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10 Best Electric Lawn Mowers | Australian Buying Guide 2022

Electric lawn mowers are a modern solution to traditional petrol powered lawn mowers, and these powerful machines are well-suited to working small and medium-sized gardens, keeping your lawn lush and neat.

In our Australian Buying Guide for 2022, we’re taking a look at the best electric lawn mowers on the market, as well as answering questions on how to choose the right model, maintain it and use your electric lawn mower safely.


Why Should You Buy an Electric Lawn Mower?

a man using an electric mower

Source: Amazon

  • Quiet operation – These lawn mowers are significantly quiet when compared to petrol lawn mowers, operating at about 75 decibels, which is approximately the same noise level as a normal conversation.

    This protects your hearing and makes this chore a lot more enjoyable for you and your neighbours.
  • Low maintenance – These machines are almost completely maintenance-free. Aside from cleaning it off after using it and replacing blades as needed, electric lawn mowers are hassle-free.
  • Easy operation – There’s no need to buy, store or mix fuels, and you won’t run out of fuel either.
  • Lightweight – As they don’t have that heavy motor and fuel tank, electric lawn mowers are smaller and lighter than petrol models. This makes them easy to transport and manoeuvre, making mowing the lawn fast and strain-free.
  • Eco-friendly – These mowers emit no fumes or greenhouse gasses, and they don’t use fossil fuels, making them a great choice for homeowners conscious of climate change, pollution and their carbon footprint.
  • Affordable – Using electricity is substantially cheaper than fuelling your petrol lawn mower, and you save even more down the line as you don’t need to pay for engine tune-ups/servicing, oil, spark plug and fuel filter replacements either.

The Different Types of Electric Lawn Mower

When you want to buy an electric lawn mower, you’ll have to choose between two types – corded and battery lawn mowers.

Corded electric lawn mowers 

These mowers are continuously supplied with electricity via an electric cord that can plug into any outlet in your home. They are usually lighter and more affordable than battery lawn mowers.

You can extend the range of this mower easily for larger gardens by adding on a rated extension cord, but there is the hassle of dragging a cord behind you that can snag on bushes and landscaping.

Battery lawn mower  

Also called a cordless lawn mower, battery lawn mowers solve the issue of having to drag a cord behind you, giving you complete freedom and full range when you are mowing.

They tend to be a bit heavier and a bit more expensive because of the batteries, and you will also have to charge and possibly recharge the battery when mowing.

You will also have to replace the batteries every 5 years or so as they lose their ability to hold a charge over time. Here are some tips on how to maintain your lawn mower batteries.

a man carrying an electric lawn mower

Source: Amazon

Which is Better – Corded Electric Lawn Mower or Cordless Mower?

Both mowers have their pros and cons, and it’s all about seeing what is right for you and your garden.

Pros of Corded Electric Lawn Mowers

  • Lightweight and easy to manoeuvre
  • Constant, unlimited power supply
  • Lower cost
  • Runs at full power all the time

Cons of Corded Electric Lawn Mowers:

  • Range is limited by cord length
  • Cord can get run over to tangled in plants and landscaping

Best Suited To:

The best corded electric lawn mowers are best suited to smaller to medium-sized gardens where the lawn can be covered by the range of the cord (or the cord plus an extension cord), where you have an easily accessible outlet, and where you need more power to cut through tall/thick grass.

Pros of Cordless Lawn Mowers:

  • Unlimited range
  • Increased mobility (don’t have to constantly watch out for a cord)
  • Similar experience to using a petrol lawn mower

Cons of Cordless Lawn Mowers:

  • Limited operating time depending on the battery capacity
  • Heavier due to the weight of the battery
  • Higher cost due to the batteries
  • Slightly more maintenance (charging the batteries, replacing them after their lifespan has run out
cordless lawn mower

Source: Amazon

Best Suited To:

The best battery lawn mowers are well-suited to medium-sized gardens or gardens with more complex landscaping where cords can get damaged or tangled.

It’s also a good choice for people who are familiar with petrol lawn mowers and want a similar experience. If you do consider a battery lawn mower, try to get one that offers a spare battery so you can swap out easily while you work.

Remember, the higher the voltage on the battery, the more powerful the mower will be.

How to Maintain Your Electric Mower

Electric lawn mowers don’t need oil, spark plugs, air filters or petrol, but they do need a little maintenance to stay in perfect condition.

  • Cleaning – Remove the battery and/or safety key and use a soft, damp cloth to remove any dirt and debris in the undercarriage and blade.

