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Garden Shed Locks and Security Guide | How to Properly Secure Your Garden Shed

Good gardening equipment isn’t cheap and it’s portability makes it a target for thieves. Some of it is pretty dangerous too, especially if you have young children. That means that it’s important to put good shed security such as garden shed locks and alarm systems in place for your peace of mind.

As any keen Australian gardener knows, high-quality tools and equipment are essential to creating and maintaining a beautiful outdoor space.


Best Shed Security Alarm System in Australia 2022

Top Rated Best Shed Security Alarm System in Australia
Reolink 8CH 5MP PoE Home Security Camera System

Best Garden Shed Lock in Australia 2022

Top Rated Best Shed Security Lock in Australia
ABUS Diskus Plus Padlock

Best Garden Shed Locks in Australia

Best Shed Security Alarm System in Australia

To keep them in good condition, they need to be safely stored out of the elements, and that means setting up a garden shed.

Here's what to do.

Buy or Build a Good Quality Garden Shed

Buy or Build a Good Quality Garden Shed

Your shed should be a shelter that can withstand the elements, insects, thieves and kids alike, keeping your equipment dry and safe for many years to come, and that means one thing and one thing only – great build quality. Look for the following indicators of a solid shed:

  • Quality materials – Flimsy sheds can be damaged quickly by thieves and won’t last long in the weather either. Your shed should have good structural integrity (it shouldn’t bend when you push on it or feel like it could collapse), be solidly built and use good quality materials.

    You may consider using metal or resin as your shed’s main material. Metal is cheaper but is also vulnerable to harsh weather and rust. Resin sheds (a.k.a. vinyl sheds) are tough and light.

    However, it may not offer the decorative options that metal or wooden sheds do.
  • Solid door hinges – These are often the weak point in shed construction, so look for a shed that has a solidly framed door and one way screws that can’t be removed.

    You can upgrade your shed door hinges with longer nuts and bolts or one way screws yourself in some cases.
  • Secure roof base – Another common weak point is where the roof meets the walls. Make sure you have a solid, fairly heavy roof that can’t be shifted easily.

    Close any gaps between the walls and the roof to prevent pests from getting in.

As with anything else, you get what you pay for when you buy a garden shed, so be prepared to pay a little extra for better materials and construction if you want your shed to last.

You’ve invested a lot in your garden tools and equipment, so don’t leave them vulnerable in a flimsy shed.

Reinforce Your Shed Door

shed security should be a shelter that can withstand the elements, insects, thieves and kids alike

The easiest way into your shed is through the door. Make sure that it’s so secure that you are the only one that can come and go. There are 2 kinds of shed doors, framed and unframed.

Generally, framed doors are harder to break into as the frame adds more strength. The best kind of lock for framed doors is the mortise (also called mortice) lock.

A mortise lock is fitted within the body of the door in a recess, which is less obtrusive and more secure. If you have an unframed door, you can use several kinds of shed door locks.

A simple hasp-and-staple door lock is the easiest to install and also the least secure. Pad bolts and rim locks are viable solutions, but neither can beat a framed door with a high quality lock for garden sheds.

Secure Access Points and Position for Privacy

When selecting or building a shed, consider potential access points and how to secure them. If you want a shed with windows, choose small windows with a thick Perspex rather than glass, and use a blind to prevent anyone from seeing inside.

The most secure option is to not have any windows at all, and use your door to provide light and air circulation for when you are working in your shed.

This will hide your expensive gardening equipment, bicycles and other outdoor items from view and help prevent anyone from getting any ideas about stealing them.

The less people can see, the more the chances of an opportunistic crime are reduced.

Choose a Private Position for Shed Security

If possible, position your shed so that it’s out of view of anyone passing by. It should ideally be away from easy garden access points or flimsy fences.

Don’t put it in a very secluded part of your garden, however, as this can make it easy for thieves to spend time in the shed removing all your equipment without being noticed.

You want it somewhere where you can check on it easily from your home, but where it’s out of sight from the road or access points.

Be Careful What You Store Inside Your Shed

Another good shed security tip is to be careful about what you store inside your shed

Another good shed security tip is to be careful about what you store inside your shed. In some cases, it may be better to keep certain tools indoors or in a garage where you have a full security system.

This includes items like ladders, wrenches, hammers, screwdrivers and other items that can be used to break into your home or as weapons.

Secure Items Inside the Shed

Never underestimate a thief’s resourcefulness. If he wants in, he’s in. But even if he does, make sure he doesn’t go out with anything in his hands. You can hide small tools in a locked steel cabinet or in a concealed storage bin.

Larger items like bikes, lawn mowers, or leaf blowers can be chained and padlocked to concrete floors with the help of expandable screws.

Install an Alarm Shed Security System

Installing a basic alarm system has become a necessary shed security measure if you are storing expensive items like patio furniture, gardening equipment, bicycles and sports gear.

Alarm systems for sheds aren’t as fancy as home security systems, but they do the job. Shed alarm systems are usually made of a door contact, high-decibel siren and sometimes a motion sensor.

The downside of such alarm systems is that it sounds only when the thief has managed to break in. The siren may encourage some thieves to run away empty-handed, but some may ignore it.

