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10 Best Petrol Lawn Mowers | Australian Buying Guide 2022

Are you considering a petrol lawn mower for your garden or landscaping business? Here’s some advice on what to look for when buying a new mower, as well as reviews on the best petrol lawn mowers in Australia for 2022.


Why Buy a Petrol Lawn Mower?

best petrol lawn mowers in Australia


Petrol means power, so these mowers have stayed popular even as battery-powered and electric lawn mowers have started eating into the market.

When it comes to cutting dense lawn growth and tougher species, this is a great workhorse.


As the most traditional type of powered mower, petrol lawn mowers have a huge amount of variety. You can buy a relatively small, lightweight model, a self-propelled or manually propelled mower, or even a riding mower – all with the same powerful engine.

Convenient operation  

Petrol mowers have no cord, don’t need any charging time, and can run as long as they have fuel, so they can go anywhere and work for as long as you need.

This is a great feature if you have a large lawn area or a landscaping business and you need to be able to ensure that the mower can go further from an outlet and keep running through multiple jobs.

However, there are drawbacks to consider. Petrol mowers require fueling and maintenance, including a regular annual service. They emit fumes and use fossil fuel, which is not good for the environment.

They are pretty noisy to run, which may not be ideal for your ears or your neighbours, and they tend to be heavier to handle because of the engine weight.

What to Consider When Buying a Petrol Lawn Mower

Petrol mowers have no cord, don’t need any charging time, and can run as long as they have fuel, so they can go anywhere and work for as long as you need

Lawn size

These mowers are best-suited to medium to large-size lawns – about 500-700 square meters of grass or more, or for professional landscaping use.

Cutting width 

A wide cutting width means you make fewer passes to mow the lawn, but it can mean that you can have problems getting into mow tighter spaces, and that the mower is heavier. Take a look at different cutting widths to see what suits your lawn configuration.

Generally, a 46cm cutting width is recommended for lawns under 1,000 square meters in size, 55cm cutting widths for lawns between 1,000 and 2,500 square meters, and 66cm cutting widths for lawns bigger than 2,500 square meters.

Cutting height 

The cutting height should be adjustable so that you can easily accommodate different mowing techniques, climate and grass species.

Generally, cutting height for walk behind mowers are adjustable between 15-90mm, and 30-911mm for ride on mowers.

Push or Self-propelled

A push mower is one you have to drive forward yourself, as the engine only drives the cutting functions. This means that more effort is required from you, but they do tend to be lighter in weight.

A self-propelled mower will move itself forward with you guiding it’s direction, which is a great feature if you have a sloped or uneven lawn. It’s also a good idea if you have a much larger lawn, as it will help prevent fatigue and complete the job faster.

What to Consider When Buying a Petrol Lawn Mower

Source: Amazon

Walk behind or ride on 

Walk behind mowers are the most common because they are much more affordable. However, ride on mowers are very comfortable to use, especially if you have back pain or need to mow areas of 1500 square meters or more.

Mulching capabilities

Mulching capabilities are great in a petrol lawnmower, taking away the hassle of collecting and dumping or composting grass clippings.

Instead, mulching blades cut the grass clippings into fine slivers that fall down into the lawn as you mow, keeping your lawn looking neat and returning nutrients directly to the soil.

Electric start 

Rather than having a traditional pull start cord, many new petrol mowers have an electric start button for convenience.  

The 10 Best Petrol Lawn Mowers in Australia for 2022

PowerBlade 18-Inch Self-Propelled Mower

Source: Amazon

This self-propelled mower is reasonably priced at around $350, offering a 4-stroke 175cc engine and high-grade steel cutting deck.

The mower isn’t too heavy at 35kgs, but this isn’t a problem because the engine moves the mower forward, taking a lot of the manual strain out of mowing – especially on sloped lawns.

It has a large grass catchment container, a choice between side or rear discharge, 7 cutting height settings between 25-75mm, cutting width of 45cm, mulching capabilities and even cupholders!

Baumr-AG 720SX 4-Stroke Petrol Lawn Mower

Source: Amazon

Very affordably priced at under $250, this mower is powered by a 139 cc 4-stroke engine and steel cutting desk that can slice through even the toughest grass.

It’s oversized wheels make it easy to use on uneven lawns, and the cutting height can be adjusted to 7 settings ranging from 25-75mm. It’s pretty lightweight for a push mower at 21kgs, and it comes with a lightweight grass catcher.

The only downside is that there are no mulching capabilities and it has a traditional recoil start, but it still offers great value for money.

Masport BWM AL191 Lawn Mower

Source: Amazon

If you’re looking for a professional level petrol lawn mower, this push mower is a great option. With an exceptionally powerful Briggs & Stratton 190cc engine, there’s no grass this machine cannot cut.

It offers cut, catch and mulching capabilities, ReadyStart technology (no priming required and easy starting of the engine). It’s also highly rust-resistant and has a comfortable grip for easy operation, as well as a folding handle for easy storage.

It comes with a 5 Year Domestic Warranty and a 2 Year Commercial Warranty, and weighs in at 33kgs. It’s expensive at over $700, but it does offer exceptional power, build-quality and functionality.