    Wear protective gloves to prevent injury from the blade or use a blower/air compressor to blow out the debris. Do not use a pressure washer or lots of water, as this can force moisture into the motor and cause corrosion.
  • Battery and cord – Check the battery and cord for wear and damage before you use your mower. There should be no exposed wires on your mower cord.

    Always store your battery and mower in a dry location to extend the lifespan. With proper care, a battery should last 5 years.
Pros of corded electric lawn mowers

Source: Amazon

How Long Do Electric Lawn Mowers Last?

This depends on the quality of the machine, as well as how you use and maintain it. Generally, you can expect an electric lawn mower to last 10 years with normal use.

The best battery lawn mowers will usually last around 5 years before you need to purchase replacement batteries.

Are Electric Lawn Mowers Reliable?

Yes, they are very reliable – especially when you buy a quality machine and maintain it well. Fortunately, electric mowers require very little maintenance! All you need to do is clean it after using it.

Is it Safe to Cut Wet Grass with an Electric Mower?

It’s best not to cut your grass when it is wet, regardless of what type of lawn mower you have. That’s because you can damage the lawn mower because of the additional strain that cutting through thick, bent over grass puts on the machine.

It will also clog up the lawn mower and won’t mulch well. Mowing wet grass can also damage your lawn, as the soft, slippery soil can cause the mower to sink in and rip out the roots of the grass.

An electric mower presents additional risks to you, as you risk electrical shock.

Are Electric Mowers Powerful Enough?

While they are not as powerful as petrol lawn mowers, both corded and battery lawn mowers have enough power to tackle any lawn with ease, even if the grass is thick and tall.

If you have a more challenging garden and want a cordless model, look for a machine with a higher voltage battery (around 80 volts) to deliver the most cutting power.

10 Best Electric Lawn Mowers for 2022

1. Ryobi One+ Battery Lawn Mower 
Best Battery Lawn Mower in Australia

Ryobi One+ Lawn Mower

Source: Amazon

One of the most affordable yet powerful battery lawn mowers on the market, this model has a practical 40cm cutting width that’s a great choice for small to medium-sized gardens with around 400 square meters of lawn.

It can handle thick grass with ease and produces good quality mulch. One of the best things about this mower is that it is very lightweight at 14kg and easy to use, so anyone can mow the lawn without breaking into a sweat.

Although the battery has a 2 hour charge time, you get two batteries with your mower so you can swap out without waiting, with each battery lasting about 40 minutes.

The cutting height adjusts between 20-70mm, and it’s single bar blade allows you to cut right up close to walls and fencing. 

POWERWORKS 60V 21-inch SP Mower

Source: Amazon

This cordless mower is powered by a 60 volt battery, giving you a run-time of around 45 minutes per charge. Due to the batteries, the mower is heavier at 35kgs, but it’s still manageable and easily manoeuvrable.

With a wide 57 cm cutting deck, this mower is ideal for medium to larger gardens of up to ¾ acre. It has a useful 3-in-1 design, allowing you to mulch, rear bag or side discharge cuttings easily, and the cutting height is easily adjustable.

It stores vertically to help save space when not in use, and comes with an impressive 4 year warranty.

WORX WG779 40V Power Share Mower

Source: Amazon

The Worx WG779 is a cordless mower powered by a 40V battery, giving it the ability to mow over 500 square meters of lawn on a single charge.

Conveniently, this mower comes with two 4.0Ah lithium ion batteries, allowing you to double your mowing time without having to wait while recharging.

It’s 2-in-1 design allows you to mulch or discharge at the rear as well as mow, and it has an easily-accessible lever for adjusting cutting height.

It also has some great additional features including intellicut technology to deliver power on demand, foam-padded handles for comfort, and battery power level indicators.

Bosch Lawn Mower ARM 37

Source: Amazon

This corded electric lawn mower is a push lawn mower with a 1400W motor, a 40 litre grass catchment box, and a 10m cord. It has a 37cm cutting width and, with its grass combs, it can cut very precisely along tight borders and flowerbeds.

You can adjust the cutting height easily between 20-70mm. It’s ergonomic and lightweight design (12.5 kgs) make it easy to use without straining your back, and the handles fold away for easy storage too. It comes with a warranty of 2 years.

Sun Joe iON16LM

Source: Amazon

With a brushless motor powered by 40 volt batteries, this lawn mower is efficient, quiet and capable. Ideal for smaller lawns and easy terrain as it has no self-propulsion features, this compact mower has a 40cm cutting width that makes manoeuvring tight spaces easy.

