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10 Best Garden Sheds | Australian Buying Guide 2022

Anyone familiar with unspoken allotment lore will know that anybody found in somebody else’s garden shed will be immediately sacrificed to the garden gods. Sheds are one of the most sacred spaces in a gardener’s world. 

When you’re looking for a new shed, you’re looking for more than walls and roof, whether you know it or not. The best garden sheds are the ones that double up as studios, writing rooms, potting sheds, and personal havens. 

Sheds are places to escape and exist in true connection to your garden. As such, this guide to the best garden sheds is unashamedly biassed towards sheds with windows, because what’s the point of a shed if you can’t see the world from it?


Best Garden Shed for 2022

What is a Garden Shed?

What is a Garden Shed

For me, a garden shed is far more than a place to store my tools, it’s a place to write, earn a living, plan ahead and start my annual food production journey.

Every year I spend at least two weeks in spring staring at a makeshift calendar on the shed wall with a pack of multicoloured pens, drawing up plans for each of the veggie beds, and for the most coveted additions to the flower borders (this year it’s gypsophila - a reliable plant that I’m hoping will line the path and create a bright white evening runway between the pond and the sheds).

Fundamentally though, a shed is four walls, a roof, a door, and whatever you make of it. Every shed comes with its own limitations, but whatever amount you’re looking to spend, it’s all about how you make it your own afterwards that really counts.

How to Install a Garden Shed

How to Install a Garden Shed

Any shed needs proper footing and depending on the shed you buy, there are a few different ways to make it work but, fundamentally, you want your shed to be on solid ground, and in some cases, raised above it to prevent water ingress.

Timber sheds usually come with pretty poor quality flooring so you’ve got a basic barrier between your tools and the earth, but it’s best to install them on top of concrete or paving slabs and raise them up on breeze blocks to stop them rotting at their base.

For all self-build sheds though, it’s best practice to add some basic foundations to anchor them in against high winds. Some simple posts set in with quick-set concrete will attach to most sheds easily

Alternative Uses for Garden Sheds

When you’re buying a shed you need to take some time to think about exactly why you’re buying it. Are you getting a new shed because you need somewhere to hide your tools, or are you also wanting a space to sit and work?

Maybe start on that book you’ve always wanted to write? Or possibly, you just want a space to sit with a beer at the end of the day or a full-blown yoga studio at the end of the garden?

There’s only one choice for me when it comes to multi-use sheds - double doors. Any shed with double doors gives a sense of generosity and purpose in a garden. All you have left to do is decorate it to suit you.

Even a crowded wall full of neatly displayed tools can look beautiful if it’s kept tidy, so don’t be afraid of throwing off your centre in the middle of yoga.

If you embrace the garden as part of your practice you’ll feel even more connected as a result - after all, gardening and yoga are both intended to connect us to the earth and make more of our existence.

Should I buy a Metal, Timber, or Plastic Shed?

Alternative Uses for Garden Sheds

If you want to really splash out on a shed, you can go all-in with brick, and build your own garden room or summer house, but most of the time, when choosing the right material for your shed, three choices always come out on top for practicality, durability and cost; timber, plastic and metal sheds.

Timber Sheds

Timber sheds have always been a firm favourite for gardeners, but they come with visual limitations - usually supplied with classic orange treatment that stands out like a sore thumb in the garden, but they are adaptable and can be stained or painted to suit you and your garden.

They sit in the middle of plastic and metal sheds in terms of durability and lifespan, and we all know the challenges of keeping timber sheds secure from pests and vermin, but there are ways to secure their defences on a budget.

The only added work when buying a timber shed is that the foundations are much more important. Timber rots so it needs to be elevated above the ground, while other options are usually okay placed directly on paving slabs.

Plastic Sheds

Plastic sheds have traditionally been the least appealing to most gardeners, using virgin plastics to create cheap flimsy sheds, but modern plastic sheds deserve another chance in my humble opinion.

Usually made from recycled plastic and manufactured into durable solid battens, they are often more durable than metal or timber these days.

Plastic sheds will, of course, always look like plastic sheds, but for environmentally conscious gardeners, they are a great way to use recycled plastic and keep it out of the ocean - just make sure it's 100% recycled materials used in manufacture before you buy.

Metal Sheds

To most gardeners, the image conjured by those two words, metal shed, is an agricultural tin construction, usually resigned to the allotment, but there are some truly beautiful contemporary sheds available online that would make any garden neighbours green with envy.

