • Increases safety
  • They can reduce sound
  • Hide unsightly areas
  • Add dimension

Different Types of Garden Screening

garden screening ideas

When it comes to garden screens, they are 4 main types. You can choose from living materials, natural materials, metal, and plastic. The overall aesthetics and your budget will help you determine which material to use. You will also want to take into consideration your building skills.

Below are the most common types of garden screening.

Garden Screening Using Natural Materials

Wood is the most common material used for garden screening. It is eco-friendly and durable. You can find a wide variety of wood options from pressure treated wood to cedar. 

Metal Garden Screens

Metal garden screening can vary greatly in price. There are simple styles and elaborate styles. Depending on the type of metal you use, it can last for decades.

Vinyl Garden Screening

Vinyl garden screening has become extremely popular. However, the upfront price can be shocking. If you can afford it, it is a great option that will save you money in the future. Vinyl is basically maintenance free and easy to clean. It is also more flexible and stronger than wood.

Types Screening Plants

You can always use plants to create your garden screen fence. There are many types of hedges you can use along with bamboo, trees, climbing vines, and more.

  • Hedges – certainly not an option for the person looking for a low-maintenance idea. Hedges can be created from a multitude of Australian native hedging plants and introduced hedging plants including, but not limited to, conifers, gardenias, murrayas, camellias and even agonis. They can be shaped either formally or in contemporary designs to reflect your garden style.

  • Screening Plants – while hedges are created from plants using screening plants usually requires little pruning or maintenance. Provided the shrubs are planted close enough and can grow well together they can form an informal hedge or just a random planting of more than one species. Options as screening plants may be hibiscus, hop bushes, grevilleas and pittosporum.

  • Bamboo – In the right setting, bamboo can easily create an idyllic hideaway and mesh with your garden design. Bamboo are screening plants that can quite densely, and quickly, fulfil your garden screen needs.  

    It is becoming an extremely popular choice since it grows much faster than hardwood. Check out our growing guide for the Gracilis bamboo, also known as Slender Weavers Bamboo

  • Climbers and Creepers – if you do go down the fence or wall path then covering them with a creeping plant or a climber can hide the harshness of constructed materials. You may also find that rather than building a fence or a wall you could erect some trellising that will allow a creeper to cover it.

  • Trees – if you have enough space, the canopy of a small-medium sized tree may even be a possible garden screen option. Growing trees will usually be the slowest method of screening out unwanted views but they can be very effective.

    When selecting trees as an option choose evergreens rather than deciduous or you will find that for half of the year that unwanted view will continue to reappear.

Best Screening Plants to Grow in Australia

It certainly isn’t hard to create a garden screen and depending on your design, time availability and climate conditions, you should be able to find an easy answer to enjoy your privacy.

  • Bamboo Gracilis
  • Sweet Viburnum
  • Common lilly pilly (Syzygium smithii)
  • Neighbours-be-gone (Syzygium paniculata)
  • Weeping Lily Pilly (Syzygium floribundum)
  • Cherry Laurel
  • Star jasmine (Trachelospermum jasminoides)
  • Orange jessamine
  • Sasanqua camellias
  • Photinia robusta
  • 35 Clever Garden Screening Ideas

    Below, you will find 35 clever garden screening ideas. I have included simple garden screening ideas that can be installed in minutes, to more complex ideas that take some time to complete.

    1. Plant Tall Trees and Greenery

    Plant Tall Trees and Greenery

    Source: DigsDigs.com

    If you do not plan on moving your garden screens, you can use plants. To create dimension, plant tall evergreens in the back and shorter shrubs in front. This type of screening is ideal for creating privacy around patios.

    2. DIY Garden Screen with Repurposed Louvred Doors

    DIY Garden Screen with Repurposed Louvred Doors

    Source: Interior Frugalista

    I love repurposing old things and bringing them back to life. If you have a set of old louvred doors, you can use them as garden screening. You can often find donated doors in op shops at a very reasonable price.

    Find Full Tutorial from Interior Frugalista here

    3. Vertical Plank Wooden Screen

    Vertical Plank Wooden Screen

    Source: DigsDigs.com

    Make a vertical fence using planks of different heights. The varying heights will add to the artistic design of your garden. The board will provide a modest amount of privacy while not blocking your view all together. 

    4. Decorative Wall Panel

    Decorative Wall Panel

    Source: Jennifer Rizzo

    You can use decorative wall panels as garden screen fence. And the panels do not have to be extravagant. Check out this free tutorial to learn how to make this simple wall panel. I would also add some brackets to hang planters to add some colour.

    Find Full Tutorial by Jennifer Rizzo here

    5. Bamboo Rolls Garden Screen Fence

    Bamboo Rolls Garden Screen Fence

    Bamboo Rolls Garden Screen Fence

    Bamboo is natural and eco-friendly. You can purchase it in rolls and attach it to existing patio frames and fences. Or you can make a timber frame. Bamboo is UV resistant and lightweight.

