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4 Best Chainsaw Chaps in Australia (2024 Buyers’ Guide)

There is no scenario where using a chainsaw is danger free. Chainsaws are tough, dangerous tools that should be used with as much safety gear as you can fit on your body, and by far the easiest to wear has to be chainsaw chaps (sometimes called chainsaw aprons).

In this guide, we’re going to walk you through the materials to look out for, and the design specs that separate the good chainsaw chaps from the downright dangerous.



Our Rating


1. Husqvarna Chainsaw Chaps

Husqvarna Chainsaw Safety Chaps
Best Chainsaw Chaps in Australia

2. Oregon Chaps with Protective Chainsaw Apron

Oregon Chainsaw Chaps with Protective Apron
Best Value Chainsaw Chaps in Australia

3. MGP Supply Camo Apron Style Chainsaw Chap

MGP SUPPLY Camo Apron Chainsaw Chap

4. Cold Creek Loggers Chainsaw Apron Safety Chaps

Cold Creek Loggers Chainsaw Apron Chaps

Tool Buyer’s Guide to Chainsaw Chaps

What are Chainsaw Chaps?

Chainsaw chaps are protective legwear, usually with some sort of tough protective inner lining to protect your legs from swinging, dropping, or backfiring chainsaw. They are particularly useful when climbing, or hoisting up trees to cut high-up branches.

In cases where you have less control of your positioning, chainsaw chaps are a vital piece of safety equipment, and any self-respecting tree surgeon should always be looking for the best chainsaw chaps they can find to keep safe.

What to Look for When Buying Chainsaw Chaps

The most important thing to check when looking for new chainsaw chaps is the materials used in the main body of the chaps. Everything else is still important, but without the right materials, they’re not going to protect you.


Chainsaw chaps are made up of several layers of material, with the best chaps designed to be breathable and protective. Standard chaps will have a first layer of breathable plastic like polyester, or sometimes denim, followed by a second layer of cut-proof material like Kevlar or ballistic nylon (a lighter-weight alternative used in bulletproof vests).

The second protective layer is both cut and shock-resistant, but will also shred, clogging the chain and stopping the saw in its tracks (literally), meaning it stops cuttings almost instantly.


If you’re considering safety when buying a new chainsaw, sadly that does mean limiting your choice to gas-powered chainsaws. Chainsaw chaps work by blogging the machine and forcing it to stop on the spot by stopping the engine, which in turn should disengage the blotch.

Electric chainsaws work using an electric motor instead, so their clutch will not disengage and while the chain may clog, the resulting action will not be a completely halted chainsaw, and potentially flailing chains.

Safety Standards

Chainsaw chaps have a standard rating system that certifies their level of protection against different chain speeds.

  • Class 0 chaps, or class 0 fabric, is designed to stop chainsaws with speeds of 16m per second or less.
  • Class 1 chaps, or class 1 fabric, can stop chainsaws with speeds of up to 20m per second.
  • Class 2 chaps, or class 2 fabric, can stop chainsaws with speeds of up to 24m per second.
  • Class 3 chaps, or class 3 fabric, will stop chains with speeds of up to 28m per second, making them the most durable and versatile chaps, but also the most expensive.

Size and Comfort

Chainsaw chaps should fit loosely so you have space to move, climb and adjust your position, particularly when working from the canopy of a tree. Sizes range from 28-inch waists to 42-inch waists for standard designs and have adjustable waistbands.

They typically fasten with buckles, but I find zip fastenings to be much more comfortable, particularly when wearing them for a long time.

Apron vs Wrap Around

Apron chaps are also sold as wrap-around apron chaps. Both provide good protection, but wraparound chaps provide much more protection against angled cuts. However, for smaller jobs, apron chaps give freer movement.

Extra Features

Everything from fabric design to outer surface quality can affect the overall value of chainsaw chaps. From greaseproof coatings to insulated materials for winter working, the more expensive you go, the more durable your chaps will be.

One key feature of chainsaw chaps, which often attracts buyers, is design, but there’s one key thing to remember: safety wear is never about looking good! Always think; brighter is better.

If others can see you, and you can see them, everyone is safer for it, so unless you’re working alone, all the time (which isn’t advisable) camo safety gear probably isn’t a great idea!

Different Types of Chainsaw Chaps

There are really only two types of chainsaw chaps to choose from; pants and aprons. Chainsaw pants are classed as type C chaps, and are worn just like any other trousers, over your legs, and with protection built into the fabric. 