The other benefit of metal sheds is that most are built from highly resilient materials that are highly resistant to rust and warping, unlike old fashioned corrugated steel builds (although there’s something heartwarming about the image of a corrugated shed with a fire pit out front and an ice bucket of beer on the decking.

The Best Types of Shed Roof

Best Garden Shed Reviews

Tin Roof

Tin roofs are supplied with timber, plastic and metal sheds, and are incredibly waterproof. The name ‘tin roof’ can be misleading, as most are stainless steel or coated aluminium, but as you’d expect they can get incredibly hot in full sun. 

If you do buy a tin roof for your existing shed, or a new shed with a tin roof, make sure it’s white to reflect at least some of the sun’s heat, otherwise, you’ll simply not be able to sit in the shed in the height of summer.

Felt Roofs

Felt roofs are the most common roof supplied with timber sheds. they’re also the most likely to get damaged by weather, come apart at the seams, and wear down with time.

If you are buying a shed with a felt roof, ensure it’s either one full sheet covering the entire garden shed roof, or that it’s properly overlapped and sealed at all joints to prevent insects and water from getting in or damaging the edges.

Plastic Roofs

Plastic roofs on sheds are surprisingly resilient, but composites are usually the best choice as thin plastic will easily crack and age in the sun. Thick recycled plastic composite roofs are much longer-lasting and help to insulate the shed from extreme heat and extreme cold.

The only disadvantage of a plastic roof, or plastic shed for that matter, is that you won’t be able to have a stove in there for obvious reasons.

One of our neighbours (who shall remain nameless) bought a composite shed recently, and thought it was a great idea to cosy it up with a wood-burning stove. Within an hour he’d melted a hole in the corner of the shed.

How to Make Your Shed Your Own

Metal and plastic sheds are quite limited in what you can achieve, but nothing is impossible. Think about positioning, making sure you get the maximum amount of light coming in through your shed windows, and then it’s all down to the decor.

The essential garden shed accessory for any practical gardener is a pegboard. The universally accepted organising tool. Invest in a decent pegboard and you’ll easily keep your shed tidy.

For timber sheds though, the world is your oyster. There’s a big fashion for dark colours at the moment, with black sheds said to blend into the garden better, but if you’re going for a nautical themed garden, why not go all out on a blue and white stripe? Or dive into the forest with a rich green matched to the plants around it. 

There’s one shed opposite our allotment plot that I’d happily live the rest of my life in - it’s bright white, with a dual fuel generator, cooker, chimney and bookshelf. So think about colour, think about position in the garden, and don’t be afraid to show off your shed.

How to Secure a Garden Shed

How to Secure a Garden Shed

When you buy a shed, whether it’s for storage or recreation you need to consider security. It’s easy to forget how valuable the contents of a shed can be, with everything from secateurs to lawn mowers stored in there, typically valued at around $1000 worth of garden kit for the average home.

For serious security garden shed alarms are essential, but most gardeners will be ok with a good quality shed padlock. For more information read our full guide to garden shed locks and security where we go into detail on some of the best options to keep your tools and garden kit safe and secure.

Best Garden Shed Reviews

1. Keter Oakland 1175 Garden Shed

Size: 3.5x2.2x2.4m

Keter Oakland 1175 Garden Shed

Other than the composite being manufactured from resin and virgin plastics, there’s very little to criticise about this beautiful shed from Keter.

Keter is a global brand for garden buildings, and as such are stocked in bunnings shed department as well as direct from the manufacturer on Amazon.

The modern materials are used to replicate traditional designs, making this a perfect garden studio or workshop as well as a basic shed.


  • Steel-reinforced frame
  • Easy to install
  • No foundation needed (but advised)
  • No maintenance
  • Windows & skylight included
  • Solid composite walls can be drilled into
  • Solid resin floor


  • Virgin Plastics
  • Heavy parts
Airwave Bideford Wooden Garden Storage Cabinet

Before we found our new house, we lived in small houses, with small gardens, and storage was just something we thought we’d never really be able to achieve, so I’m thrilled with this new trend for mini-sheds, opening up a whole new world of balcony sheds and city garden sheds for small gardens.

This garden shed by Airwave is of great value and solves a problem for thousands of gardeners around Australia, often put off gardening just because there’s no space to store tools in urban spaces.


  • Treated timber to hold up to all weather
  • Half width shelves for long tools and short tool storage options
  • Handy extra shelf in the roof space to make the most of every inch
  • Great Value


  • Small
YardStore Slate Grey Spanbilt Large Garden Shed

Bigger isn’t always better, but in this case… well, look at it! This behemoth of garden sheds could easily be called a stable.