    It is great for providing shade during the day and adding privacy at night. You can attach the rolls to new fence posts or directly to an existing fence or wall. (Check out our review on the Best Bamboo Screening here)

    Find the Bamboo Rolls from Amazon AU here

    6. Vertical Herb Garden

    Create a non-traditional but practical vertical herb garden. The plants will create natural beauty and beautiful aromas. And you will have a never-ending supply of herbs for your homemade dishes. Fresh herbs are expensive at the store. So you will save money and you can share your bounty with your friends.

    7. DIY Garden Screen Fence

    DIY Garden Screen Fence Plan

    DIY Garden Screen Fence

    Do you enjoy woodworking? Make contemporary fence using these DIY garden screening plans. The horizontal pattern creates visual interest and adds beauty. The plans call for cedar making the fence durable, while being naturally resistant to rot, decay, and insects.

    Find the Plan from AzulWood here

    8. Privacy Screen in Your Patio

    Nosy neighbors can ruin your evenings outside. If you need to add privacy or are looking to add visual interest, add garden screening against your patio. The screen is beautiful on its own. Or to liven it up a bit, you can add hanging planter boxes, baskets, and even outdoor artwork.

    9. Use Potted Plants as Garden Screen Fence

    Use Potted Plants as Garden Screen Fence

    Source: AW Pottery

    Garden screening does not have to be permanent. You can use large planters filled with tall plants to create a beautiful privacy fence. A popular choice for creating garden screening to add privacy is decorative grass. There are a lot of varieties to choose from. You can also plant bamboo and other tall plants.

    10. Artificial Trellis

    Are you looking for a quick solution, yet want the greenery associated with nature? You can purchase sections of trellis that have been decorated with artificial vines. The artificial vines will add colour and privacy. And you will not have to worry about them dying.

    Check out more Garden Trellis Ideas here.

    11. DIY Wire Mesh Garden Screening

    Instead of making the trellis of your garden screening out of wood, use wire mesh. By using wire mesh, you are allowing extra sunlight and water to reach your vining flower. It also looks more artistic than plain wood.

    You can also use the garden screening as a trellis for your garden. Growing your plants vertically will give you more room.  

    12. Decorative Screens Panels

    Decorative Screens Panels

    Decorative Screens Panels

    Add a decorative component to your garden with some decorative screen panels. They will definitely make an impact. You can find decorative panels in a wide variety of styles that will look great in any decor. I would love to add some of these intricately cut panels to my veranda.

    Find the Screen Panels from Amazon AU here

    13. Movable Outdoor Privacy Fence

    Do you want garden screening, yet you do not want it to be permanent? I know I like to change things around constantly. Instead of installing permanent garden screening, put it on wheels.

    This way, you can simply push it to another area. The privacy fence looks great just the way it is or you can use it as a trellis for vining plants.

    14. Picacho Metal Garden Screen Art

    Picacho Metal Garden Screen Art

    Source: Ruston Designs

    Show off your artsy side with large, metal, outdoor panels. You can install one single panel or make a line of panels. You can find panels designed to attach to wood poles and panels that are ready to stick directly in the ground. 

    Find the Metal Screen Art from Ruston Designs here

    15. Whitewashed Trellises

    A trellis makes a great garden screen. The grid shape is ideal for growing climbing plants and adding privacy. While you can leave the trellis natural wood, whitewashing it will create an ambience that is perfect for rustic decors and farmhouses. 

    16. Make it Modern

    Are you looking for a garden screening that is unique and modern? Follow this video tutorial to make a fence using metal roofing. Metal roofing comes in a wide variety of colours, so you will be able to match any outdoor decor.

    I personally love metal roofing. It lasts for a long time and requires little to no maintenance at all. And when it gets dirty, simply spray it down with a hose.

    17. Modern Styled Garden Screen Fence

    Modern Styled Garden Screen Fence

    Source: learn.kregtool.com

    Follow this free DIY tutorial to learn how to create a modern styled privacy screen. The screen is ideal for hiding unsightly areas or for creating privacy. You can even make several screens to enclose a large garden or deck. And since they are portable, you can move them any time you want.

    Find Full Tutorial from Kreg here

    18. DIY Garden Screen Planter

    DIY Garden Screen Planter

    Source: sanddollarlane.com

    Garden screens are great for adding privacy. However, in some instances, they can be unsightly. Instead of installing a simple lattice type screen on its own, add a planter to it. This way you can plant colourful flowers and vines to create interest.

    Find Full Tutorial from Sand Dollar Lane here

    19. DIY Bamboo Garden Screening

    Instead of creating one large wall for your garden screening, frame some bamboo. The panels will add a lot of visual interest without being overpowering. And the panels are fairly simple to make. Instead of using single pieces of bamboo that would take forever to secure, this project calls for bamboo fencing.

    20. Grow a Laurel Hedge

    Grow a Laurel Hedge as garden screen

    If you are not looking for manmade garden screening, grow a hedge. Hedges may take longer to grow than it will take to install a fence, but they are natural, eco-friendly, and great for wildlife. Hedges are a great way for defining a border and creating boundary lines.

    21. Lattice Garden Screening

    Lattice is not only for climbing plants. You can also use it as a decorative garden screening. You can plant climbing vines to cover it. Or simply add some shrubs and flowers.