Masport 450ST S18 2n1, Cut, Catch & Mulch Petrol Lawn Mower

Source: Amazon

Affordably priced under $500 and built for durability, this mower does a great job of taking care of your lawn year after year. With mulching capabilities as well as a grass catchment container, you can compost or fertilize your lawn easily while you mow.

The strong steel body is tough and rust-resistant, and the mower runs on a powerful 140cc engine. It also has RapidStart technology that allows you to start the mower easily, and the 4-blade disc system and cutting blades makes it easy to handle tougher grass growth and larger gardens. 

Baumr-AG 840SX 20-Inch 220cc Self-Propelled Mower

Source: Amazon

Another good self-propelled mower is this option from Baumr-AG, offering a very powerful 200cc 4-stroke engine, a highly manoeuvrable design for tighter corners, and 4-in-1 capabilities for cutting, catchment, mulching and rear or side discharge.

It has a cutting height of 25-75mm with easy adjustment between 7 settings, a cutting width of 510mm, and a high-grade steel rotary blade for handling all grass species. It comes with a 65 litre catchment container and weighs 57kgs.

PowerBlade VS600e 4in1 Petrol Steel Deck Lawnmower

Source: Amazon

A slightly upgraded version of the POWERBLADE reviewed above, this self-propelled lawn mower has some more advanced features that customers can enjoy.

In addition to having the same high-quality 175cc 4-stroke engine and CrossCut 4 swing blade system, it also has a battery-powered starter for convenience, steel bumper bar and quick release folding handles.

Fieldman Self-Propelled Steel Deck Lawn Mower

Source: Amazon

This is a robust lawn mower that can tackle tough lawn growth easily without breaking your budget. It has a 135cc 4-stroke engine, 460mm cutting width and 55 litre mesh grass catcher.

It’s self-propelled to take strain off your back, and offers 5 cutting heights you can easily adjust between. The 4 swing blades mean you get a neat result every time, and it comes standard with a 12-month warranty for peace of mind.

This is a great mower for everyday lawn maintenance when you want a self-propelled mower on a budget.

Certa 18-Inch Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

Source: Amazon

Another budget-friendly, no-fuss self-propelled petrol lawn mower is this option from Certa. Unlike other budget options, it does have mulching capabilities as well as side or rear discharge, which is a great feature for the price.

It comes with a 50 litre grass catchment, 7 settings for different cutting height, and a high-grade steel cutting desk to make everyday mowing quick and easy.

It weighs in at 28kgs and is powered by a 146cc engine. It also comes with a 1-year warranty.

Baumr-AG 780SX 4-Stroke 4in1 Petrol Steel Deck Lawnmower

Source: Amazon

With an air-cooled 220cc engine, this self-propelled mower is a great option for medium-sized lawns and all grass species. It has oversized wheels for stability on slopes and uneven lawns, is easy to start and even has drink holders so you can stay hydrated as you work.

It offers a cutting width of 510mm and a 7-level adjustable cutting height from 25-75mm. The powerful engine and high-grade steel cutting deck is ideal for tough lawn species, and it offers mulching capabilities to keep your lawn healthy and well-fed.

PowerBlade V450 4-Stroke Petrol Lawn Mower

Source: Amazon

If you like the power, quality and features of the POWERBLADE range but have a small lawn and no need for a large, expensive mower, then this model is a great option.

Affordably priced at under $250, with a world-class 139cc 4-stroke engine, this is an everyday mower for regular lawn maintenance.

It’s cutting deck is adjustable, giving you 7 settings between 25-75mm, a compact cutting width of 41cm for manoeuvrability, and oversize wheels for stability. The grass catcher is a good size for smaller gardens at 45 litres. 

Our Top Pick - Best Petrol Lawn Mower for 2022

PowerBlade 18-Inch Self-Propelled Mower

Source: Amazon

Our top pick as the best petrol lawn mower for 2022 is the POWERBLADE 18-Inch Self-Propelled Mower. Offering the comfort of self-propelled technology with high-quality engineering and a high-grade steel cutting deck, this mower offers exceptional value at a mid range price point.

It can do everything you want in a mower, from cutting and mulching to rear or side discharge, and comes with a large grass catcher as well as cup holders for convenience.

It’s highly manoeuvrable with a 45cm cutting width that’s ideal for any garden size, making it easy to get into tighter corners while making the job go faster.

The oversized wheels keep it stable on slopes and uneven ground, and the self-propulsion means no strain on your back even if you’re mowing a larger lawn.

Best Petrol Lawn Mowers Australian Buying Guide

Enjoy Power, Comfort and a Pristine Lawn with the Best Petrol Lawnmowers of 2022

Cutting the lawn is no-one’s favourite weekend job, but it’s made much faster and easier when you have a great lawn mower.

Powerful, comfortable and convenient, a petrol lawn mower can go wherever you need to mow, easily tackling dense grass growth and tough grass species on small lawns as well as large. 

Tough and durable, these mowers are a popular choice for homeowners as well as professional landscapers, keeping lawns healthy, lush and looking beautiful every time.

We hope you enjoyed our buyers guide to the best petrol lawn mowers of 2022 – happy mowing!

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