Type C chainsaw chaps, or pants, are generally well built and safe to use, but can sometimes offer limited protection which is focussed on the left side or the right side, depending on how you work.

Type A chainsaw chaps, or chainsaw aprons, fit over other trousers more easily but are less comfortable. They provide better protection for most frontal accidents, and can often be cheaper too.

Chainsaw Chaps Safety Guide

Chainsaw chaps in themselves are not dangerous, it’s misusing them that causes potential harm. They should always be tightly fastened, but with enough space to move freely. If they are restricting your movement, and your ability to move out of the way of harm, then chainsaw chaps are doing more harm than good.

Always fasten chainsaw chaps properly, as per the manufacturer’s instructions, and make sure you have space to move, and can climb easily when wearing them.

Whenever you buy a new pair of chaps, or chainsaw pants, try climbing or hoisting up a tree while wearing them without a chainsaw, to check manoeuvrability and to get used to them before putting them into practice.

Best Chainsaw Chaps for 2024

1. Husqvarna Chainsaw Chaps

Husqvarna Chainsaw Chaps

Husqvarna Chainsaw Chaps

The best chainsaw chaps you’re likely to find online are these Husqvarna chaps, which come in a range of sizes. Not only are they comfortable, but they protect against all manner of chainsaw injuries with full ballistic protection, and completely clogging fabrics that stop chainsaws in their tracks, and keep you completely safe at all times.

What’s more, they are made from fabric that’s greaseproof, resistant to oil spills from chainsaws, and will even wipe clean of pine sap.


  • Great value
  • Comfortable fabric
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Tec warp protective layers for ultimate safety
  • Oil, grease, and sap-proof fabric


  • N/A

2. Oregon Chaps with Protective Chainsaw Apron

Oregon Chaps with Protective Chainsaw Apron

Oregon Chainsaw Chaps 

Designed for use with any gas chainsaw with a  chain speed under 20m/s, these class 1, type A chainsaw chaps are ideal for most domestic users and provide full clogging protection against even severe potential cuts.

The adjustable waist bands mean that one size really does fit all, and will provide roomy movement when climbing and clambering through trees.

The six protective layers are effective against chainsaw damage, and their outer fabric is completely breathable so they won’t get overly warm in hot weather, and hopefully keep you a little bit more comfortable after a long day of work.


  • Great value
  • Effective protection
  • Six protective layers
  • Breathable and comfortable
  • One size fits all


  • Not protective enough for faster chainsaws (20m/s+)

3. MGP Supply Camo Apron Style Chainsaw Chap

MGP SUPPLY Camo Apron Style Chainsaw Chap

MGP SUPPLY Camo Apron Style Chainsaw Chap

MGP’s chainsaw chaps are incredibly well protected and will keep you safe, but there is one big red flag with these safety trousers – they’re camouflaged.

If you’re happy working by yourself, and a confident and proficient chainsaw user, then there’s no reason these won’t keep you safe, but for working in groups, hi-vis and bright colours are important with chaps, and these don’t fit the bill for me on that front.

These chaps are sold in other sizes, so get the right one for you!


  • Effective protection
  • Comfortable
  • Breathable
  • Allow for good movement


  • Camouflaged
  • Limited sizes available

4. Cold Creek Loggers Chainsaw Apron Safety Chaps

Cold Creek Loggers Chainsaw Apron Safety Chaps

Cold Creek Loggers Chainsaw Apron Safety Chaps

These practical chainsaw chaps, with pockets for smaller tools to adjust your saw while in action, are exactly what you need on a budget. As well as being comfortable, and looking good, with a denim outer layer, these chaps are protective up to 16m/s, so perfect for lower powered machines, where comfort is a priority.


  • Comfortable
  • Breathable
  • Easy to wear
  • Provide good movement and flexibility
  • Lightweight protection
  • Easy to clean


  • Not effective against machines with chain speeds of 20m/s or more

Chainsaw Chaps Top Picks 

Top Rated Chainsaw Chaps

Best Chainsaw Chaps in Australia
Husqvarna Chainsaw Chaps

Husqvarna Chainsaw Chaps

Without a doubt, the best chainsaw chaps on the market in 2024 are these brilliantly manufactured Husqvarna Chainsaw Chaps, with 600 denier polyester coating for easy cleaning, and breathability, and a multi-layered Tec warp fabric that clogs even high-speed chain saws almost instantly.