The main benefits of this mower is its small size, lightweight and affordable cost. It’s a no frills, no fuss mower that lacks mulching capabilities, but offers a push-button start, ergonomic handles and an easily adjustable cutting height between 45-80mm.

It folds up for easy storage and offers a running time of around 40 minutes per battery, cutting approximately 700 square meters on a single charge.

Black+Decker BEMWH551

Source: Amazon

This corded electric mower has a unique hover design where its mower glides over the lawn on an inflated cushion, making it ideal for small or sloping/uneven lawns of up to 250 square meters in size.

It has a narrow cutting width of 30cm for manoeuvrability in tight corners and a cord of 10 meters for cutting range.

You get 3 different cutting positions between 20-40mm as well as 10 replacement blades for easy maintenance. It folds easily to save space, and weighs just 7.52kgs.

Swift 40V Brushless Cordless Lawnmower

Source: Amazon

Weighing just 13kgs, this is one of the lightest cordless electric mowers on the market. It has a narrow cutting width of 32cm, making it easy to reach into tight corners.

Using metal blades and a powerful 40 volt battery, this mower is efficient and handles different grass types with ease.

You can adjust your cutting height between 5 different options ranging from 20-60mm, making it easy to work on any terrain, even if your lawn is uneven or sloped.

It comes with a battery, charger and 30 litre grass box as well as a 2 year machine warranty and 1 year battery warranty. You can cut up to 250 square meters on a single charge.

Greenworks 21-Inch Lawn Mower

Source: Amazon

This is a battery-powered self-propelled mower that makes mowing your lawn easy on your back. With a cutting width of 53cm and a 40 volt battery, it can make short work of your lawn.

You get 7 different settings for cutting height ranging from 35-95mm as well as a 3-in-1 steel cutting deck offering mulching, discharge and bagging capabilities.

The turbo power mode allows you to cut very thick grass with ease and the handles are comfortable and ergonomically designed.

It is ideal for gardens around ½ to ¾ of an acre and comes with a 4 year warranty on both the machine and the battery.

Swift 40V EB137CD Cordless Lawnmower

Source: Amazon

Another good quality offering from Swift is the 40V battery-powered EB137CD. With a larger cutting width of 37cm, this mower has a steel cutting blade and an advanced digital motor to enhance efficiency.

One full charge will easily cut 250 square meters of lawn, and the 25-75mm cutting height allows you to mow all terrains with ease.

It comes with a 40 litre grass box, child lock and foldable frame for easy storage. It has a 2 year warranty on the machine and a 1 year warranty on the battery.

It weighs 21.5kgs, making transport and handling easy.

Greenworks 16-Inch 40V Cordless Lawn Mower

Source: Amazon

A very compact machine from Greenworks, this battery-powered mower is ideal for small to medium-sized lawns and where storage is at a premium.

It has a narrow cutting width of 40cm, allowing you to mow into tighter spaces, and 5 height settings ranging between 30-80mm for cutting on every type of terrain, including uneven or sloping lawns.

It offers rear-bagging and mulching capabilities and can handle all grass types easily. In terms of operating time, the powerful 4Ah battery runs for approximately 45 minutes per charge.

Our Top Pick – Best Battery Lawn Mower Australia

Top Rated Best Electric Lawn Mower in Australia
The Best Electric Lawn Mower of 2021

Source: Amazon

The Ryobi One+ Battery Lawn Mower is our best electric lawn mower for 2022 for a number of great reasons.

It is exceptionally affordable while still offering great cutting power and useful feature.

It is exceptionally affordable while still offering great cutting power and useful features, including mulching capabilities, an adjustable cutting height of 20-70mm, and the ability to mow right up close to flower beds and fences for a neat finish.

It’s lightweight at just 14kgs, and it can cut up to 400 square meters of lawn in one charge, which is perfect for most gardens.

Impressively, it also comes with 2 batteries, which is fantastic value for money and allows you to double your running time without any hassle, making it one of the best battery lawn mowers around.

Enjoy Having the Best Electric Lawn Mower for Your Garden!

Electric corded and cordless lawn mowers offer so many benefits, from their quiet operation and low maintenance requirements to their affordability, not to mention that they’re really eco-friendly too. 

The biggest choice to make is between a corded and cordless model, with corded models offering reliable, constant cutting power while the best battery lawn mowers give you the best range and free movement.

Don't want to use a push lawn mower? You can either use a riding lawn mower or automate your lawn mowing with a robot lawn mower.

Remember to keep your mower clean and dry, and it will last you a long time. We hope you got all the information you need to buy the best electric lawn mower for your garden!

Best Electric Lawn Mowers Australian Buying Guide

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