Which is why, along with an alarm system, you should also employ the precautions mentioned. An outdoor security camera in your home facing the shed is also a good solution.

It will help you monitor your shed along with other parts of your house with minimal additional expense. If you have a shed, you can try to discuss it with your home security provider and ask them for help designing a solution.

Don’t Overdo Your Shed Security System

vidaXL Garden Shed

Source: Amazon

Good shed security systems are about being discreet. If you put up security cameras, an obvious alarm system or a really expensive-looking lock on the door, criminals are going to immediately think that there is something worth stealing inside! 

Their determination is directly proportional to the price they’re looking at. Even if you have enough security, a determined thief might still be able to break in if there’s something he really wants. 

That’s why, going back to the 2nd item, it is better to use a framed door with mortise lock vs. unframed door with multiple padlocks visible from the outside.

Best Garden Shed Locks Australia 2022

This steel shed lock is constructed to resist attacks from saws, drill, pull and manipulation (lock picking) attacks, and the anti-cut plate fully protects the lock mechanism itself.

It’s 70mm in size and is resistant to fine dust, rusting and severe weather conditions.

It’s priced well and doesn’t look too flashy, and it’s solid construction is a good deterrent for thieves.

This garden shed lock is manufactured specifically for outdoor use and is resistant to harsh environment conditions, from ice to dust to grease and grime.

It has a six-pin cylinder that makes it virtually impossible to pick and is made from a hardened boron alloy to make it very resistant to cutting and saw attacks. 

If you prefer a deadbolt solution as a garden shed lock, then this is one of the best options on the market.

Easy to install even onto existing standard pre-drilled doors and available in a number of different finishes.

This universal deadbolt is available as a 5-pin or 6-pin tumbler that comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Best Shed Security Systems Australia 2022

This shed security system displays in a 2560 × 1920 HD image, giving users with crystal-clear footage 24 hours a day. 

It also has night vision capability which provides a clear display for up to 100ft.

SimpliSafe home security system has a  has a 90 degree field of vision and motion sensors detect motion reaching up to 30 feet.

All you need to do is plug in the base station, place the sensors, connect the Simplicam and your home is protected within minutes. 

JOOAN 1080p Wireless Surveillance Camera System lets you to watch live video remotely anytime and anywhere with your phone or tablet. (Available for IOS & Android system).

With warranty and life time technical support, you will surely enjoy and feel safe with this security system. 

JOOAN Surveillance and Security Camera System have motion detection technology that outlines and identifies motion with both live stream and replay features. 

It is perfect to install anywhere you wish in your house, garden, outside yard, shed, front door & garage.

ZOSI security camera system lets you add 4 more different cameras on your own letting you customize your unique ZOSI Security System.

You can get live stream or playback using the free ZOSI Client software on Windows or Mac. As well as watch on your mobile devices both android & IOS. 

Best Garden Shed Lock for 2022

Top Rated Best Shed Security Lock in Australia
ABUS Diskus Plus Padlock

The ABUS 20/70 Diskus Shed Padlock is our pick as the best garden shed lock for 2022! The hardened steel alloy and circular design make it very challenging to cut through or manipulate, and it’s designed to resist saw attacks.

The anti-cut plate provides 360-degree lock protection, and is highly resistant to drill attacks, pull attacks, and cylinder damage, while the lock retains the key until the locking mechanism is activated, so you can’t accidentally leave it unlocked. It’s designed for use in tough conditions including dusty and very cold areas.

Best Shed Security Alarm System for 2022

Top Rated Best Shed Security Alarm System in Australia
Reolink 8CH 5MP PoE Home Security Camera System

There’s no beating the Reolink PoE Home Security Camera System, which is why we’ve chosen it as our top pick for best shed security system for 2022! It offers a high-quality high-definition display (2560 x 1920) for sharp footage, has a night vision feature for security after dark that offers a flawless display for up to 30 meters in front of the camera.

This system is an ideal combination of home and shed security, and is easy to install thanks to the plug-and-play PoE system. It offers 2TB of HDD storage (10 day capacity), remote playback, and can work with up to 8 Reolink PoE, bullet or dome cameras.

Secure Your Australian Garden Shed with the Best Shed Locks or Garden Security Systems

Unfortunately, opportunistic crimes occur in every Australian neighbourhood, and having the right shed security solutions as well as positioning your shed correctly and choosing a shed that is solidly built is key to keeping your gardening equipment, sports equipment and outdoor belongings safe.

In addition, a secure shed with a quality garden shed lock is essential for protecting children from dangerous equipment, pool chemicals and insecticides.

By following these tips and investing in high quality shed locks and security alarm products, you’ll be able to keep everything safe and sound.

Shed Security Guide How to Properly Secure Your Garden Shed

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  1. The scope of shed alarms is really as wide as home criminal alerts and bolts – the type of security system you choose to introduce is totally taking into account your possessions, the area of your shed and your level of uneasiness concerning robbery. Also, they incorporate a Magnetic Contact which will trigger the caution when two contact pieces, that are introduced on the entryway, are dismantled when the door or gate is opened.

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