If you value safety at work, you won’t regret buying these top-of-the-range chainsaw chaps, especially when they’re cheaper than some much, much, less effective aprons. Also, check out the other designs available.

If you prefer longer chaps or shorter apron styles, Husqvarna have you covered, and all are equally effective in terms of protection.

Best Value Chainsaw Chaps

Best Value Chainsaw Chaps in Australia
Oregon Chaps with Protective Chainsaw Apron

Oregon Chainsaw Chaps 

Oregon’s safety chaps are designed to work against any chainsaw running at 20m/s. Obviously, that means they have limited uses, but the majority of domestic chainsaws are below that range, so they’re ideal for typical users and a must-have for any serious gardener who is confident enough to do their own tree surgery.

Just because you’re not climbing trees for a living, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take safety just as seriously. Thankfully, the lower performance means there’s more space for comfort, and these lightweight chaps make it super easy to move around.

Chainsaw Chaps Frequently Asked Questions

Are chainsaw chaps worth it?

Of all the safety equipment in the world, probably the one most worth buying is chainsaw chaps. They are 100% worth the money you spend to prevent accidents while using a tool that is more likely to cause severe injury than almost any other garden tool.

Can a chainsaw cut through chaps?

Chainsaw chaps are designed to resist the powerful cutting strength of chainsaws, both gas, and electric, but that doesn’t mean they’re completely immune.

Even while wearing chainsaw chaps, it’s important to be careful, as chainsaws are capable of cutting through some chaps, depending on the materials used, and the duration of contact.

Are chainsaw chaps or pants better?

Chainsaw pants are far more comfortable than the old-fashioned chaps, but chaps are still the best all-around when it comes to levels of protection. Chainsaw pants are designed to be comfortable and breathable and provide protection from most angles, but chaps provide full frontal protection.

How far down should chainsaw chaps go?

Ideally, chainsaw chaps should cover your entire leg, but in many cases it’s just not practical as their weight and structure can prevent free movement, creating a more dangerous working environment.

For climbing and hoisting, 3/4 length chaps can be safer in some circumstances, but overall, we’d suggest sticking to full-length chaps as a rule.

Is there a ‘Type B’ Chainsaw Chap?

Despite common sense dictating that type A should be followed by type B, there are in fact just two types of chainsaw chaps; type A, and type C. The two are measures of durability, as well as design, and usually differentiate between apron-style trousers and regular pants.

What is the best class for chainsaw pants?

Class 3 chainsaw chaps are the best performing for safety, but also the most restrictive. For low-powered chainsaws, class 1 chaps are ideal as they allow for movement while guaranteeing safety against chainsaw injuries.

How many layers should chainsaw chaps have?

Chainsaw chaps should be made of at least five layers, but depending on the material, there can be more or fewer layers. For example, six layers of Arrestex HP are stronger than 8 layers of Kevlar.

Always check the rating of chainsaw chaps, as the ratings are based on efficacy, not layer count.

Will chaps stop a battery chainsaw?

Chainsaw chaps should be worn regardless of the type of chainsaw you use, but they are not effective against electric chainsaws in the same way as petrol-powered chainsaws.

They work by clogging the chain and forcing the engine to a halt. Electric motors will continue to run even if the chain is clogged.

How many layers of Kevlar are in a chainsaw chaps?

Kevlar-lined chainsaw chaps tend to have between 3 and five layers of Kevlar. This means that by the time your chainsaw has broken one layer, there are more layers to help clog the chain.

Once ripped, chainsaw chaps should be replaced as even with extra layers, the protective waterproof coating is compromised and the kevlar layer can wear.

Are Stihl chaps good?

Stihl aren’t just a good chainsaw manufacturer, they also make great chainsaw chaps, and other chainsaw safety gear too. For chaps that match the specs of Stihl chainsaws, Stihl chainsaw chaps are the best choice.

Protect Yourself By Choosing the Best Chainsaw Chaps for 2024

If you’ve got all your safety gear ready to go, and you’re confident in what you’re doing, check out our guide on how to change a chainsaw chain, or go a step further back and find the best chainsaws, mini chainsaws, or electric chainsaws for you with our in-depth guides.

Once you’re ready to go, make sure you know how to use a chainsaw safely, and take care of it with proper chainsaw sharpening tools and techniques, and then get started with all the tree surgery you’ve got planned with the protection of your chosen chainsaw chap!

Last Updated on January 11, 2024

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