It needs foundations, and a solid floor for full installation, and you’ll need planning permission before you buy it in most of Australia, but imagine all that space!

The things you could do with nearly 15m2 or floor space!


  • Ventilated
  • Reasonable value
  • Easy to install
  • Low maintenance secure
  • Sliding doors
  • Generous storage & working space


  • No windows
  • Requires foundations and/or solid floor
  • Requires Planning permission

4. vidaXL Garden Shed with Rack

Size: 205x130x183cm

vidaXL Garden Shed with Rack

vidaXL have made a name for themselves with good value, good quality garden tools, so I’m pretty sure this shed would last a lifetime. Its sliding door gives easy access, alongside an inbuilt external racking system that gives you space to beautify your storage shed with pot plants and garden ornaments.

My only problem with it is that it doesn’t have any windows. On a practical note, fewer windows = more storage, but I can’t imagine installing a shed I couldn’t see out of.


  • Galvanised Iron with plastic joins should last well beyond its guarantee
  • Good value
  • Lightweight & easy to install
  • No foundations required
  • Ventilated
  • Internal & external storage
  • Easy to secure


  • Virgin plastics
  • No windows
  • Iron might rust if galvanised surface wears
Giantz Galvanized Steel Garden Storage Shed

With double sliding doors, this is an incredibly secure shed. It’s more lightweight than the vidaXL and easier to install with a single pitch roof and air vents installed in the galvanised fascia board.

Obviously, it’s on the smaller side of garden sheds, but for small gardens to store tools in a subtle way without wanting to bring focus to your garden structures, it’s an easy way to keep everything tidy.


  • Sturdy build
  • Ventilated
  • Easy installation
  • No foundations required
  • Reasonable value


  • Limited storage space
  • Galvanised steel rather than stainless is more likely to corrode over time
  • Virgin plastic
  • No windows
vidaXL Garden Shed with Sliding Doors

I don’t often find myself coveting a windowless shed, but I love the industrial appeal of this metal shed from vidaXL.

Its wide sliding door lets light flood in, but more importantly, it comes with an in-built awning so you can create your rural terrace to sit out, cook or just shade delicate plants from full sun.

Plus, and this is important, it’s huge, with over 6m2 of floor space and a 1.8m ceiling it’s probably the biggest shed you can build without planning permission in Australia.


  • Timber & Steel Construction
  • Sliding doors
  • Easy installation
  • Sturdy build
  • Ventilated


  • No windows
  • Requires foundation / solid floor
vidaXL Garden Shed with Extended Roof

If you’re going to buy a garden shed with the sole intention of sitting outside it with a beer and bbq, this is pretty perfect. It’s got a sort of industrial beach vibe to it, that I can’t get over.

If it had windows I’d be raving even more. The ample storage and sturdy build make this a really practical garden building alongside its open options for domestic use. 

I prefer timber sheds, but the subtlety of the black galvanised steel helps this blend into the background and gives all sorts of options for adding trellis and hanging baskets to add a personal touch.


  • Galvanised steel
  • Simple construction
  • Loads of storage
  • Outdoor space
  • Ventilated


  • No windows
  • Large panels require two people to install
  • Needs foundations and/or solid floor to secure down

8. Tidyard Wooden Garden Tool Shed

Size: 1.4x0.6x1.6m

Tidyard Wooden Garden Tool Shed

This basic shed is perfect for small spaces but does require treating when you buy it, so factor in that added cost, and because it’s timber, it’s worth raising its feet off the ground to prolong its life.

It comes with a shelf included for instant storage, but can easily be added to with extra shelving for easily accessible storage, thanks to its double doors that open out the full width of the shed.


  • Simple compact shed
  • Secure
  • No foundations needed


  • Pine needs treating
  • Rough join on the roof felt
  • Poor value
  • No windows
  • No ventilation

9. vidaXL Garden Storage Shed

Size: 2x1.3x1.8m

vidaXL Garden Storage Shed

vidaXL’s compact galvanised garden shed does what it says on the tin. It’s basic, but sometimes that’s all you need. 

Like all vidaXL garden sheds they’re really easy to secure and an excellent choice if you’ve got a host of expensive tools that you need to keep safe.