    You can even use the lattice to display hanging plants and bird feeders. Lattice is a nice choice for adding interest and height to patios and decks.

    22. Build A Freestanding Screen

    Freestanding garden screening is a great way to hide unsightly areas in the garden. And when you build your own screening, you will be able to scale the project to perfectly fit your needs.

    Watch this free tutorial to find out the basics of cutting, building, and installing freestanding garden screening.  

    23. Wood Slatted Outdoor Privacy Screen

    Wood Slatted Outdoor Privacy Screen


    A slatted panel wall will add privacy without blocking out all the sunlight. You can add panels to the top of an existing wall or cover an unsightly wall. This type of garden screening is often a good choice for homeowners that have neighbors that can see over your existing fence right into your garden.

    Find Full Tutorial by City Farmhouse here

    24. Natural Reed Garden Screen Fence

    Natural Reed Garden Screen Fence

    Natural Reed Garden Screen Fence

    Natural reed fence rolls are extremely versatile and durable. They are a great choice for garden screening. You can create a single row of natural reeds to make a short screen, or stack them one on top of the other to make tall privacy fences. You can even use the reed indoors on your walls and ceilings.

    Find the Reed Fence from Amazon AU here

    25. DIY Garden Screen Using Pallets

    Pallets are so versatile. You can build a lot of things out of them. This includes garden screening. The pallets are super easy to work with. Here is a quick video tutorial that will tell you the basics of creating a wall. I think most people would be able to tackle this project on their own.

    26. Faux Boxwood Garden Screening

    If you love the idea of using hedges for your garden screening, but do not want to wait for the plants to grow, you can create faux boxwood garden screening. I love the look of natural plants, but sometimes time is not on our side.

    If you want an immediate natural look, check out this video tutorial to learn how to make a faux boxwood screen.

    27. DIY Wooden Lattice Privacy Wall

    DIY Wooden Lattice Privacy Wall

    Source: checkinginwithchelsea.com

    Create your garden screening out of wooden lattice panels. The lattice will add some privacy while not blocking off the area entirely. To spruce up the lattice walls, add potted plants along the base and climbing plants to fill the lattice.  

    Find Full Tutorial from Checking In with Chelsea here

    28. DIY Outdoor Privacy Screen

    Are you into woodworking? If you have a table saw, some tools, and basic woodworking knowledge, you can make this chevron inspired privacy fence. You can create a single panel or a long wall. Just follow along with the free video tutorial to see how easy the build actually is.

    If you are looking into getting a table saw then be sure to check out our comprehensive guide on how to choose the best table saws for 2023

    29. Freestanding Screen Enclosure

    Freestanding Screen Enclosure

    Freestanding Screen Enclosure

    Manufactured, freestanding garden screening is quick and easy to install. You can find lots of styles and sizes to match any decor. This freestanding screen has a classic wicker design that is reversible. It is a great choice when you are not looking for something permanent.

    Find the Enclosure from Amazon AU here

    30. Easy Timber Screen

    If you already have a porch or pergola with wooden posts, you can create easy garden screening. To learn just how easy the process is. Watch the video tutorial by Robin Lewis Makes.

    He walks you through preparing the wood and hanging the boards. I really like the simplistic style of this screening.

     31. Plant a Living Wall as Garden Screen

    Plant a living wall using a combination of tall plants, short plants and climbing plants. Then add horizontal plants to create an eye-catching combo. You can even add decorative screening above the plants to create additional height.

    32. Tall Bamboo for Garden Screening

    Do you have room to plant bamboo? Tall plants add shade and privacy. A lot of people are now adding bamboo to their gardens. It is a great plant that can reduce greenhouse gasses. It is easy to grow and a great alternative to wood. Just note, some varieties of bamboo are aggressive. So, you will need to thin the plants out every few years.

    33. Garden Screen Fence with IKEA Twig 

    Garden Screen Fence with IKEA Twig

    Source: artsyprettyplants.com

    Make your garden screening out of twigs. This is an economical idea that is easy to do. And there are always twigs lying around everyone. You can even ask your neighbours for theirs. If you do not have enough twigs, you can always buy them at craft stores and even IKEA.

    Find Full Tutorial from Artsy Pretty Plants here

    34. HDPE Fabric Garden Screening

    HDPE Fabric Garden Screening

    HDPE Fabric Garden Screening

    If you do not like the look of a chained linked fence or other classic garden screening options, install fabric screening. The fence is easy to install using zip ties to fasten the grommets to fence posts.

    It is made from a breathable fabric that allows water and air to go through. The fabric garden screening does not require maintenance.

    Find the Fabric Screen from Amazon AU here

    35. Horizontal Panels

    Instead of installing vertical garden screening, create a screen using horizontal panels. You can stain the panels, leave them natural, or paint them. The panels will add some privacy, while the gaps provide ventilation. Horizontal lines will also elongate your garden, making it look bigger.

    That's Our Round-up Of Garden Screening Ideas

    Garden screening should add to the aesthetics of your property. It should never take away from it. I hope my list has inspired you to get outside and get busy working on your garden screening project.

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