  • Ventilated
  • Great value
  • Easy to install
  • Low maintenance
  • Secure
  • Sliding doors


  • No Windows
  • Required foundations and/or solid floor

10. vidaXL Garden Workshop

Size: 2.5x3.9x1.8m

vidaXL Garden Workshop

For something a little bigger, the garden workshop by vidaXL gives plenty of space for storage, and blends right into the background in the garden, easily settling in against trees at the end of the garden, or up against the house for quick access.

Like most galvanised sheds, it’s windowless so relies on natural light bouncing off its high sheen internal finish during the day, but for a practical solution for the practical gardener, it’s a good solid shed, built to last, with loads of storage space.


  • Ventilated
  • Great value
  • Easy to install
  • Low maintenance secure
  • Sliding doors
  • Generous storage & working space


  • No windows
  • Requires foundations and/or solid floor

Our Top Picks- Best Garden Sheds Australia

Best Garden Shed for 2022

Top Rated Best Garden Shed in Australia
Keter Oakland 1175 Garden Shed

With its sturdy composite panelling, the Keter 1175 Garden Shed will last a lifetime, and with the added value of simple windows you’ll have easily enough light to work during the day, and a great set or doors to open out into the garden. 

If you’re going to invest in a shed, you need to be thinking long-term, so while composite might not feel as wholesome as timber, this is a solid construction using design tricks from traditional shed builds with the added comfort of never needing to worry about rot and decay, with thick composite walls that rodents and wildlife will find near impossible to break through.

Keter’s garden shed is also incredibly simple to secure and safe for electrics, meaning you can easily run cables through the garden (either underground or along the fence) to keep you working - or playing - well into the evening.

Best Value Garden Shed 

Best Value Garden Shed in Australia
Airwave Bideford Wooden Garden Storage Cabinet

For most of us living in cities, dreams of shed life are massively limited by the size of our gardens, but the Airwave Bideford Garden Shed Cabinet would be perfect for balcony gardens, or tiny yards, and while you’ll never be able to hide yourself away, it’s planned well inside so you’ll be able to store the majority of your garden tools securely.

Premium Choice Garden Shed

Premium Choice Garden Shed in Australia
YardStore Slate Grey Spanbilt Large Garden Shed

Yardstore sell their garden workshops in a range of colours so the usual fear when buying metal sheds is taken away, knowing you can adapt to the rest of your garden - especially with such a gigantic monolith of a shed like the YardStore Slate Grey Spanbilt Workshop.

There aren’t any other sheds this big in a similar price range online, so you get amazing value for money. I’ve lived in houses smaller than this, so you certainly won’t be short of space, and the fully galvanised steel means it’ll hold up to the elements too.

Garden Shed FAQs

What type of garden shed is best?

There’s no ‘best garden shed’ that someone can advise because it comes down to taste, and ultimately, what looks good in your outdoor space. However, for longevity, recycled plastic composite sheds will be the most long lasting. Metal and timber sheds have a unique appeal though, and a much wider range of designs.

What’s the right price for a garden shed?

An average shed will set you back around $500, with bigger sheds coming in at up to $3000-4000 depending on build quality materials, and size. The more you spend, the more you get though.

Sheds are one of the few products where prices really do equate to quality. For timber sheds in particular, more expensive sheds use better quality timber.

What size shed will require planning permission?

Garden sheds with a floor area larger than 10m2, or over 2.4m tall will need planning permission in Australia. Any garden building over 10m2 floor area, or over 2.4m tall automatically requires planning permission, and you should always check local planning restrictions before planning even small sheds for your garden.

What kind of foundations do sheds need?

Garden sheds need solid foundations. For basic sheds, this can be as simple as providing a flat bed of hardcore, topped with paving slabs, but for larger buildings burying their corners into the earth and setting in concrete is essential so prevent rocking, and subsidence (one average bag of quick-set concrete per post).

Get that Extra Needed Space with the Best Garden Shed for 2022

Since some time in the 1990s, the fashion for most gardeners was to cover their shed with trellis, honeysuckle, or hedging, and hide it from view to add a functional object at the back of the garden, but there’s a wonderful renaissance amongst shed lovers that is quickly bringing them back out of the shadows and into full view.

Sheds can be really useful to help define the character of a garden. A crisp black walled metal shed cements contemporary vision into modern spaces, while shingle clad cedar structures become like miniature cottages in themselves, and actively attracting wildlife and invertebrates to nest in their crevices.

I’m in no way going to try and steer you towards one shed in particular, because this is a personal choice, but there are some brilliant garden sheds available right now.

Best Garden Sheds Australian Buying Guide

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